Why the attempt to assassinate Maduro?

maduro attack

The attempt to assassinate Nicolas Maduro, president of Venezuela, has failed. This news is days-old. But, the facts are reiterated boldly. And, there are a few questions, and a few answers to some “progressives” now in close collaboration with imperialism.

The assassination attempt was made while Maduro was addressing the nation on live TV during a military celebration in Caracas. Seven National Guard members were injured in the attempt.

It was the 81st-anniversary parade of the National Guard on August 4, 2018.

Explosive loaded drones were used in the assassination attempt. However, snipers shot down the killer-drones.

President Maduro said in a statement:

“They have tried to kill me today, and everything points towards the right wing forces, the Venezuela ultra-right in alliance with the Colombian ultra-right, and the name of Juan Manuel Santos is behind this assassination attempt.”

Santos is the out-going president of Colombian.

The Venezuelan president said emphatically:

“[F]irst elements of the investigation point towards Bogota.”

However, in a statement, the Colombian foreign ministry described Maduro’s indication as “absurd” and “baseless.”

Santos claimed in an innocent tone that he was fully focused on his granddaughter’s baptism on the day of the murder-attempt.

It sounds like someone has to fly with an explosive-filled drone if the person plans to make an attack.

But, it should be mentioned that Santos recently suggested in public statements: Maduro’s mandate is close to coming to an end.

Santos said as recently as on July 30: “I hope it is tomorrow even. Colombia would be willing and ready to help in any way possible.”

Maduro also indicated the assassination attempt had been financed from Miami.

The US authorities quickly tried to get far away from the assassination attempt. John Bolton, the White House security advisor, said: “Without a doubt there wasn’t any participation from the US government in the absolute.”

Security measures following the murder attempt arrested a few persons including two participants in the 2014 anti-government street violence in Venezuela. The two street-violence participants also have a criminal record.

Countries, in continents, including Bolivia, Cuba, El Salvador, India, Iran, Nicaragua, Russia, Spain, Syria, Turkey, Uruguay, Vietnam condemned the assassination attempt, and expressed solidarity with the Venezuelan leader. A number of Caribbean island-countries, regional bloc ALBA, International bodies such as the Union of South American Nations, Community of Latin American and Caribbean Nations, and the World Peace Council also repudiated the attack. The Communist Party of Argentina, the FARC in Colombia, Al Fatah, the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, the Popular Vanguard and New Nation Parties in Costa Rica, the Guasu Front in Paraguay, the New Movement Party and the Broad Front in Peru, and many other political and social organizations in regions and countries denounced the assassination attempt. Maduro-allies including the Communist Party of Venezuela and Homeland for All Party (PPT), and grassroots organizations in Venezuela and in many other countries took similar stand on the assassination attempt.

Diego Maradona, the football legend, tweeted: “an attack on the leader of the Bolivarian Revolution is an attack on the people of Venezuela.”

However, the rightist opposition groups in Venezuela played down the assassination attempt while the ultra-rightists regretted with the failure.

The First Justice party (PJ) indicated: Similar attack may happen again: “It would be a grave error to presume […] that the events of yesterday won’t be repeated in the same, or a worse, way”.

A few of the rightists claimed: The incident was fabricated.

Opposition hardliner Maria Corina Machado said: “Maduro will only be got rid of […] by force.”

In countries, political, claiming to be civil and rights organizations with ties to imperialism kept their silence intact. They failed to denounce the assassination attempt although international agreements define assassination of a head of state as “terrorist act”.

A few from the imperialist media also presented a story with an interrogative tone: “Was the attempt staged by Maduro?”

So, one finds: imperialist media and rightists are in the same wave length.

On the other hand, “Soldiers in T-Shirts”, an anti-government group, has claimed responsibility for the attack, code named “Operation Fenix”. Factors of Power, a Miami-based private news network, presented the statement.

The statement echoed demands being made by the right-wing politicians that include abide by the rightist-packed National Assembly and go for “true and free” elections.

It called on “everyone to take to the streets”, to “take power,” and install a “transition government.”

The statement claims that the assassination attempt tried to “restore constitutional order.”

Patricia Poleo, a Miami-based journalist and a critic of the Venezuela government, read the public statement issued by the claimants of the attempt.

Patricia is accused of being involved in the assassination of anti-corruption police investigator Danilo Anderson in 2004.

One of the tweets made by the “T-Shirts” said:

“The operation was to fly two drones carrying C4 explosive to the presidential platform”, but the drones were downed “before [these reached] their objective. We showed that [the government is] vulnerable, today we didn’t achieve it but it’s only a question of time.”

Twitter account of the “T-Shirt” claims that it’s a combination of “military and civilian patriots”, and “rebels.”


The questions are: Why the attempt to assassinate Maduro was made? Why further threats are made: “More such attempts will follow”? Why the rightists find Maduro as their enemy?

There was attempt to assassinate Rafael Correa in 2010, the then president of Ecuador. The list of the assassinated anti-imperialist political leaders is very long.

The questions are: Who are assassinated? Why are they assassinated?

It’s not that all assassinated political leaders were anti-imperialist. But, many anti-imperialists have been assassinated.

For years, imperialism has targeted leaders standing against imperialism. Leaders choosing the path of self-reliance have been targeted by imperialism. Leaders moving away from imperialist orbit have also been targeted. Imperialism also targeted its former allies and lackeys.

A few of them have been overthrown through coup d’états. A few were blown out in airplanes. A few faced mysterious deaths. The recent tact is “democracy movement”.

Assassination attempts are made when imperialism fails to find scope for regime change through fabricated political “movements”, which appear democratic, but, in its core, is faithful to imperialism. Attempts to physically eliminate political leaders are made when imperialism finds machinated crisis of different types are failing to unseat its enemy. Imperialism resorts to killings when it finds it’s difficult to mobilize social and political forces required to overthrow the political leadership it considers its enemy.

In these attempts to assassinate, organize “political movements”, initiate machinated crises, imperialism has to rely on its local allies – lackeys. These allies range from political parties to unions to so-called civil society to disgruntled elements within the targeted government to so-called rights, for-the-poor, cooperative, cultural, youth, etc. organizations. It’s a mobilization of social and political forces faithful to the external master.

In Venezuela, the rightists are finding it difficult to succeed with their political fight. They are failing to mobilize other social forces. They are failing to use discontent whatever is there, and aspirations. The situation leads them to the terrorist activity – assassinate Maduro. So, the assassination attempt is an indication of the rightists’ failure in political fight, is an indication of its cornered position.

However, the position may change as politics and political position are not static in any society. This depends upon handling of contradictions, management of economy, struggles in the sphere of politics, keeping alliance alive. It’ll be a pure childish imagination, and a reflection of having no idea about politics if anyone expects that all the moves and measures at all the times will be absolutely error-free in Venezuela. In no society, it’s possible to move through an absolute error-free path of political and ideological struggle.

There are “progressives”, “lefts”, “adherents” of Marx and Lenin in countries, who claim Chavez “didn’t” follow, and Maduro “isn’t” following the correct path to socialism, their anti-imperialism is “pseudo”.

These “progressives”, etc. forget to admit that imperialism isn’t making assault on this brand of proper “progressives”, etc. Imperialism is making assault on this Chavez-Maduro duo. Then, according to these “progressives”, etc., it comes out that imperialism is behaving “fool” as the duo “isn’t” for progress.

This flock of “progressives”, etc. has forgotten the observation Mao made in 1939:

“I hold that it is bad as far as we are concerned if a person, a political party, an army or a school is not attacked by the enemy, for in that case it would definitely mean that we have sunk to the level of the enemy. It is good if we are attacked by the enemy, since it proves that we have drawn a clear line of demarcation between the enemy and ourselves. It is still better if the enemy attacks us wildly and paints us as utterly black and without a single virtue; it demonstrates that we have not only drawn a clear line of demarcation between the enemy and ourselves but achieved a great deal in our work.”

These “progressives”, etc. are bigger and larger revolutionaries than Mao. So, they don’t listen to Mao, turn ultra-left overnight, and proudly extend their hands of collaboration to imperialism and its lackeys.

These “progressives”, etc. very often or regularly take the path, which has been charted by imperialism. In countries in regions including South Asia, these “progressives”, neo-“progressives”, etc. will stand with the rightist forces; oppose errors, corruption, economic difficulties in the way imperialism gets benefit; cordially be-friend extreme rightists, and get active with imperialism-designed democracy. But, they will never look at the question: Why attempt to assassinate Maduro is made and why these “progressives”, etc. are being spared?

Farooque Chowdhury writes from Dhaka.

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