Take action: Stop the inhumane immigration policy!

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 The Trump administration’s actions have continued to threaten the health and wellbeing of immigrant families, border communities, and their local environment with its racist, inhumane deportation agenda. And Congressional Republicans continue to do his bidding.

At the Sierra Club, we fight for the quality of the natural and the human environment, so any environment in which families are being torn apart and children are being locked away for political reasons is one we must join in the struggle to change.

Tell your members of Congress you support immigrant rights and families’ rights to stay together!

The news from our southern border is heartbreaking. Thousands of children are being separated from their families as they seek asylum from the violence in their countries.

  • Abel, an 8-year-old from El Salvador, was separated from his grandmother, his only caretaker. He was taken to a shelter, and she was taken to a detention center where two weeks later she was deported. Abel is so traumatized he has trouble talking — making it difficult for him to work with immigration attorneys.1
  • A 16-year-old girl is taking care of a young child she doesn’t know, since the child’s aunt has been separated in a different cell in a McAllen, Texas facility. She’s teaching others in her cell how to help change the baby’s diaper.2
  • A Honduran mother was breastfeeding her daughter in a detention center, when authorities took her baby away. She resisted, trying to keep her child, and they handcuffed her.3

These are just some of the countless stories due to the Trump administration’s cruel policy implemented in the last several weeks. The U.N. Human Rights Office has deemed this practice against international law,4 but so far the Trump administration is ignoring them.

Congress must act to halt family separation immediately. …
The Trump administration’s family separation policy is heartless and Congress must stop it before it gets even more out of control. Yet at the same time, Republican leadership in Congress is trying to push even more devastating anti-immigrant bills. This week, they’ll propose two new bills on immigration that are just as regressive and hard-lined as ever, promising to wreak havoc on immigrant and border communities.

Congressional leadership continues to create a false choice between Dreamers and their families and communities by forcing funding for a border wall and increased militarization in exchange for immigrants’ basic survival. Such militarization will only terrorize those living in the borderlands.

The exposure of the inhumane treatment of people and disregard for entire communities — a pattern that’s been happening for decades but made exponentially worse by this administration — warrants the need for a strong, progressive movement against this anti-immigrant, anti-environment agenda.

When we are united as one progressive community, we are strong. Sierra Club is committed to standing with border communities and immigrant families on the frontlines of these attacks. Enough is enough!

Thanks for rising to action today,

Michael Brune is Executive Director at Sierra Club

1 – Annand, Katie. Vox.  “I work with children separated from caregivers at the border. What happens is unforgivable.” 06/06/2018.
2 – Merchant, Nomaan. AP. “Hundreds of children wait in Border Patrol facility in Texas.” 06/18/2018.
3 – Lavandera, Ed, Jason Morris, and Darran Simon. CNN. “She says federal officials took her daughter while she breastfed the child in a detention center”. 06/14/2018.
4 – Cumming-Bruce, Nick. New York Times. “Taking Migrant Children From Parents Is Illegal, U.N. Tells U.S. ” 06/05/2018



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