Denouncing Obama at the University of Illinois

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University of Illinois College of Law, Before the Foellinger Auditorium, September 7, 2018

(Transcript revised)

I am Francis Boyle, Professor of Law here at the College of Law. I’m the Senior Professor at the College of Law. I’ve taught here 41 years in a row without a break. I know Obama. He was behind me at Harvard Law School. Obama abandoned and betrayed every Principle about the Rule of Law that I learned at Harvard Law School including the United States Constitution.

I was fairly disposed towards Obama. When the Black Law Students brought him over here to the Law School from Springfield to speak, I went over there. I sat next to Obama. I introduced myself to Obama. I told Obama I couldn’t stay. I had to go home for dinner with my family. He said he understood. I wished him well and I shook his hand. I was the only Law Professor there that day. I am here to condemn Obama as a war criminal and worse.

The University of Illinois is giving him an “ethics in government” award. This is a sick joke and a demented fraud! The University of Illinois, for its own typical bootlicking reasons, wants to whitewash all of Obama’s international crimes. Obama should be sitting in a jail cell in The Hague with the International Criminal Court and not here getting some bogus “ethics in government” award from the bootlickers of the University of Illinois campus bigwigs.

I’m not the only one to say that. Obama and I had the same Jurisprudence Teacher – Philosophy of Law – at Harvard Law School, Professor Roberto Unger, the founder of the Critical Legal Studies Movement. What did our Teacher say about Obama on BBC Hard Talk and elsewhere?: “Obama is a disaster!” Again, Professor Unger, our teacher, said: “Obama is a disaster!” I agree with Professor Unger, one of the great philosophers of law in the post-World War 2 era. And I’ve been teaching Jurisprudence since I came here in 1978.

Now don’t just take Professor Unger’s words for it. What does Professor Noam Chomsky have to say about Obama and his drone murder extermination campaign against Muslims, Arabs, Asians of Color all over the world? Here’s Professor Noam Chomsky: “…particularly to the drone assassinations, the most extreme terrorist campaign of modern times – which have killed more than 5,000 people, including U.S. citizens and hundreds of children.” That is Noam Chomsky, one of the great intellectuals in the world and a personal hero of mine when he was leading the forces of opposition to the Vietnam War that I was opposing as a young man. That’s how Chomsky referred to Obama’s drone murder campaign: “…the most extreme terrorist campaign of modern times…” That’s amazing to think of! That’s the person here that the University of Illinois is whitewashing. That figure today on his drone murder extermination campaign is up to at least ten thousand. Trump is just continuing it.

Indeed, Trump is just continuing across the board policies that Obama put in place. The difference between Trump and Obama and Obama and Bush Jr. is that Obama knows better. He’s a magna cum laude graduate of Harvard Law School just like I am. Obama has abandoned and betrayed every known Principle of the Rule of Law that I ever learned at Harvard Law School including the United States Constitution which he doesn’t give diddly-squat about. Indeed referring to his drone murder extermination campaign Obama bragged: “…I’m really good at killing people!” Those are Obama’s own words. That’s the man the University of Illinois is whitewashing today with their “ethics in government” award. Indeed Obama murdered four U.S. citizens at least that we know of, including Mr. Awlaki and his 16 year old son who was completely innocent of anything. Obama is a monster! He’s a criminal! As I said he should be in jail, not getting some bogus “ethics” award from the bootlickers at the University of Illinois administration.

Let’s review his record. The first thing Obama does when he comes into office, Bush Jr. has about 26,000 troops in Afghanistan, and Obama escalates that immediately by 100,000 troops. 100,000 extra troops murdering, killing, exterminating Afghans all up and down. We don’t even have a body count because the Pentagon won’t give us the numbers. My estimate maybe a million people. Obama is like Genghis Khan and His Mongol Horde, raping, robbing, pillaging and murdering all over the world innocent men, women, and children. That’s the guy they’re giving their “ethics in government” award to.

After he had done his genocidal work in Afghanistan, Obama moved on to Libya in order to steal their oil. Obama launched his war against Libya and exterminated about 50,000 Libyans – needlessly for no reason except Obama wanted to steal Libya’s oil. Indeed it was outright genocide for Black Africans living in Libya that Obama perpetrated upon them. Obama destroyed Libya as a State completely. It no longer exists and we the have the massive refugee crisis coming out of Libya with thousands of Africans – Blacks, and Arabs – drowning in the Mediterranean all thanks to Obama this war criminal.

After he was done with Libya, then Obama moved on to Syria and destroyed Syria. He worked with his jihadi terrorists to overthrow the government of Syria and create a total catastrophe. Maybe 500,000 Syrians have been murdered because of Obama, and that country is a catastrophe today. The battles still go on. We have no idea what’s going to happen over there. Just like he did in Libya, Obama used jihadi extremists to wage his wars for him. And America in Libya, became the air force for Obama’s jihadi extremists. Then he turned them on Syria and there the death and destruction by Obama goes on today. A second state that Obama has pretty much destroyed all by himself with his jihadi extremists – Genghis Khan and His Horde of Mongols.

Now, we come to Yemen started by Obama. Massive death and destruction in Yemen right now as we speak today. Obama supported Saudi Arabia and the UAE against Yemen and has killed close to 10,000 Houthis. Outright genocide. All to steal their oil and set off a humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen. Maybe 2 million Yemenis over there are suffering from cholera. It’s the largest outbreak of cholera in the world today. And they are starving. Obama starved them to death. There’s an embargo on them right now. They can’t even eat. Obama started this policy.

I could go on here forever but I’m not going to because I teach Obama’s atrocities to my law students. I think we could have no better indication of where Obama really stands than the eulogy he gave last weekend in honor of the war criminal and warmonger John McCain. John McCain was a war criminal. He bombed Hanoi killing innocent civilians when he was shot down. Outright war criminal. And when he got home McCain mongered for every war the U.S. ever waged since then including in Syria and supporting Obama’s Nazis in Ukraine. Let us recall John McCain’s theme song: “Bomb, bomb, bomb! Bomb, bomb, Iran!” Sixty million people and McCain did his best to start a war against them and kill them. Obama then appeared there to give a eulogy in support of this long-standing war criminal and warmonger.

Who else was there? Bush Jr. another Genghis Khan and His Horde of Mongols. They’re best buddies – Bush Jr and Obama. Who else did they trot out to honor McCain? Henry Kissinger! The three of them, yes, they all spoke right after each other: Kissinger, Bush Jr., and Obama. Kissinger of the genocidal Vietnam War. Murdering 58,000 young men of my generation and exterminating 3 million Vietnamese. I call him Hank Half-An-Eichmann Kissinger. I say that from personal experience. I went through the exact same Ph.D. program at Harvard that produced Kissinger before me. They gave me Kissinger’s Old Office at Harvard’s Center for International Affairs. “There but for the grace of God go I!” So here we have three major warmongers and war criminals honoring a fourth. You have Kissinger, Bush Jr. and Obama honoring McCain. Well as I say: Warbirds of a feather flock together!

I have one message for Obama that I want to deliver him here today personally as a lawyer and a law professor and a graduate of Harvard Law School:

Hey! Hey!
Obama say!
How many kids!
Did you kill today!

Hey! Hey!
Obama say!
How many kids!
Did you kill today!

Hey! Hey!
Obama say!
How many kids!
Did you kill today!

Thank you.

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