Don’t Put Up And Don’t Shut Up!

Here in MA, USA — we don’t put up and we don’t shut up. Here is evidence:

Tens of Thousands March Against Hatred and Bigotry in Boston

Estimated 175,000 Gather on Boston Common for Women’s March – NBC10 …

You should also see our anti-gun marches and others carried out in our state, but they are all pretty much directed against policies in the federal government — not against our people here in MA.

We also consider our government representatives as public servants. We pick ones akin to our views. Ditto for VT.  You want to see? Check it out.  Our representatives and we as a whole in our states will NOT let our people down.


Dancing (not walking) in the Boston Pride Parade. Senator Elizabeth Warren … This is such a beautiful …

Indeed the government employees in our states largely represent our states’ collective morals, values, intentions, standards of conduct, ethics and underlying principles for the ways that the world should be past MA and VT.  Yet while rejecting poor outcomes for our own states, we do largely keep our eyes on the world and would wish that others can follow our examples.

This in mind, one of my favorites of the representatives is Jim McGovern, our House of Rep person for the federal government im MA, who went to my daughter’s high school where the motto is “ACHIEVE THE HONORABLE.”

On his last birthday, he didn’t spend the day with his family and friends. He walked between that day and the next one afterwords forty miles while sometimes pushing a shopping cart to raise thousands of dollars for our western MA food bank. His feet and whole body were killing him and yet he persisted.

He did many more marches and attended rallies, including for the LBGT community and gun control. He is supporting MA initiatives to protect our entire state coastlines and islands from storm surge and Boston/Cambridge from climate change problems. In short his energy and resolution to serve humanity and the environment is impressive. He like many in MA and VT is unstoppable.

And if wherever you live in the world, you don’t have to put up with primarily self-serving “bums” in your local government. If you have them unlike us here in MA and VT, threaten them with removal from office or actually replace them through a voting or another sort of procedure.

We in MA are on cutting edge for climate change initiatives and other factors impacting life in the place wherein we live. So follow suit, I recommend, or don’t do so to your own peril. It is that simple. Take initiatives or not.

For example, you can force your government if enough people speak up from your region to hire civil engineers to take care of planning for climate change problems for the future. You can ask for consultations for your region from other locations of the world. Many people, who are climate change experts, will provide the assistance at no cost. (Haha — don’t I know it since I am from MA wherein many people basically love to help and serve.)

One of my friends from NC, USA  said this morning on the phone that we all must follow the MA model, which is cutting edge for the USA. He was hard-hit by Hurricane Florence. The horrors from the flood are still ongoing.

He has got that straight. It’s called taking care of business and life in the most meaningful ways.

boston fire

Meanwhile my state government has a mandate that forty-eight miles of gas lines have to be replaced by November 19th for the gas main breakage impacting three MA towns while causing blowups and fires.. The company charged with the crime must also provide monetary compensation for inconvenience and home loss, cooking burners (hot plates), space heaters and more, such as their checking out every single boiler with gas in each house and the home lines (i.e., to a gas stove), as well as metering system, running to it. … In my state, we do not let others in our state or from outsideof it “mess” with us.

So if you have a “stupid” government, make it change, protest ad nauseum or else vote them “creeps” out of office.

Here in MA we are pretty much on the same page — helping our people and the natural environment to stay strong. Perhaps others should follow suit even when tough to fight the status quo. After all, what better alternative is there?

Check out  this very short video. Watch our Boston Mayor and our Governor explain about whom we are in MA relative to hatred. As I suggested, people and whole companies had better not “mess” with us. There is trouble ahead if they do so! This video makes this thinking absolute clear, although only in terms of hatred and not further issues, which we also forcefully address here om MA.

Boston Mayor: ‘Hate Groups’ Not Welcome to Rally – YouTube

We people in MA and VT do not put up and shut up. It is based on a cultural orientation that started in the 1600’s for our region and we are not about to change anything about whom we are now. It simply doesn’t cut the grade — the standards to which we here adhere.

So join us in our orientation, I can guarantee that you will be pleasantly surprised in times to come if you do so. In other words, fight like all get out for what is right, fair and just for people and the natural world. Otherwise, guess about what happens.

Sally Dugman is a writer fro MA, USA



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