There was a time when the contamination of drinking water constituted a punishable crime. Nowadays those who willfully ignore or promote the destruction of the Earth’s atmosphere and ocean acidification through the rise in emission of carbon gases (2014 ~36.08 billion ton CO2/year ; 2017 ~36.79 billion ton CO2/year), hold major sway in the world. Consequently the rise rate of atmospheric CO2 at 2 ppm/year (from 408.84 ppm in June 2014 to 410.79 ppm in June 2018) is the fastest observed in the geological record since 66 million years ago, when an asteroid hit the Earth, wiping out the dinosaurs.  ( The hapless residents of planet Earth are torn between survival in several parts of the world and sport circuses in other parts, while some of their representatives are playing with chunks of coal in their parliament.

co2 emissions

The consequences in terms of heat waves, fires, droughts, storms, floods, human lives and devastation of nature are everywhere. From Japan to Sweden, Oman to Texas and California, a global heat wave is setting records, igniting wildfires, and killing hundreds. (

The south-central region is home to the highest temperatures in the U.S. this week, with nearly 35 million people living under excessive heat warnings issued by the National Weather Service. Temperatures are expected to be in the triple digits across Texas this weekend, marking the most severe heat wave in the state since 2011. The Texas heat has already led to record-breaking days for the Texas power grid twice this week. Things aren’t any better elsewhere in the region, with heat indexes in Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana reaching up to 110 degrees.

Dozens are dead in Japan from record-setting, long duration extreme heat event ; Across the globe in Kyoto, Japan, Thursday marked the seventh straight day of temperatures that exceeded 100 degrees, breaking all known records for the ancient capital city. At least 30 people have died in Japan during the heat wave, which has complicated rescue efforts following floods and landslides that killed more than 200 in western Japan earlier this month. On Thursday alone ten people died and 2,605 people were sent to hospitals in Tokyo due to heat, the Japan Times reports. The day before, Tokyo rescue workers set a record by responding to more than 3,000 emergency calls.

In Sweden, the Arctic Circle is on fire. High temperatures and a prolonged drought have caused 49 fires to ignite across Sweden, with temperatures reaching 90 degrees as far north as the Arctic Circle this week. According to the Washington Post, temperatures in Scandinavia typically settle in the 60s and 70s this time of year, meaning the current heat wave is making things around 20 degrees hotter than normal. In Quebec, more than 90 people were killed by extreme heat in early July. An Algerian city earlier this month broke the record for the highest temperature ever in Africa when it hit 124.3 degrees.

The current heatwave has been caused by an extraordinary stalling of the jet stream wind, which usually funnels cool Atlantic weather over the continent. This has left hot, dry air in place for two months – far longer than usual. The stalling of the northern hemisphere jet stream is being increasingly firmly linked to global warming, in particular to the rapid heating of the Arctic and resulting loss of sea ice.

Prof Michael Mann declares “This is the face of climate change … We literally would not have seen these extremes in the absence of climate change … The impacts of climate change are no longer subtle … We are seeing them play out in real time and what is happening this summer is a perfect example of that … We are seeing our predictions come true …  Mann points out that the link between smoking tobacco and lung cancer is a statistical one, which does not prove every cancer was caused by smoking, but epidemiologists know that smoking greatly increases the risk. “That is enough to say that, for all practical purposes, there is a causal connection between smoking cigarettes and lung cancer and it is the same with climate change,”

Australia, emitting 138 million tons of CO2e in 2017 ( and exporting

in 2017 200 million tonnes thermal coal and 172 million tons metallurgical coal  (, is currently suffering major consequences in terms of draught  in New South Wales, north-west Victoria and eastern South Australia. ( The factors, as explained by Blair Trewin of the Bureau of Meteorology, include: “a stronger than usual sub-tropical ridge over southern Australia. That means that frontal systems that would normally start affecting southern Australia more generally during the winter are instead mostly passing south of the continent, really only affecting Tasmania and perhaps southern Victoria.”

Although the polar-ward migration of climate zones pushed southward by the tropical Hadley Cell constitutes an integral feature of global climate change, rarely does the term “climate change” appear in relevant government and farmers’ statements. Orwellian Newspeak has won the day once again, where talk about the “National energy guarantee” appears to divert attention from the global climate crisis to power prices, in a country where the sky is the limit for alternative clean energy—solar, wind and tide.

The cover-up by the compliant mainstream media, radio and TV of the climate change origin of the heat waves and of fires in the northern hemisphere, and of the drought in the southern hemisphere, is now almost complete. In true Orwellian newspeak terms the words “climate change” have now been replaced with “energy security”.

Andrew Glikson, Earth systems scientist

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  1. drgideonpolyaDr Gideon Polya says:

    Excellent article by Australian climate scientist, earth scientist and paleoclimate scientist Dr Andrew Glikson. However “Australia, emitting 138 million tons of CO2e in 2017” should be CORRECTED to read “Australia, emitting 138 million tons of CO2e QUARTERLY in 2017” i.e. Australia emitted 552 million tonnes of CO2e for the full year of 2017. Thus, according to The Guardian : “Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions are rising to the highest figures seen in years, according to official government figures, increasing 1.6% in the last quarter and 1% in the past year. The country’s emissions in the year to March 2017 are the highest on record at 550.3m tonnes of CO2 equivalent when emissions from land use change are excluded – a sector where the government says its figures have a high degree of uncertainty” (Michael Slezak, “Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions soar in latest figures”, The Guardian, 4 August 2017: ). Australia’s annual Domestic greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution (ignoring land use) was 565 million tons of CO2e in 2000 and 578 million tons of CO2e in 2010 (“2011 climate change course”: ).

    Noting the humane assertion that “all men are created equal”, Australia has a population of 25 million and thus has a Domestic annual per capita GHG pollution (excluding land use) of 552 million tonnes of CO2e per year/25 million persons = 22 tonnes of CO2e per person per year. However, including land use this rises to 53 tonnes CO2e per person per year (and to 116 tonnes CO2e per person per year if one includes Australia’s huge, GHG-generating coal and gas Exports) – as compared to 8.3 tonnes CO2e per person per year for the World, 7.4 tonnes CO2e per person per year for China and 2.1 tonnes CO2e per person per year for India (Gideon Polya, “Revised Annual Per Capita Greenhouse Gas Pollution For All Countries – What Is Your Country Doing?”, Countercurrents, 6 January, 2016: and Gideon Polya, “Exposing And Thence Punishing Worst Polluter Nations Via Weighted Annual Per Capita Greenhouse Gas Pollution Scores”, Countercurrents, 19 March, 2016: ). Climate criminal Australia is among world leaders in annual per capita GHG pollution, coal exports, gas exports, land clearing, species extinction and climate change inaction. Orwellian Newspeak presently rules in look-the-other-way, coal-rich and gas-rich Australia but eventually an indignant and increasingly damaged World will respond to a climate criminal Australia with Boycotts, Sanctions, Green Tariffs, ICJ litigations, and ICC prosecutions.

  2. K SHESHU BABU says:

    Extreme weather conditions are the result of total intervention of human beings in the laws of nature. Selfishness of a few is resulting in collective fall ….

  3. goldenfig says:

    Dam dynamics are primarily causing immediate temperature rises of the earth causing it to melt and cause earthquakes and the effects detailed in the article. See Perfect Designs: Ignore Root cause,get root shock: Dams the cause of Irma’s Fury at the URL: