Sheer Hypocrisy: How America and Americans Interfered in The Election of Boris Yeltsin – An Addendum

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Communism in the Soviet Union did not, as anti-communist propaganda would have us believe, fail because it was inhumane, impracticalor unworkable.  It failed because it was not allowed to grow in a world dominated by American capitalism.  It was assaulted from without by American armed forces, and from within by spies and agents provocateurs.  It existed under the constant threat of nuclear destruction.  But what defeated it in the end was lots and lots of money and the people who were willing to sell Russiaand their fellow Russia to the devil to get it.

I have long suspected that Yeltsin was one of those people; that the United States both arranged for his election and paid him directly to do what they wanted.  I have been brought one step closer to having my suspicions proven true by an article in today’s “Pravdanews”

In an article entitled “Boris Yeltsin tried to escape to US embassy as USSR was falling apart.”In it, AlexanderRutskoy, a Russian Air Force General and Vice President of Russia from July 10, 1991 to October 4, 1993, andwho, Pravda claims, “brought Boris Yeltsin to power.”  He recalls that Yeltsin was drinking a lot during the coup in 1991 and tried to escape to the US Embassy. They do not mention the fact there has been research done which indicates that Yeltsin was directly in contact with the US Embassy as the putsch was going on, and that he was indeed eating and drinking and celebrating while it was happening.  He might not have tried to “escape” to the embassy as much as simply go there to be congratulated, or get information, or money…who knows.  But it is possible that he wanted to go there.

What is surprising news is that Yeltsin called President George H.W. Bush to tell him the good news.  As Rutskoy tells it, when the USSR passed away there “was an urgent need to remove Mikhail Gorbachev from power, appoint Nikolai Ryzhkov as acting president of the USSR, prepare a new candidate and then hold popular elections for the President of the USSR and the Congress of People’s Deputies of the USSR.

He also said that, contrary to the belief that Gorbachev was isolated from the world during the days of the coup, Gorbachev in fact had secret communication channels, and so knew exactly what was going on. Rutskoy said that Gorbachev simply escaped prior to the signing of the new Unified Treaty. Gorbachev, Rutskoy stated, “was executing the mission to destroy the country.”

Rutskoy, who escorted Yeltsin to Minsk, believed Yeltsin would save the nation with his economic reforms. It was only later he claims, that he found out the USSR was going to be dissolved.  During the ratification of Belavezha Accords, he voted against it.

A little about the Belavezha Accords:In the middle of 1980’s the USSR had a population of 270 million people and included 15 Soviet republics; The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics included more than a hundred nations and nationalities. In the late 1980’s – early 90’s in the Soviet republics began a movement for the proclamation of national independence and secession from the union state.

In spring and summer of 1990, the Baltic republics followed by other Soviet republics, including Russia, adopted the declaration of national sovereignty.  On March 17, 1991 a referendum was held on whether the USSR should remain whole and 76.4% of voters were pro the maintenance of the Union.  In direct contradiction of the will of the people, on December 8, 1991 the heads of the Russian Federation (RSFSR), the Republic of Belarus and Ukraine signed the Agreement on the establishment of the Commonwealth of Independent States, which marked the demise of the Soviet Union.  In other words, Yeltsin went directly against the will of the people when he dissolved the Soviet Union

Rutskoy break with Yeltsin camewhen the president appointed Gaidar andChubais (See my first article in the series “Sheer Hypocrisy” to find out more about these men) the men, who directly under the guidance of American agents who wrote the decrees they would implement, brought about the economic ruin of the Soviet Union.

According to Rutskoy, the putsch in 1991 took place because Gorbachev betrayed his homeland.He concludes that “The putsch in 1993 was a coup, which took place with the support of the United States and Europe.” See more at

Neither the Soviet Union nor communism ever imploded under the weight of its own failures, but rather it was destroyed by the successful infiltration of American capitalism, and the Russian men who were truly its puppets: Brezhnev, Yeltsin, Chubais, Gaidar.

Mary Metzger is a 72 year old retired teacher who has lived in Moscow for the past ten years. She studied Women’s Studies under Barbara Eherenreich and Deidre English at S.U.N.Y. Old Westerbury. She did her graduate work at New York University under Bertell Ollman where she studied Marx, Hegel and the Dialectic. She went on to teach at Kean University, Rutgers University, N.Y.U., and most recenly, at The Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology where she taught the Philosophy of Science. Her particular area of interest is the dialectic of nature, and she is currently working on a history of the dialectic. She is the mother of three, the gradmother of five, and the great grandmother of 2.



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