Defending Israel’s Fascism


“Israel was created as a rather conventional European colony, to meet the demands of the European Zionist movement and to keep a western foothold in the Arab world. Built on an invented racial ideology which parallels that of the Nazi persecutors of European Jews, Israel almost managed to convince the world that it is a legitimate nation. But Palestinian resistance is putting an end to that” Tim Anderson [1].

In 2010, the world’s-leading terrorist Israel’s Prime Minister  Benyamin Netanyahu, explained Israel’s Nazism agenda in Palestine. He said: “The main thing is, first and foremost, to hit [the Palestinians] hard. Not just one hit … but many painful [hits], so that the price will be unbearable … To bring them to a state of panic that everything is collapsing … fear that everything will collapse … The world will say nothing. The world will say that we are defending ourselves” [2]. Recently, Netanyahu was touring Europe to promote his regime’s Nazim-like ideology. Strangely, no one had the courage to question Netanyahu even when he recently told European regime leaders that Israeli armed thugs firing live ammunition at Palestinian protesters was part of a plan to “minimize casualties and avoid fatalities.” In a racist and supine Europe, Netanyahu was politely asked:  “Why did you have to kill them to stop them scaling the fence?” [3]. Further, Israeli leaders have openly admitted that they are committing war crimes by targeting civilians and “nothing was carried out uncontrolled, everything was accurate and measured and we know where every bullet landed”. Since 30 March 2018, more than 130 Palestinians were killed in cold blood and at least 13,500 injured. The toll of dead and injured Palestinians is mounting at a shocking rate. The Palestinians were demonstrating about their right to return to the homeland they lost in 1948 because of Jewish colonisation of Palestine. While the U.S. is openly complicit in Israel’s terror and war crimes, Netanyahu has committed war crimes and he should be arrested and put on trial for murder and war crimes.

On 01 June 2018, the United States has vetoed a proposal to the United Nation Security Council (UNSC), which sought to offer “international protection” to Palestinian civilians in the wake of the premeditated (“Good Friday”) massacre of unarmed Palestinian civilians in Gaza by Israeli snipers and Jewish thugs in uniforms. Ten other UNSC member states voted in favour of the resolution. Again, on 14 June 2018, the UN General Assembly (UNGA) adopted a nonbinding resolution condemning Israel’s calculated and systematic state terror and excess force against the Palestinian people in Gaza and elsewhere in Palestine.  The resolution was passed with 120 votes in favour and only eight against. Only the U.S., Israel, Australia and five tiny (bribed and coerced) island nations in the pacific, voted against. Australia, is an obedient U.S. lapdog with no foreign policy of its own. Australia is unconditionally kowtows to U.S.-Israel dictates with deliberate ignorance of reality. The three settler-colonial states have much in common, including reprehensible human rights records, entrenched racism, criminal policies towards the Indigenous people, refugees and Muslims. They share similar history of colonial violence and dispossessions of indigenous peoples.

The Palestinian civilians were murdered in cold blood as Jews and U.S. politicians celebrating the widely-condemned and illegal opening of the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem, the Jewish-occupied Palestinian Capital. The UNSC draft called for “measures guarantee the safety and protection” of [the] Palestinian civilians in Gaza and the other Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories, and requested a UN report to propose an “international protection mechanism”. Imagine the outcry Western regimes would express if 2 million Jews where held in an open-air prison and 130 of them shot dead in cold blood. Imagine the Western outrage if Palestinians snipers were found to intentionally murdering Jewish children in cold blood.

Among the injured are 240 medics, 30 shot with live fire after being targeted with high-velocity gas bombs. The killings and maiming are indisputable evidence of the violations of International Law and International Humanitarian Law (IHL), which prohibits under Rule 70 the use of means and methods of warfare. Israeli army thugs are using high velocity bullets designed to expand inside the victim’s body and poisonous gas which are of a nature to deliberately cause horrific injuries or unnecessary suffering to the victims. Killing for spite, indulging in and cheering the causing of horrendous suffering and death of Palestinians has become the sadistic and satanic way of Israeli Jews in Palestine. The late Israeli linguist Tanya Reinhart observes that, since 2000 Israel has targeted Palestinians head, legs, knees, or eyes “by carefully aimed shots” that will cripple and maim them for life. By December 2001 there were 25,000 injured Palestinians. Reinhart quotes Ehud Barak: “that with a stable average of five casualties a day, Israel could continue ‘undamaged’ in the [Zionist-owned mainstream] media for many more months.” In other words, the Palestinian holocaust which is modelled on the Nazis’ “final solution” will continue at slow motion masquerades behind a facade of “national security” and “self-defence”. Reinhart adds that there are no hospitals to care for them, that many are “near starvation amidst the infrastructure destruction that is inflicted on their communities” [4]. The U.S. is not only complicit in Israel’s war crimes and terror, the U.S. is the only force that has the leverage to end the ongoing Palestinian holocaust. The U.S. pays Israel $3.5 billion annually in so-called “military aid”, which goes to finance Israel’s terror and war crimes in the Middle East.

Gaza is an Israeli-enforced Concentration Camp within Palestine where 2 million Palestinians mostly refugees from other parts of Palestine are interned and persecuted. The Camp is blockaded by the Israeli and Egyptians armies. Israel controls Palestinians movement in Gaza and in other parts of Palestine (See for example: Peter Beinart, The American Jews have abandoned Gaza and the Truth, Forward, 26 April, 2018) e. It is completely closed and guarded by heavily armed and violent Israeli army and thugs in uniform. Access to drinking water and electricity is restricted and food is in short supply. The water is deliberately contaminated and poisoned. Palestinians are left in the dark, thirsty and dying at slow pace holocaust. The world’s most densely-populated and history’s largest Concentration Camp is used as a laboratory to test new weapons by the Israeli army. It is reminiscent of what the Nazis were doing to European communities in ghettos and in Concentration Camps in Europe. The UN has repeatedly warned that Gaza is becoming unliveable due to Israel-Egypt enforced 12 year-long illegal and genocidal blockade and ongoing Israel’s terror. This means that the living conditions for the 2 million Palestinians, 51 percent of which are children, are uninhabitable. In fact, statistics show that 97 percent of all drinking water is contaminated and according Dr Sara Roy, Harvard’s Centre for Middle Eastern Studies who did extensive study on the Gaza’s economy, has said, “Innocent people, most of them young, are slowly being poisoned by the water they drink”. For more on this slow-pace holocaust see: Dr Mukkaram Zaidi, University of Calgary, Canada: “Are we complicit in genocide?”

The Palestinians were protesting their imprisonment and demanding the right of return to the areas they were forcibly expelled from when their lands were seized by for the creation of Israel, which built on pogroms and massacres carried out by Jewish terrorists. The “Catastrophe” (al-Nakba) was a murderous Jewish terror campaign of ethnic cleansing (at least 800,000 indigenous Palestinians were driven out of their lands) and destruction of Palestinian towns, cities and communities that began in 1948 and continues today. The 70th anniversary coincides with the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, grossly violated by Israel and its defender, the U.S. It is the 70th anniversary of ongoing ethnic cleansing, violent occupation and genocide of the Palestinian People. Still, despite its illegitimacy, Israel is accorded impunity and defended even when war crimes and crimes against humanity are acknowledged. Israel acts with impunity to advance its Nazism-like ideology to create a “Greater Israel from the Brook of Egypt to the Euphrates” and maintained by the practices of Nazi-like army and Western Zionist propaganda. Like the Nazis who used Christianity to justify their terror in Europe, Israel uses Judaism myths to justify its state terror and war crimes in Palestine.

Israel claims to speak and acts as representative of all Jews. Successive Israeli leaders have made it clear that what Israel does in Palestine and elsewhere, it does it for all Jews. Of course, many Jews and Jewish organisations, including the 52 Major Jewish American Organisations, American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) identify with Israel and are complicit in and support Israel’s horrendous war crimes and terror, and are not shy attacking anyone who criticise Israel as an “anti-Semite”. Furthermore, to promote its Nazism-like ideology, and sells arms (, Israeli officials are trying hard to get closer to murderous dictators, and regimes with appalling human rights, that imbued with disreputable politics of Islamophobia, xenophobia, racism, anti-semitism, nationalism and fascism. Azerbaijan, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Honduras, India, Myanmar, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine, and Vietnam are among the backwards regimes that Israel is befriending and arming. With the U.S. and Israel in the lead, it is a truly collection of fascist regimes.

We live under naked fascism masquerading as “Neoliberalism” (Neocolonialism masked as “Globalisation”) that has no parallels in human history. Indeed, history is distorted to preserve the perceived moral prowess of the West and promote Western narrative. It is not a pejorative label. We live in a state of perpetual wars led by the U.S.-Israel (Anglo-Zionist axis) and their vassal-state “allies”, that openly identify with and practice fascism globally. It is a disease-spreading mosquito that preys on defenceless people, including women, children and infants. Nazi Germany committed war crimes, but they pale into insignificance when compared with U.S.-Israel’s calculated state terror and barbarism. Unlike Nazi Germany, the Anglo-Zionist axis is a global criminal enterprise with complete monopolies on false propaganda, world’s finance, violence and racism. It is normalised and promoted by the Western mainstream media, including the social media – Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter and Wikipedia – and the entertainment industry that are overwhelmingly owned by pro-Israel wealthy Jews. In addition, there are hundreds, if not thousands of so-called Western “humanitarian” NGOs disseminating false propaganda and distortion of facts to generate the narratives that instil fear and dehumanise the Palestinian people on behalf of Israel and the U.S. People are conditioned by enforced ignorance, so they are not able to see or feel the brutal reality that surrounds them, paying no attention to the mass killing of innocent people carried out in their name in Palestine and elsewhere. For example, the mass killing of Palestinian civilians and wanton destruction of Palestinian vital infrastructures by the Israeli fascist army are described as “clashes between Palestinians and Israelis” and that “Israel is acting in self-defence”. This could not be further from the truth. The Palestinians are unarmed civilians protesting their imprisonment and the occupation of their lands. We know that Israeli Jews (including those thugs in uniforms) are heavily armed. The Zionist mainstream media are giving the Israeli perspective prominence, knowing that Israelis are committing war crimes against defenceless Palestinian civilians.

The irony is that, Israel’s terror and war crimes against the Palestinians are endorsed by the U.S. and most European regimes that openly claim to care about “human rights”, “democracy”, “freedom” and the right of refugees. These regimes have always stood by and allowed Israel to carry out heinous Palestinian massacres as part of 70 years of ongoing Palestinian holocaust.  The psychopath Israel (like the U.S.) seems to have a tremendous capacity to manipulate, intimidate, corrupt morally, get away with war crimes and leaves a trail of misery and destruction behind. Another irony is that, condemning Israel’s terror and war crimes against the Palestinians is considered “anti-semitism”, but abusing and murdering Muslims and Arabs (Semitic people) have become a legitimate “free speech” in the U.S. and in most European countries.

Despite the in broad daylight killing and maiming of unarmed civilians by Israeli armed thugs and snipers as indisputable evidence of violations of International Law and Humanitarian Law, Western politicians and the Zionist mainstream media have routinely called Israel’s terror as “clashes” to turn Israel from a violent aggressor into a victim and undermine decades-long Palestinian struggle against Israeli-Jewish occupation. For example, the British “Labour Friends of Israel” twitted: Unarmed “Palestinians must accept responsibility for the violence” of Israeli criminal snipers and thugs in uniform. The UN Secretary General, the despicable António de Oliveira Guterres failed to condemn Israel and cowardly urged “everyone” to show “restraint”, thus distorting the sheer criminality of Israel.  With people like Guterres, the UN has become a disreputable tool and a propaganda organ for Western-sponsored terrorism and Israel’s fascism. It is ironic that the UN Human Rights Committee (not to be confused with the UN Human Rights Council) is chaired by an Israeli advocate, Yuval Shany.

For seven decades, Israel has been marketed as “the only democracy” in the Middle East, defender of “Western values” and bulwark against Islam and all the while behaving with impunity and in flagrant violations of international law and conventions. Of course, Israel is openly a racist “Jewish state” without a formal constitution and is an apartheid state – just like apartheid South Africa – with steady ethnic cleansing. Adopting Nazism’s ideology, Israel considers the Palestinians as Untermenschen (“subhumans”) to make it easier to discriminate and carryout atrocities against them.

Since the end of the Second World War, every U.S. regime is bought and paid for by wealthy Zionist Jews. No matter who is in the White House, the U.S. is led by a shadowy and powerful group of wealthy Zionist Jews – The Jewish Lobby or The Israel Lobby –, who exert tremendous power over U.S. politics (U.S. Congress) and education on behalf of Israel [5, 6, 7].  Zionist billionaires like Sheldon Adelson, Bernard Marcus and Paul Singer – to name just a few – put Trump in the White House and wrote his Middle East policy. For example, Sheldon Adelson, the pro-Israel wealthy casino mogul Jew (the 14th richest person in America last year with a net worth of $35 billion in Zionist Banks) gave $82 million toward Trump’s and other Republican campaigns during the 2016 election cycle. Adelson Zionist views, notably staunch support for Netanyahu’s fascist policies, are now the official U.S. line (The Guardian, 08 June 2018). It is notable that Adelson dictates U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East, and has called on the U.S. detonate a nuclear device in Iran to “send a message” to Iran government.

The mainstream media, the Internet – including Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. – and the entertainment industries are their propaganda organs, whitewashing Israel’s terror and disseminating anti-Muslim and pro-Israel propaganda. They are driving America’s wars at the expense of American lives and America’s interests. The U.S. anti-Iran policy is a case in point. The aim of the Deep State is to instigate wars in the Middle East to advance Israel-Zionist interests. U.S. wars in the Middle East, starting with the U.S. war on Iraq in 1990, were designed to benefit the state of Israel – not the U.S. – and have been largely driven by wealthy and powerful Zionist Jews. If the U.S. goes to war with Iran, it will be all about Israel at the expense of American lives and America’s interests.

In his recent visit to Moscow, Netanyahu told Russian President Vladimir Putin: “It is hard to believe that 73 years after the Holocaust, there is still a country in the Middle East, Iran which openly calls for the destruction of the state of Israel”. The truth is, it is Israel, not Iran “which openly” and in broad daylight “calls for the destruction” of Palestine and the Palestinian people. Anyone sane individual with an open mind and open eyes can see this very truth. We all know that the so-called “Holocaust” is an industry, which made and continues to make many Zionist Jews and Zionist organisations very wealthy. It is also an effective propaganda that is used by Jews to justify the occupation of Palestine and the persecution of the Palestinian people. Furthermore, it is a taboo to say anything negative about Israel. For example, “anti-semitism”, is used as a pretext to justify crackdown on free expression and any criticism of Israel’s terror and war crimes in Palestine and can be subject to criminal penalties. Israeli leaders have admitted that “anti-semitism is a trick – like the “Holocaust” – used to bully and intimidate anyone who dares to condemn Israel’s terror and war crimes against the Palestinians.

It is also worth noting that 85 percent of the lands taken from the Palestinians in 1948 are still available for resettlement. Although more than 530 villages, towns and urban areas were systematically demolished following the 1948 al-Nakba, their agricultural lands still exist, incorporated now into Israeli kibbutzim and other rural ventures. Other lands lie under public parks and forests, according to the Palestinian geographer Salman Abu-Sitta. Hence, Palestinian refugees could return, if not to their former homes, at least to the parts of the country where they originated. The Palestinian people have elemental rights, including the right to use armed struggle (pdf) to liberate themselves from a century-long Israeli-Jewish occupation of their land.

While the killing of Palestinians continues, there are no calls by Western regimes and Western Zionist mainstream media for sanctions on Israel, and there are no plans for armed “humanitarian intervention” by the U.S. and European regimes. No, they are scared the U.S. might punish them if they do or say something. These war-addicted regimes are happy to impose sanctions and diplomatic measures against Russia because of alleged Russia’s violation of “human rights” in Ukraine and the alleged Russian “annexation” of Crimea. It was Crimea’s legal right of reunification with Russia. Western hypocrites and their Zionist mainstream media know how to turn a blind eye to ongoing Israel’s murderous violations of Palestinian rights and criminal colonisation of Palestine. “[Colonialism] is a crime against humanity”, said French President Emmanuel Macron. He added: “It is a real barbarity and it is part of this past that we must face and apologise to those against whom we have committee these actions” [8]. Western leaders must be aware of their own hypocrisy, crimes and criminal records. However, this is not the space to compare the French colonisation in Africa with the Jewish colonisation of Palestine.

There is an urgent need to stand up and condemn Israel’s colonisation of Palestine and its war crimes against the Palestinians. Israeli leaders have admitted of committing war crimes and must be held accountable for their crimes. The world will not know peace if Israel can count on impunity for the murderous persecution of the Palestinian people to advance its colonial project.


Ghali Hassan is an independent political analyst and researcher living in Australia.


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