Relationships: Strength or Weakness?


I write not with expectations, because expectations are meant to be shattered, just like promises are meant to be broken. Nevertheless, my intention is to stir some thoughts of yours. This might be one of the weird thoughts you would have ever come across, and, I wonder if anybody else had thought or would think this way…

Why we are concerned of some certain people, care for them and not others? Is it because we expect that they would do the same when we are in need? Are we doing so selflessly or selfishly? What makes us to withdraw our help, our care for yet those others? They may be in extreme need? But we don’t bother! Again are we not selfish? We don’t bother about what’s going around and advice our dear ones also to stay out of troubles! Why? Beacuse the trouble is not affecting us at the moment? Because it may potentially affect us in future, or our loved ones? Because it may affect our reputation? Because it may exclude us, isolate us, if we think or act different? How many others are watching, somebody will do something? Then why to expect that somebody will help us when we fall in trouble? Why we help only some? Are they our Blood Relatives? Cousins? Distant Relatives? Neighbours? Are they of our Religion? Region? Gender? Race? Nationality? Do they speak our language? Did they ever helped us? What would we get in return? Is that a known person? What’s the background of the person? What is the political orientation?

So many questions??? Isn’t it?

Now think again, isn’t it enough that the other is alive, in need of help! Isn’t that a strong reason to show that you are human! That you are alive! That you feel! Isn’t this relationship of humanity strong enough to knock your door? Or you still need a relation?

Think.. Think Again… Be a difference!

Richi Simon, Social Worker at Heart, Writer by Passion and Assistant Professor by Profession is associated with Social Work Department, BSSS, Bhopal since 2012, and actively grooms students as future change agents. To her credit she has poems and a short story which she has penned down in some of the famous anthologies. You can read her thoughts and explore her work in her blogs – www, and


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