I live in MA, USA. We just had the start of and still have an emergency situation here in MA taking place. Because our towns, cities and villages are connected to each other in advance of problems, we all jump when we learn of problems. We also jump outside of our state and know about what to do since we have a plan in action for these sorts of contingencies.

So Emergency First Responders, fire companies and others arrived on scene — even from out of state when the ten alarm emergency call (the maximum) went out. These groups include American Red Cross units, as well as help from many towns and cities both in MA and from out of state. They all have been pouring into the region impacted and in droves.

The awful event is in Merrimack Valley and involves three towns. They are Lawrence, Andover and North Andover. Indeed, my state’s emergency response teams are working together and dealing with everything as the problems continue to arise while coordinated efforts are underway..

The same applies to our utility companies that provide electricity, which needs to be turned off for around 150,00 people so that they electricity doesn’t cause additional explosions with gas leaks. The same applies to the depressurizing of the Columbia pipeline for gas that burned up and/or exploded, practically simultaneously, over seventy homes in these separate communities with possibly more ready to explode or burn.

lawrence house

Other towns besides these three are offering shelter and aid. They are opening schools for cots, food services, medical services, transport and more.We will stay available until no longer needed .We will also have to help in the rebuilding of lives — especially for those who lost homes and who are traumatized.

New Hampshire laid their people on the line for us to continue to fight to save our structures. They came down from their state.

Firefighters and others were injured while the problem is not over as the gas pipes slowly depressurize. Lots of people laid their lives on the line and still are doing so to help.

All considered, we all need special plans with neighboring communities to assist each other when problems arise. We all need to be set in place in advance of severe difficulties with clear plans about ways to communicate and assist. If you do not have a plan such as ours for climate change or other sorts of problems, it would seem advisable to make ones and practice rescue efforts.

Many of our towns now are transporting people evacuated from their homes to our locations. Our workers are on sites of the problem and will work through the night. Who could ask for more under the dire circumstances?

One of our distant neighbors and a police chief lost his entire home. It is now a shell and he was out working at the time to help others. Should we not help this fellow citizen in any ways that we can to rebuild his and his family’s world? How about the others?

Copy us here in NE US, I recommend, as you will be glad that you did so! I am sure of it! So set up emergency response patterns and coordinate with others outside of your region! )Imagine our losses if we had not done so in advance!)

Sally Dugman is a writer from MA, USA

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  1. Governor Baker wants more natural gas in Greater Boston. He says it is due to a snow storm in 2015 and another one in 2018 that constrained energy supplies. Although, there were no brownouts or interruptions in services. He wants a pipeline from the fracking fields of New York built across the state. Easy for him to say because the state is not paying for it. The rate payers must pay for it. That’s right. We must pay more for the natural gas we are using to cover the costs of a pipeline for more gas that we don’t need.

    In Massachusetts, our use of energy from utilities is going down one percent a year. This despite our population going up.

    Concerned with declining energy use, Baker and the utilities want a pipeline across our state to sell natural gas overseas where the price is twice what we pay. They get the revenue while we pay the expenses and get no gas.

    Global Warming Solutions IE-PAC wants to put a stop to this, to take Charlie’s foot off the gas – and that means voting on November 6 to change governors with Governor Patrick’s former Chief of Finance.

  2. P.S. One day when I was working at home I heard an enormous but distant BOOM. A mile or two away, a McMansion house on three acres had exploded from a natural gas leak. Fortunately, the work was outside and no one was injured. No walls were left standing. Just a pile of rubble on the foundation, and there were clothes spread on foliage on top of thirty-forty-foot-high trees set back from the house.

    With wind, solar, or heat-pumps there will be no explosions; no solar spills, either.

    It’s time to vote out Baker and vote in a Democrat, Jay Gonzales, who is for more solar and less gas. To get out the vote add your voice to Global Warming Solutions IE-PAC