Resisting The ICEstapo!

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Speech delivered at Protest Rally Before Drury Inn

I put the course on International Human Rights Law into the College of Law curriculum over three decades ago. One of the things I teach my law students and future lawyers is that the Undocumented have human rights because they are human beings. These rights are all set out here in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. You can download these with no problem at all from the internet. They protect all Undocumented in this country no matter what you hear from Trump or Sessions or the Department of Injustice or the Department of Homeland Insecurity. All Undocumented have these rights.

Now the organizers told me to limit my speech to five minutes. I could lecture you all for 45 minutes about all the human rights violations committed by Trump and Sessions and the Department of Injustice and the Department of Homeland Insecurity against the Undocumented. But I have outlined these violations in red on the Universal Declaration. Just look at it there. You can see them all for yourself, right? I don’t have to lecture on them here when you can read them on your own.

But in particular I wanted to call your attention to Article 16(3): “The family is the natural and fundamental group unit of society and is entitled to protection by society and the State.” It’s right there. Mrs. Franklin Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt herself, introduced this Declaration into the United Nations General Assembly. That’s how far we have regressed from Mrs. Roosevelt to Donald Trump and Melania. Think about that for a minute. Mrs. Roosevelt to Melania saying “I don’t care.” In addition, Article 25 paragraph 2 of the Universal Declaration says: “Motherhood and childhood are entitled to special care and assistance.” What are they doing? They are stealing and kidnapping babies and children from the arms of their Mothers. Now I am a Father of three sons but I could not imagine anything worse than government agents stealing my three sons from my Wife. It’s that simple!

I am friends with an international lawyer who prosecuted Nazis at Nuremberg. Ben Ferencz. As a 27 year old graduate of Harvard Law School, Ben went over to Nuremberg to prosecute the Einsatzgruppen Trial. These were the Nazi death squads that went out into Eastern Europe in order to exterminate Jews and Communists, etc. — over a million of them. Ben got them convicted. He is now 99 years old. Just the other day Ben put out a statement saying that what Trump is doing here constitutes a Crime against Humanity.

Let me read for you what the Nuremberg Charter of 1945 says about this matter — that was started by President Franklin Roosevelt. Again, shows you how far we have regressed from President and Mrs. Roosevelt to President and Mrs. Trump. Here is the definition of a Crime against Humanity right out of the Nuremberg Charter 1945 as referenced by my Friend Ben Ferencz: “Crimes against humanity” include “inhumane acts committed against any civilian population.” For all those people down there at the border right now today we are seeing inhumane acts inflicted upon them. And then second: “Crimes against humanity” include “persecutions on political, racial, or religious grounds.” Well of course this is persecution on racial grounds. These are all People of Color who are being persecuted. So of course Ben Ferencz is right!

This is a Nuremberg Crime against Humanity that is going on here today and the Drury Inn is aiding and abetting a Nuremberg Crime against Humanity by putting up ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement ) agents here to commit Crimes against Humanity. Well, at Nuremberg they also prosecuted Aiders and Abettors of Nuremberg Crimes. So here today I am calling for a Boycott of Drury Inns. I’m asking this in order to stop this Crime against Humanity that is going on. We have to shut down Drury. No business by anyone. No people of good faith and good will must do business with Drury so long as they are Aiding and Abetting ICE to commit Crimes against Humanity. So let’s do something about it! Let’s boycott Drury for sure and stop this Crime against Humanity! Thank you.

Professor Francis A. Boyle, University of Illinois College of Law in Champaign


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