Modi New Year Speech

Dear Prime Minister


As the date of election is closing by- your performance and ability to serve this country will be under much-scrutiny. You cannot accept public scrutiny- even though your bhaktas call them ‘anti-national’ or your hyper active cyber cell attack on your critiques.

I am starting from your parliamentary constituency and my home town- Varanasi.

Recent FLY OVER TRAGEDY in Varanasi have taken lives of many people! Did you visit Varanasi; were you there to console us; to fix the things, except- displaying your sympathy on Twitter!

Sporadic supply of electricity in my city- in hot scorching summer-have made our lives hell and miserable. Yes, it’s not your responsible, It’s Congress- as you would say.

You invoke mother Ganga when you have to count your votes. Did you make any difference to river Ganga? Does people of Varanasi have access to safe drinking water? No. They do not. Probably, you would blame on Congress for all these mess.

Old temples and structures are being bulldozed near Ganga-in the name of beautification and tourism-people of Varanasi are against this. Saints, sinner, men, women, masses and classes are protesting against this-DO YOU CARE ABOUT THIS?

Now shifting to your total mess:

You bragged about running bullet train! But, did you even cared about those who died in several railway accident under your rule. Well! how about strengthening the basic infrastructure of railways. You did not mention these because these do not BRING VOTES TO YOU.

Did you even cared about those died in the process of enforcing dehumanization (DEMONITIZATION) by your arbitrary decision; by-passing the parliament? And, how about sincerely apologizing to Indian masses that demonetization have miserably failed? you don’t. Let’s not talk about the mess created after GST; because your supporter may be offended and paid media somehow would justify its benefits.

You do not even dare to organizes a single press conference during you rule. You just say your, ‘MAN KI BATT’- just a monologue- a one-way track-there’s no one can question you. And those who dare to ask questions- your army of fundamentalist supports- defame them or paint them as an anti-national; put sedition charges.


Are you afraid to answering questions? Are you afraid being held accountable? Do not you believe in democracy? At least, this is what it seems like!


Mob-lynching have become weekly practice. People are publicly being killed for their faith. Minorities no longer feel safe in this country. Your friends in saffron bridge openly supports such religious fringe elements. Yes, you did say something about it. But, that’s not enough. You have not done enough to protect those being lynched and killed under your regime. Do you still blame Congress?

CORRUPTION was your poster child in 2014! Now nowhere to be seen. Numerous Bank scams and favours to big corporates have not gone unnoticed from my countrymen. Those, dare to question you- you unleash your machinery CBI/ED onto them. Scandals and corruptions are uprooted from the system? No- it just went at the higher level. Example, Electoral bonds such a thing—passed under your regime in 2017, it basically legalizes corruption and allows corporates & foreign powers to just buy our political parties. The bonds are anonymous so if a corporate says I’ll give you an electoral bond of 1,000 crore if you pass this specific policy, there will be no prosecution. Thus, corruption is just there, it’s just that government are good at hiding the things-pushing the discourse out of public sphere with the help of the paid media and their cyber cell.

Prices of Petrol and Diesel have deeply impacted millions. Youth of this country are frustrated- rising unemployment is indeed troublesome. Suicide of farmers are no longer your concern.

Fabricating and manipulating the academic institutions, judiciary and government institutions in your ideological favour are becoming norm-rather than exception. People are being polarized on the lines of religion and hard core nationalism. And, it seems people are fearful to speak their minds. Fear and suspicion is in the air.

Calling every real issue an opposition stunt and blaming Congress for failure is just your inability to run this country. People will give credit to you for your good work, but, also, you must accept your failures with humility.

You definitely own an explanation to Indian citizens- to all of work you did on tax payer’s money.

The Citizen
Amit Singh
Social Scientist


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