Sheer Hypocrisy:  How America and Americans meddled in Yeltsin’s Election: Addendum 3

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I have been writing a series on how America and Americans interfered in Russian at all levels of Russian society to bring about the fall of the Soviet Union.  First of all, they sent American economic advisors to Russia to implement “shock therapy” policies which rapidly transformed The Soviet Union from a communist to a capitalist country, giving rise to all the classes that are typical of such an economic system: a small class of robber baron capitalists, a financial elite, a body of lumpen proletariats or gangsters, and the vast masses who found themselves suddenly impoverished.  The economic policies which brought about this sudden revolution were dictated by American economists and implemented by Russian advisers to President Yeltsin with his complete complicity.

After this horrible economic catastrophe, there was little chance that the people, impoverished and embittered were going to reelect Yeltsin.  In fact, it seemed as if the Communists might return to power.  In response, and at the urging of President Clinton himself, a group of experienced political advisers and campaign managers were sent to Russia to formulate a campaign strategy for him.  They simply walked into Russia and directly interfered in the election process.

Then there were the banks, which is shall write about in my next part of the series, who enabled both monies to flow into the country to support Yeltsin’s campaign, and allowed money to be transported out of the country to be laundered. On August 30th RT published an article citing direct correspondence between Yeltsin and Clinton which absolutely prove that U.S. interference not only in Russian elections, but in determining the social and economic policies of the Soviet Union extended directly to the very top.  Yeltsin comes off as an obedient and naive lacky of Bill Clinton.

Six hundred pages of memos and transcripts, dating from 1993 to December 1999, document dozens of personal and telephone conversations between Clinton and Yeltsin were made public by the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, Arkansas last month.  The provide a startling and in depth look at exactly how the United States was able to bring about the destruction of both the Soviet Union.

Nearly 600 pages of memos and transcripts, documenting dozens of personal exchanges and telephone conversations between Clinton and Yeltsin, were made public by the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, Arkansas last month.

Although dating from January 1993 to December 1999, many of the documents touch upon issues that now dominate the news cycle, providing often overlooked historical perspective and context to the current state of US-Russia relations.

In a 1993 transcript factual proof of Clinton’s offer to help Yeltsin get elected by using US foreign aid to ensure support for Yeltsin’s political allies is provided:

Here’s Bill Clinton in 1993 offering to help Boris Yeltsin in upcoming parliamentary elections by earmarking some foreign aid for opposition-leaning regions.

10:52 AM – Aug 30, 2018

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At one point, Yeltsin asks the American president for a loan that would help him in his 1996 presidential election: “Bill, for my election campaign, I urgently need for Russia a loan of $2.5 billion,” adding that he needed the money to pay pensions and government wages.  Quite obviously, if these obligations to the people were not met Yeltsin wouldnot have been reelected.

In any case, the RT article is well worth the read, and I am sure that scholars will soon be producing books and articles based on the information contained in the 600 pages of communication between Yeltsin and Clinton.

So, the wailing, the gnashing of teeth, the righteous indignation that arises from American politicians today, is indeed, considering these candid revelations, are indeed, either the result of profound ignorance or sheer hypocrisy.

Mary Metzger is a 72 year old retired teacher who has lived in Moscow for the past ten years. She studied Women’s Studies under Barbara Eherenreich and Deidre English at S.U.N.Y. Old Westerbury. She did her graduate work at New York University under Bertell Ollman where she studied Marx, Hegel and the Dialectic. She went on to teach at Kean University, Rutgers University, N.Y.U., and most recenly, at The Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology where she taught the Philosophy of Science. Her particular area of interest is the dialectic of nature, and she is currently working on a history of the dialectic. She is the mother of three, the gradmother of five, and the great grandmother of 2.



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