A solemn heart, A shattered love story !

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Where do I begin
To tell the story of how great a love can be
The sweet love story that is older than the sea
The simple truth about the love she brings to me…….
(Love story )

The natural disasters #me too the #sabrimala the #all women bleed , the rapes and molestations , nuns , the talaq the abortion story
Where do I begin ….

A nostalgic heart a weary love story
A love story between me and the country I was born in ,
between me and the planet that nurtures me sustains me …
A story a love story between me the woman and her femininity….
Where do I begin …..

As I stand on the side-lines and I observe
A story gone astray

Her wounded cries haunt me ..
The floods and hurricane of her tears overwhelm me …
The angry fires blazing in her heart
burn the forests of my dreams
Where do I begin ….

The divine feminine
Her cries her unconsoleable lament
raped as she is day after day ..
Of her strength her faith
Her virtue and her vulnerability
His lust that sees no age
Where do I begin…

Sexually Harassed and assaulted …
By her very own …
The one that she conceives in her womb..
Today he stands and shames her
Leaving not a single stone unturned ….
Where do I begin …..

I give birth to you
It is I that sustains you
Yet I find that as I climb the strenuous mountain that houses the divine masculine you
You shun me , your doors shut on me
Where do I begin …

Without me without my benevolance
You are but nothing …..
My blood embarasses you
You forget its purity that lines the walls
that keep you safe and sing you lullabies for 9 months….
You forget that you are just the CREATED
Where do I begin …..

I may seem tender and I may seem outwardly fragile …
There is But a strength a wildness in me
That I keep deep inside ….
I pray
May that day never arise ..
the day of redemption
For the HIM who I have created
with my five essences
The fire , water , air the earth the spaces …
Where do I begin
The zillions of years that I have let
my heart be plundered

Today I may seem on the verge of exticntion
Bereft of all thoughts feeling and emotions …
I choose
I choose not to surrender or quit
Me with my kin n brethren
Shall re- kindle the light and shine and rise ….
Where do I begin …
As for me there never was a end
Only as always a new begining ….
Where do I begin …..

Shalini Gupta Newar is a writer



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