young filmmakers working on the streets of Tehran
Young filmmakers working on the streets of Tehran

Text and Photos: Andre Vltchek

Have you ever considered the possibility that almost everything that you have been told about the world by the Western mass media is a lie and fabrication?

I am sure you have, at least lately, when the insanity of Western propaganda is becoming very clear and obvious. But what about the extent of indoctrination you were subjected to?

If you live in Europe or North America, how poisoned are you by the lies about Cuba and Venezuela, Russia and China, North Korea and yes – about Iran? Are you beyond recovery? If you see the truth, if you were confronted by reality, would you still be able to recognize it, or would you perceive it as propaganda and lies?

I have just left Tehran, a city with a tremendous history and culture, overflowing with museums, theatres, wonderfully kept parks dotted with modern art sculptures. It is a city with modern and fully subsidized public transportation, consisting of high-tech metro, ecological bus ways, as well as suburban trains. A city of tall trees, and quiet squares, of elegant cafes, and extremely educated and kind people.

beautiful urban landscape of Tehran
Beautiful urban landscape of Tehran

A city that could easily be part of the ‘top ten’ cities on Earth, were it not be the capital of a country that the West is trying to ruin, first with unjust and draconian sanctions, and then, who knows, even by a militarily invasion.

What do most Westerners know about Iran; what were they told? I think the image the mass media outlets want to project is of “Iran – a radical Muslim country, some sort of Shia Saudi Arabia”, or perhaps worse. Much worse, as Saudi Arabia, the closest Arab ally of London and Washington,cannot be touched in the West, no matter what barbarity and terror it spreads all around the world.

Those who know both Jeddah and Teheran would laugh at such a comparison. Saudi Arabia, and its semi-colony Bahrain, despite their wealth from oil, are some of the most compassionless societies on the planet, misery rubbing shoulders with repulsively vulgar and extreme showing off of wealth.

Iran is in its essence a socialist country. It is internationalist, in full solidarity with many oppressed and struggling nations on our planet. No, I am not talking about Syria, Yemen or Palestine only; I am talking about Cuba and Venezuela, among many others. You did not know? It is not surprising: you are not supposed to know!

modern bus train

You are also expected to remain ignorant about Iran’s social system, clearly socialist. Free education and medical care, greatly subsidized public transportation and culture, huge public spaces and to some extent, strong government and at least partially, central planning.

Despite those absolutely unjust, terrible sanctions imposed, with some interruptions, from Washington and its allies, Iran is standing tall, trying as much as it can to take care of its people. And despite the terrible ordeal Iranian people are being put through, they do not cheat and do not steal. The exchange rate collapsed after Washington imposed another round of bizarre sanctions, triggering frustration, even protests. But the majority of Iranians understands who the real culprit is. And it is no secret that the so-called opposition is often financed from the West.

Most visitors do not understand anything about the local currency or exchange rates. I am no exception. I simply give taxi drivers or waiters my wallet, and they only take what is due. I checked with my Iranian colleagues: and the amount that is being taken is always fair.

Iranians do not display ‘arrogant pride’; they only show the determined, decent and patriotic pride of a nation with thousands of years of great culture which knows perfectly well that it is on the right side of history.

You were told ‘how religious Iran is’; I am sure you were. But unlike in Saudi Arabia or Indonesia, religion is not ‘being thrown into your face’ here; it is not waved as a flag. In Iran, religion is something internal, deep, which is expressed humbly and without noise. While the mosques of Jakarta broadcast, for hours a day and usingpowerful loudspeakers, entire sermons, while people are now being thrown into jail for even criticizing this brutal imposition of religion on the general public, in Tehran I could hardlyeven detect Adhan(call for prayer). Most of the local female Teheran city-dwellers only cover their hair symbolically – one third or even just a quarter, keeping most of their hair exposed.

But the West would never inflict sanctions on Indonesia or antagonize it in any other way, no matter how brutal it is to its own people: Washington, London and Canberra already ruined its socialist direction after the US-orchestrated coup of 1965. Jakarta is now an obedient, turbo capitalist, anti-Communist, West-junk-food-and-crap-entertainment-loving society. It has nothing public left. The elites have fully robbed the country on behalf of the West. Religions in Indonesia are used to uphold the pro-Western fascist regime.

Iran is totally the opposite: its interpretation of religion is ‘traditional’, as it used to be before the West managed to derail its essence in so many parts of the world. It is socialist, compassionate, spiritual and yes – internationalist.

an Iranian lady having fun
An Iranian lady having fun

Unlike in places like Jeddah or Jakarta, where going out to eat is now the height of cultural life (and often the only option of how to ‘enjoy the city’), Tehran offers high quality art cinemas (Iranian films are some of the greatest and most intellectual in the world), world-class museums and galleries, vast public spaces, as well as a great number of sport and amusement public facilities, including beautifully maintained parks.

Milad Tower in Tehran
Milad Tower in Tehran

You want to hang from a rope and fly over a valley, near one of the tallest TV towers on Earth – you can do it easily in Teheran. You want to see a series of the latest Chinese art films –you can, at the magnificent palace called the Cinema Museum. Or maybe Chekhov or a Tennessee Williams theatre play, if you understand some Farsi? Why not?

Of course you can sit in a horrendous traffic jam, if you are in love with your car, as you would in Riyadh or Jakarta, but you can also zip through the city in comfort and cheaply, on board the super modern metro system. You can walk on beautiful sidewalks, under tall trees, some of which grow from the clean creaks that separate driveways from pedestrian areas.

couple holding hands in cafe

What else were you told; that you cannot look into a woman’s eyes or you will be stoned to death? Couples are holding hands everywhere in Tehran, and annoyed girls are slapping the faces of their men, teasingly and sometimes even seriously.

But would you believe it, if you saw it? Or is it too late; have you reached the point of no return?

One day, a driver who was taking me from my hotel to the Press TV television studio, exclaimed in desperation:

“Europeans who come here, even for the first time: they don’t want to learn. Even if they come to Iran for the first time, they land at the airport, get into my car, and begin preaching; teaching me about my own country! They all come with the same story, with the same criticism of Iran. There is no diversity! How can they call themselves democratic countries, if they are all thinking the same way?”

traditional dancers
Traditional dancers

In Teheran, the diversity of thought is absolutely striking. With my colleagues and comrades, we discuss everything from the war in Yugoslavia, to Latin America and of course, Iran itself. They want to know about Russia and China. I love what I see and what I hear – when people are curious and respectful of other cultures, it is always a great start!

Iran is bleeding, suffering, but it is strong. Not everyone agrees with government policies here (although most of them do support their government), but everybody is determined to fight and defend his or her country, if it is attacked militarily or by other means.

a child and mom at a concert in Tehewran
A child and mom at a concert in Tehewran

Whenever I come here, I have this impolite urge – I want to shout at my readers: Come here and learn something! Iran is not perfect, but this is real – here, life is real and so are the people. Thanks to their culture and history, they somehow know how to separate precious stones from junk, pure thoughts from propaganda, cheap and deadly capitalism from the great strive for a much better world. If you don’t believe me, just watch their films; one masterpiece after another.

Perhaps that is why the West wants to first ruin, and then to totally destroy this country. For the West, Iran is ‘dangerous’. Iran is dangerous, even deadly,for the imperialist arrangement of the world, as China is dangerous, as Russia is, as Cuba, Venezuela, Syria and Bolivia are.

To ruin Iran will not be easy, I would even say:it could prove impossible. Its people are too smart and determined and strong. Iran is not alone; it has many friends and comrades. And even Iran’s neighbors – Turkey and Pakistan – are now quickly changing direction, away from the West.

Don’t take my word for all this. Just come and see. But do no preach: ask questions, and then, please sit, listen and learn! This country has more than 7,000 years of tremendous history. Instead of bombing it, read its poets, watch its films, and learn from its internationalist stand! And then, only then, decide, whether Iran is really your enemy, or a dear comrade and friend.


[First published by NEO – New Eastern Outlook]

Andre Vltchek is a philosopher, novelist, filmmaker and investigative journalist. He has covered wars and conflicts in dozens of countries. Three of his latest books are Revolutionary Optimism, Western Nihilism, a revolutionary novel “Aurora” and a bestselling work of political non-fiction: “Exposing Lies Of The Empire”. View his other books here. Watch Rwanda Gambit, his groundbreaking documentary about Rwanda and DRCongo and his film/dialogue with Noam Chomsky “On Western Terrorism”. Vltchek presently resides in East Asia and the Middle East, and continues to work around the world. He can be reached through his website and his Twitter.


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  1. worldblee says:

    It’s always educational to read your thoughts on your experiences, Andre.

  2. Leon Kazanjian says:

    Iran has not attacked another country for over 300 years. It is a peaceful country.
    Christians have lived in Iran for 2,000 years, since the time of the Apostles in the first century. I am Armenian descent. In 1915 Armenians that survived the Turkish Death March were given safety in Iran, Syria, Lebanon and Russia. Armenians in Iran have over 50 churches, the oldest before the year 1200. Minorities are protected in Iran as I have read.
    Jewish residents in Iran it is reported were offered $60,000. by Israel and U S Jews to leave Iran and move to Israel. Very few accepted, it is reported. Those not leaving Iran said we have our Synagogues, our businesses, homes and Delicasens here. Jewish citizens are also protected in Iran.
    If Israel, U S, NATO nations, Saudia Arabia and its allies bomb and attack Iran as they threaten, these nations will be guilty of killing CHRISTIAN and Jewish citizens and destroy the Christians Churches and drive the Christians out of Iran where they have safety in a Muslim nation as in Iraq with U S bombing and invasion.
    There will soon be no Christians in the Mid East Nations since the time of the LORD JESUS CHRIST.
    Christians in America: Where is your outrage ? This will be a crime ! Pray, if you choose that this does not happen.

    • nietzsche1510 says:

      for the great joy of the zionists:divide christians from muslims,muslims from jews,move the jews from their secular homes,destroy everywhere diversity.and then blame the other of beeing anti-semite:only a “diverted” citizen of the West can swallow a pill this gross!

    • friedrich033 says:

      Talking to these narcissistic hypocritical nations is a waste of time. Due to a total lack of empathy (or ability to put themselves in anthers shoes). It is an indication of the degree of decay in their social makeup and operating system. It comes from wait for someone or something to come and save them. When or if something does? Because it wasn’t them that did it. These are the thought processes of Idiots.

  3. gary baker says:

    amen brother…such a refreshing article on a culture that is demonized by western media.

  4. fergusquinlan says:

    Excellent article, great to hear ‘the other side’… Many people in Ireland will understand the difficulty of stand up to the imperialism of the Washington Wall Street consensus..

  5. roberthstiver says:

    Thank you, sir, for providing this “counter current.” I do wish that you had provided even cursory coverage of the malign/satanic influence of militant/political Zionism as it operates, primarily and in tandem, from Israel-Occupied WashDC and the Zionist entity so-called Israel while scheming for the shattering of Iran’s land and people. (and then on to Syria, Lebanon, and — Zionism’s grand prize — the final extermination of pesky Palestine)

  6. leo oord says:

    The fear from the USA is killing them. They prefer to destroy the “others” for not having to see themselves. Poor people. Why so afraid aboput “other” ways?

    Greetings Léo

  7. Cory Christofferson says:

    sadly most Americans are to brainwashed and stupid to care

  8. Than you, some videos would be great… My own Photos are from before the Shah was installed, the 70s I think and I would love to see the difference….. It was a beautiful country and people then and I dont think it would have changed too much.

    I find it interesting over the past 50 years I have watched the western countries grow in arrogance and decline in truth, integrity validity… almost a complete reversal, the west has become worse than the countries they raped and called 3rd world dumps….

    Look at the west now…. Nothing to be proud of at all.. and people still think the west is so great??

  9. I believe you, Andre. I don’t need to travel 5000 miles to confirm your observations.

  10. John J Webb says:

    Thanks to Paul Craig Roberts, I have been aware that USA media lies the way the rest of us breathe.

  11. In around 1979 I had 4 Iranian friends, amongst others, who went to the same technical school as myself. They ended up leaving halfway through to go back to Iran, because they were not sure about how the US government would treat them. They preferred being back home with the Ayatollah at the time. Knowing these friends and how kind they were worried me. I have never trusted our US government and its war machine/criminals since. I still feel the same today. I love my country and pray for the second coming of Christ to take out the money changers/deep state and all those corrupt lobbyists and politicians that infect our government like a cancer.

  12. nietzsche1510 says:

    have a look at today’s troublemakers’ ancestors,the judeo-bolcheviks,who executed the Red Revolution in Russia & governed USSR for almost two generations.there you have the “álbum-foto” of the pure is the turn of the West to suffer another chapter of the EVIL.

  13. Richard Miller says:

    I think a U.S. attack, or U.S.-backed Israeli attack, on Iran is a near-certainty before the end of Trump’s first term. John Bolton and Mike Pompeo are both Iran hawks and Trump has been going the way they want him to, if not quite as quickly as they’d like. Most Americans fell for the lies about Iraq. Most will fall for lies about Iran. If you disagree, I sure hope you are right.

  14. William Hughes-Games says:

    I know very little about Iran itself but the rest of the comments in the article ring true.

  15. Leslie Johnson says:

    Just emailed this to POTUS

  16. jackthewolf1017 says:

    Thanks for a refreshing perspective on Iran. I believe that the west’s continual obsession with Iran can be largely distilled to two main issues: Iran, like Iraq, is an encumbrance to the “Project for a Greater Israel” and like Iraq, Syria and North Korea, does not have a Rothschild’s central bank! While the US and crazy Bibi Satanyahoo clamor on about Iran being a nuclear threat, despite all US Intel agencies and the IAEA stating numerous times that Iran has no nukes plus the fact that Iran is a signatory to the NPT and DOES allow inspections while Israel DOES possess nukes, but is NOT a signatory to the NPT and DOES NOT allow inspections, the truth of the western vilification of Iran is obvious!

  17. jdseanjd says:

    Another positive perspective:
    Riding a c90 through Iran
    18 mins.
    John Doran.

  18. seekinggreaterlightandknowledge says:

    How would an enlightened American visit Iran? Can we get visas? Are there direct flights?

  19. o.j. frowein says:

    My experience with Persia/Iran goes back to the late sixties when I was there 3x for business. I was stunned by the rich/ancient culture, the musea, the cleanness & the friendly people. So, I still keep this memory & glad to see from previous comments that not much has changed since those days in this beautiful country. Regretfully, it’s the West under the influence of USA that lost all its history, culture & savoir vivre.