Bluff In The Name Of Asuras


Mahisasura! Just like everyone I heard this name for the very first time when I was a child and was being introduced to religion (mostly through books and partly through songs and TV shows). It was an exciting event to learn about the different Asuras and their battles with Gods. Constant battle with luminescent arrows flying from one side to another. The books in the form of epics used to show the God as the handsome chap who was adored by everyone. While in a contrasting manner, the Asuras were illustrated and screened with protruded teeth, bigger than normal ears, moustache having the width of a thumb and eyes full of mascara. In short, a figure whom everyone should fear. The basic feature of every Asura. He was shown to be the villain who lived for doing evil activities like Kidnapping and destroying earth. While the white skinned, lipstick worn lips, lovely voice were the feature of a God. They saved the world from the Asuras just like every Marvel and Diamond Comics hero does. At the age of six to seven, I used to hate Asuras and adore God.

In the much later part of life, when I was introduced to different kinds of non fiction books basically on human history, I saw two vital terms. The Aryans and the Asuras. The Aryans were illustrated with the same feature which I saw and read in religious books while the Asuras had the contrasting feature. Demographically, when I searched about their origin I saw something very disturbing, that I used to hate my own family members. Now, the question arises, How? The Aryans, who migrated to India from the European nations had the feature which we see in the Afghans, Kashmiris and in Himachal Pradesh. They never existed as the natives of this nation. While the Asuras were the natives of this nation much before Aryans were a member of it. Right after Aryans entered, the evolution changed since the whole gene pool of the country changed and Aryans started to spread. Asuras were left in the same number but they started to live as the tribes of this nation. Like the tribes of Central India, North Eastern India and South India. So, basically I am an Asura. The Aryans started writing texts where they kept the omnivorous Asuras as the villains of religious battle while they glorified themselves by giving their image to the Gods they created. That is, white skinned, vegetarian, attractive Aryans as the Gods and the black skinned, big eyed, omnivorous tribes as the Asuras.

So, in the battles of Gods which every Indian started to read after the introduction of caste system, the configuration of religion changed into Asura as the villain and Aryans as the good God. Basically, the religious battle which we celebrate every year is just an Aryan killing a Non – Aryan. There isn’t a name like MahiAryana or TarakAryana! But there is Mahisasura and Tarakasura. The good versus evil story has been stretched so cunningly that from about ages we are ignoring the Aryan versus Non – Aryan or Asura mythology! Every North Eastern, Central Indian tribe, and South Indian is an Asura, and the first thing a child fears after his/her birth is the term Asura because the Aryans have made the community attached to evil.

If it’s the time to change then mythology should be replaced with reality. Whenever we see an evil man, we use the term Asura or Rakhshash. When the concept lies in the battle between good versus evil, why till today we are making this a battle between Aryans versus Asuras? It should be replaced by reality. When a woman is being raped, it’s not the Asura that has driven him to do the task. Rather it’s the evil inside him and evil takes birth in human. When a lady kills a rapist, then it’s not Durga who has killed an Asura, but it’s a woman who has killed a man for the evil inside him! Symbol here is just a bluff created by the Aryans to destroy the minds of this nation. The Asuras today fight for their land in North East, they fight in Bastar, Chattisgarh so that the capitalists cannot spread their evil industries by slicing off their forests. Today, when we say that an Asura has been killed, it would be a murder of the natives of our own land who fight for their rights.


A sleek encounter between two idols
One gets killed, other stands tall above all
Some call it feminism when an Asura falls
Little do they know that Aryans just made a roll

Deep in that Eastern cloudy forest
Where nature used to nourish itself by a chain
Lived a community which bruised itself
With their race and food, everything as villain

White Aryans forming a dictator inside a nation
Resonating its power through the thriving illiteracy
Keeping the Black Asuras away from God’s devotion
Make upping humans in the name of killing and celibacy

Everyone preaches with unknown customs
One says to play with vermillion and smoky censer
Other says to be active in burning Asura with bombs
I fail to understand what’s so pious in fear

Some will say that the story depicts good versus evil
Popped out vein will react like a hypnotised being
Question lies, why did Aryans describe us as the devil?
Making Indians dance with their woven string!

Take an epic, take a story symbolised as pious
You will find the true Indians getting murdered
For the first time, you will be oblivious
As you will see the migrated one’s being treasured.

 Kabir Deb was born in Haflong and completed his schooling from Kendriya Vidyalaya, Karimganj. After that completed his Graduation and Masters from Assam University, Assam. Writing has been his passion and a hobby from childhood, and hence submitted his short story in this magazine. He looks forward to change the society with the power of poetry. When the society is facing with many political and social conflicts he would like to show them that writing to express can destroy even the most destructive force in the society as poetry knows how to create. His work has been
published in ‘​To be my Valentine​’ edition of ​Hall of Poets, Reviews Magazine, Bhor
Foundation, Different Truths Magazine, Spillwords, Kaafiya & Cafe Dissensus Magazine.

Copyright – Kabir Deb


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