thirumurugan gandhi

Human rights defender and leader of May17 Movement, Thirumurugan Gandhi has been arrested at the Bangalore airport early morning today. Thirumurugan Gandhi was travelling back from a recent visit to Europe, where he addressed the UNHRC meeting in Geneva where he spoke about the recent protest against the sterlite plant in Tuticorin in which 13 people lost their lives in police firing. He was en route to Chennai city, where he hails from.

One may recall that last year Thirumurugan Gandhi was incarcerated for nearly four months, from May 29th to September 20th.

We at Peoples’ Solidarity Concerns-Bangalore are of the opinion that this snooping upon him at the Bangalore Airport, is a gross violation of his fundamental rights. Though the police have just mentioned two old cases in Tamil Nadu to arrest Thirumurugan Gandhi, one wonders why this kind of a operation in Bangalore at the early morning hours as he was arriving here to reach Chennai.

Given the total disregard for law and constitution by the State in general, especially in the background of the tumultuous political situation in Tamil Nadu, where the awakened youth of the state are up against the proxy government there, this arrest stinks. Chennai police have even detained Thirumurugan Gandhi even on flimsiest reasons in the recent times.

Treating him like a common criminal, is Political Vendetta and nothing else. Thirumurugan Gandhi and the May 17th movement have been in the forefront of many pro-people mass movements.

Peoples’ Solidarity Concerns-Bangalore and Human Rights activists in Bangalore are seeking all possible legal help in this regard. Any immediate legal intervention in solidarity is highly appreciated and welcome. For more information contact Arun :09886634001 or Jagadish : 9448394365

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  1. Stan Swammy says:

    In solidarity with Thirumurugan. HR defenders elsewhere are in similar situation. But we will win.

  2. K SHESHU BABU says:

    This is once again, muzzling freedom of expression of human rights defenders by arrests and torture

  3. Bravo Thirumurugan Gandhi and other Human Rights activists!

    Indian Federation has become an authoritarian and a dictatorship rule by the centre leaders and they forget the struggle of all races together under Mohandas Gandhi that was not the intention to surrender their sovereignty to the Centre.

    Indian Federation while boasting democracy, one of the worst ruthless alleged war criminal regime that denies human rights to it’s citizen, unleash terror and intimidation against human rights defenders, illegal occupation of Kashmir and terrorize it’s citizens, No Justice to the genocide of Sikhs for more than 30 years,