manual scavangers
Photo Credit -India Water Portal

Fascinated by black holes
Which do not allow even light Ray’s
To pass?

They are hypothetical
Scientific marvel….

Look at the real holes
On Earth ….
They drag red blooded human ‘stars’
Squeeze their lives
Leave their families
In tatters!

Look at the forced labor
Cleaning humus and sewer
Entering death traps
Breathing stench with excreta ….
No statistics or data
Would reflect their suffocation
Death due to asphyxiation!

Look at the politicians
Posing for selfies with brooms
As ‘ cleaners’ of society
While the real ones buried for eternity

They are the soul of the whole
World …but consumed by blackhole

( For ‘safai karmachari’ – the manual scavengers who are forced to work without safety measures and left to die in manholes)

Sheshu Babu is a writer

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  1. Liaquath Mirza says:

    Such a poignant poem on the human tragedy where the safai karmacharis live and die in indignity. Speaks volumes of the so called advanced culture that had Internet much before Internet that flew planes when Wright brothers were not even born. Such technically advanced culture does not have the basic technology even now to abolish manual scavenging. We should hang our heads in shame.

  2. Sally Dugman says:

    If you do not like this situation, demand that your local, regional and national governing bodies change policies. ,,, You have construction crews, companies that can make products, land, IIT support people and more to change situations. … MA, USA can give you patterns and support whether involving food banks, garbage disposal, human waste disposal and more. … We have patterns intact and love helping others. … For example, check out our main waste disposal plant:

    MWRA – How the Deer Island Treatment Plant Works

    MWRA’s Deer Island Sewage Treatment Plant is the centerpiece of MWRA’ $3.8 … to protect Boston Harbor against pollution from Metropolitan Boston’s sewer systems. The plant removes human, household, business and industrial pollutants ..

  3. David Kennedy says:

    Sheshu Babu, your words are so true. We see what we want to see and hear what we want to hear. For the rest, we are deaf and blind.
    And ‘words’, what are words? They too can be deceitful, either enlightening, or deliberately misinforming. In actions alone can truth be unequivocally expressed.
    But who will respond to your words, beautifully expressive as they are?