We knew Pruitt was in bed with energy lobbyists, but…

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EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt has gotten himself into so many scandals that I wouldn’t blame you for sleeping through another. But one of this week’s woke me right up: we found out that Pruitt asked an aide to help him acquire a used mattress from the Trump hotel.

You might ask, “why on Earth would he want that?” But I knew right away: he needed a new mattress because Pruitt is in bed with an absurd number of fossil fuel executives and lobbyists.

So today, some Greenpeace activist friends in bellhop costumes and I headed down to bring a mattress from the Trump Hotel to give to Pruitt at the EPA with a message: “take your used Trump hotel mattress and resign already.”

Join the fun! Send a message to your member of Congress demanding they impeach Scott Pruitt as EPA Administrator.

I knew we hit the mark from the cheers we heard in DC and all the LOLs we saw online. People are tired of Pruitt’s abuses of power and absolute disregard for the environment!

In his role as EPA administrator he has met with fossil fuel lobbyists 25 times more often than environmental groups and hired former fossil fuel lobbyists to work for him all over the EPA. He even used his industry connections to get courtside basketball tickets, discounted rent, and tried to use his position to get a job for his wife at Chick-Fil-A.

It’s clear that it’s time to #BootPruitt from office before he can do any more damage to our environment, our climate, and our democracy. Will you add your name right now to help get him out of office?

As scandalous as all his abuses of power are, the real scandal is his reckless endangerment of our environment. In March, Pruitt demanded regional EPA offices hand power to him on decisions regarding the Clean Water Act, setting up his ability to steamroll industry regulations to protect wetlands, ponds, and streams. He has also rolled back pollution emission standards for cars, and approved dangerous tar sands oil pipelines. Emulating Trump’s complete disregard for actual facts, Pruitt has also proposed that the EPA use less science when writing environmental protections.

Scott Pruitt is only interested in protecting the paychecks of billionaire industry executives at the expense of public health and safety. He has no place at the EPA.

Nearly every major editorial board in the country has called for Pruitt’s outster, as have both Democrat and Republican lawmakers. The movement to #BootPruitt is gaining momentum every day, and by joining together we can stop him!

Please urge your representatives in Congress today to demand Scott Pruitt’s immediate impeachment.

Thanks for all you do,

Naomi Ages, Climate Campaigner, Greenpeace USA

P.S. News broke this week that EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt asked an aide to get him a used mattress from Trump hotel. We couldn’t resist jumping in We couldn’t resist jumping in to reveal the real scandal: Pruitt is in bed with the fossil fuel industry. Send a message to Congress right now demanding they impeach Pruitt for his abuse of power!




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