Is There No Solution For Kashmir Problem?

kashmir army

Is there really no solution to Kashmir problem? Are we all going to face this Democratic Hitlerism for generations? Every morning I wake up I get to know someone has been killed, someone arrested, some innocent school going kids losing their eyesight for something that they don’t even know. I am feared; if I go outside I might not come back. According to the report of Ministry of Home affairs report on March 13, 2018 More than 70,000 terror incidents have been reported in J&K over the last 28 years ending 2017, in which 22,143 militants were killed and 13,976 civilians and 5,123 soldiers lost their lives. I don’t think these lives were useless which they were made by the human rapacity for land, resources, power and animosity for other country.

I don’t know why people are being killed in the name of occupation and why people kill in the name of occupation, would these people die if they don’t kill? Would they die if they don’t rule people? If my immature mind can understand that killing people for rule  is wrong, controlling people against their will is wrong then why these people who call themselves intellectuals especially those who have been elected by a large number of people for their intellect to serve are unable to understand.

A very dangerous concept has embedded its roots in the minds of Indian security forces that if someone raises a voice against the system, he must be killed to suppress the freedom movement  not only this Indian security forces are using women harassment and rape as a war weapon to suppress Kashmiris. These are the same security forces which are being praised by every Indian politician, every Indian journalist and every common man for their security they provide .If killing people and harassing a women and raping them is the security they provide then we don’t need such security .I think no sane person in the world would even dream of such security.

Since my childhood I have seen forces, guns, bullets, disappearances, dead bodies, tortures, harassments and rapes .If now I want to live a peaceful life why would I wish to be with you but yes you have an option and what is that? “Kill me”, “make me disappear”. But no, that is not an option because that will create more like me .strictly speaking this is what you people are doing and what happens in response. Sometimes people think that it is the religious difference only which is the incitation of Kashmiri movement at all. But it is not only this. According to Human Psychology the hostile and scarce environment makes people aggressive and aggressiveness necessitates artificial moral control. Because of the atrocious and dreadful situation in Kashmir people are becoming more and more aggressive day after day and turning more violent. As a result of this people sometimes don’t know what they are doing. I remember one of horrifying incidents of mob lynching of a DSP on the day of Shab-e-Qadar. We can’t legalize this thing but we also can’t wholly blame Kashmiri people for this, they have been tortured to such an extent that they are forgetting their human nature.  They are behaving the natural way, thus the situation is to be handled in such a manner that the stable environment is restored back the way they want. So there is will be no other solution to Kashmir problem other than natural solution and that is what caused it, The Desire for Freedom .

Umer Gulzar, student at Central university of Kashmir, Department of Mathematics


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