Dear Neighbour,

” A Happy Independence Day!

In these festive times in our two countries, as we both celebrate our Independence anniversaries, my pleasure in writing to you. Even though International Border, Working Boundary and LOC may be dividing and killing us, the fact remains that we are so similar and hence it is important to rejoice at our shared bonds. Let me tell you that besides creating a supposedly democratic, secular and socialist republic, we killed the father of our nation and are now killing the foundational ideas of our republicanism. In a similar way, in creating a modern Islamic welfare state, you killed all the ideas of your founding fathers especially M A Jinnah who didn’t envisage a dystopia as your country is now.

Like your rigid feudalism and corrupt clergy, we have our crony capitalist looters,  charlatan godmen and wild demagogues.    You may not succeed in snatching our territory forcibly like we acted decisively in 1971 to deterritorialize you, but if your “Ilhaq-i-Pakistan” and “Khalistan” projects don’t stop, then we will seriously think about our projects like “Independent Baluchistan”, “Sindhu Desh”, “Jinnah Pur” and “Pakhtunistan”.

Like you have been oppressing Balochs, Mohajirs, Shias and Ahmadiyas,  we are doing/or did the same in our Northeast, Central -Eastern India and Kashmir with much more ferocity. We massacred 1000s of  Sikhs in 1984 in our ‘Dil’ and then during the Punjab insurgency. We also massacred Muslims in Nellie, Bhagalpur, Hashimpora, Mumbai, Ayodhya, Gujarat, Muzzafernagar besides castrating them in 1970s. We burnt alive Graham Steins and his family. We killed and burnt Christians in Kandhamal. We destroyed a historical Mosque in the same way Taliban destroyed Bamiyan’s Buddha statutes. Now we will destroy more statues particularly those of Communists. But yes, you did not harm the Buddhist treasures of Taxila.

We have been oppressing Dalits socially for centuries now. We are proud of our Brahminism, so why should we give our cremation ground for a Dalit soldier killed in Kashmir by your bullets ? On the front of gender justice, we committed Kunan Poshpora and numerous other such blots. You did hang Mumtaz Qadri, but we gave State funeral to a convicted criminal like Bal Thackeray, wrapped a murderer in our national flag and are currently venerating murderers like Shambulal Regar.

Just as you constructed a shrine on Mumtaz Qadri’s grave, we also built temples of Godse.

You are probably going to hang a rapist/murderer in coming days, but we are running an agitation in Jammu to get a rapist/murderer freed.

We have a ‘vibrant’ democracy, yet we have lawless laws like AFSPA (more brutal and harsh than your  tribal laws) in place in the  various states in our country. As your lynch mobs hound Ahmadiyas, we have also now produced our own Lynch-Mobs in the form of Gau Rakshaks who hound Muslims whom we lovingly call Katwas and Pakistanis.

You killed Sabeen, Taseer, Mashal, and other rationalists, we also killed Dabholkar, Pansare, Kalburgi and Gauri.

We also have a real capital now in Nagpur like you have a real capital in Rawalpindi. Like your Honour killings and blasphemy laws, we have Khap Panchayats to punish young lovers, and anti-terrorist laws to demonize minority Muslims.

You did convict Brigadier Ali Khan, Sub-lieutant Hammad and many others for their links to Hizbul Tahrir and TTP in the recent times, but we took back a terrorist undertrial, Col Purohit, and made him a hero.

These days your Supreme Court is getting tough on extra judicial killings, fake encounters and enforced disappearances, but our Supreme Court legitimises and sanctions the extra judicial killings, fake encounters and even mass blinding of Kashmiri teenagers.

And yes like your Army has deep links with Islamists, our Army also building close ties with RSS. Your army is yet to resort to using human shields. Better give it a try in Baluchistan by tying Baloch nationalists to your jeeps. Your Army Chief does not threaten the disenchanted and protesting Baloch youth openly and regularly; instead, he talks of their rehabilitation and amnesty. But our Army Chief issues open threats to the disenchanted and protesting Kashmiri youth by dubbing them as your sponsored ‘ogws’ and thus paving way for their subsequent murders. Your Army Chief talks of mainstreaming your restive FATA region, but our Army Chief calls a certain political party and certain community in the Northeast of having a Bangladeshi origin. And now we are going to expel those 40 lakh people from their homes just like your efforts compelled 3.5 lakh Kashmir Hindus to leave their homes.

Unlike your goddamn country, we are ruled by a party which idolizes Hitler and his Nazi ideology. Unlike your Prime Minister and Army Chief, we have a PM who has fake degrees, howls all the time and has won 4 consecutive democratic mandates after presiding over a genocide. None of your current and former CMs hurl abuses on your minorities openly in public rallies as one of our illustrious CMs, now our PM (Miyan Musharraf ki Aulad) used to do.  We have a vibrant 24/7 hate and lies spreading electronic media which dubs our universities as Terrorist and Jihadi dens.

Like you messed up in Afghanistan for which you had to pay a price, we also messed up in Sri Lanka, Nepal and Maldives for which we had to pay a price. Like Jammu and Kashmir minus Aksai Chin is your jugular vein, in a similar way,  Jammu and Kashmir minus Aksai Chin is our Atoot Ang.

Like you derive national and political capital out of the flames of burning Kashmir (which we have and are igniting together), we also do the same; the only difference is that the revenues of our electronic news industry are massively dependent on those burning flames. Like your sanction to “Ghazwa-i-Hind”, we also have what we call “Akhand Bharat” to take inspiration from!!

Dear neighbour, there is indeed more to follow!!

Right now enjoy your “Independence” and keeping loving us.

Always Truly Yours’

Your Neighbour

Basharat Shameem is a Columnist, Activist Author of “Languages of Resistance:Understanding Kashmir Conflict through Fiction”



  1. K SHESHU BABU says:

    Both the nations are ‘ sinking ‘ in the same boat! Only common masses of both nations can save themselves and their lands from fanatics and pseudo – patriots and build new egalitarian society. A Faiz Ahmed Faiz in India and Prem Chand or Rahul Samkrutyaayan in Pakistan can promote citizens without borders and help establsh peace and safety