Train Galore!


Every night I hear trains, which are pulling stuff into Boston city, MA, USA. Oh wow, it’s amazing. Some of the engines are pulling more than a hundred cars.

Clickity-clack again and again for a long amount of time! Then the next train comes with the same sounds.

I try to imagine about what is on their cars: drugs, fake eyelashes, lady’s makeup, clothes, fresh food, refrigerator cars with meats, toilet paper, vehicles, books, children’s toys and ever so much more. When I think of the plethora, I find it staggering to mentally subsume.

At first, I was anxious about the happening since I am personally watching the rape, yes rape, of the natural world to be turned into products. It grieves me so much and I see the biodiversity losses in my own neighborhood.

Then I got a little bit heartened by E.O. Wilson sharing that we have to concentrate ourselves into city groups so as to support the natural world:

Empty half the Earth of its humans. It’s the only way to save the planet ……/save-the-planet-half-earth-kim-stanley-robinson

I have no idea about a reasonable way for the future to go forward as our human population keeps shooting through the roof ever more and the natural world keeps diminishing. Meanwhile some of my friends think that I may be self-abnegating since I try to keep my eco-footprint and carbon footprint as much to a minimum as possible despite knowing that my individual action is negligible. … Oh well, whatever.

I had one child since I knew about overpopulation in the early 1980’s when she was born. My child also has one.

However, I will be able to look that child, my grandchild, in the eye squarely and straight-on to say that I personally did all that I can to try to ensure her future time on this planet. It is the best that I can do and all that I can do relative to terrible trajectories for much of the world in times ahead:

Sixth mass extinction of wildlife also threatens global food supplies

Biodiversity is below safe levels across more than half of world’s land – study

Humans destroyed 83% of all wild mammals, new study finds

Despite that it is hard for me, I try not to grieve. I try to focus on the good in life. Sometimes it is difficult, though, when one see the monster train of demise coming down the pike for future people and future everything for a large swath of the Earth.

Sally Dugman is a writer from MA, USA




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