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My daughter, a guidance counselor for around 350 young children in another state from mine, understands that she supersedes me in some ways in terms of her understandings and skills. Ditto for my side of the equation/,matter. I know elementary education in far more replete ways and my language skills surpass hers, too.Yet it is all a case of ça ne fait rien. . It makes no difference. It is inconsequential.

In fact, she is posting for her county and for her state a website that fights bullying. It is to be replete with information for children and adults — so that they will know about what to do and whom to contact if there is any sign of covert or overt violence against any individual. It is because this sort of behavior, whether mild or extreme, will not stand — will not stand on our watch.

You see,  she wants to make the website to be as best as it can be to be most strong and effective as a message. I do understand that drive of hers as she, in some ways, is mini-me  and we do not allow the bullying behaviors from parents, guardians, neighbors, teachers, administration, children and others like racists. … She and I file reports and jump all over the wrongful issues like white on rice since we do not put up and shut up — PERIOD! … Ultimate excellence is the standard for which we strive whether we get there or not in terms of outcomes.

All considered, a number of my family members and friends have literally laid their lives on the line, yes literally, to provide benefits for humanity and the natural world. Some are even atheists, which means that they do so without thinking that there can be an afterlife beyond death if they die in the effort.

The fact is that whether it is bullying or some other issue, people need to rise and hold the line. The need to demand that they get results. Margaret Mead remionds in this vein: Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.

So what do you want — climate change funds like ours for your region?

Governor Baker Signs Legislation Directing $2.4 Billion to Climate …

What do you want? Something like these initiatives? … Universal housing, universal food, universal education. guidance counselors like my dedicated daughter at all schools, income equality, universal quality health care, garbage collection and disposal, bodily waste disposal and public toilets every few city blocks, etc.?

The fact is that we are all in the same boat and tasked with the same task to fight for whatever is most salient to improve life. It is not enough to write and talk about these matters. We need to all rise up and either convince leaders (especially government ones) to come on board the boat or remove them. They will need to make way for others to take over OR CONFORM TO THE WISHES OF THE PUBLIC.

We have to all keep joining together and fighting for that which we know is right. We know that if we do NOTHING, nothing will come our ways for improvement. So fight onward and stay strong regardless of outcomes!

As an aside, anyone who thinks that doing whatever is right and good is always easy is delusional. How about bleeding black blood on the day after you saved a man’s life and took injury as a result — internal hemorrhaging and other physical harm? How about my daughter going up to the most popular classmates and threatening the boys due to their KKK stand? She was scared AND DID THE ACTION ANYWAY. … You should see some of the actions that she has taken as a guidance counselor. The gal has guts, but I trained her young … just like my sister and me being trained young. Besides we all have the temperament — born into it.

Just hold the line. We have your back, Jack! We like to hold the line even if love isn’t always on time or if it doesn’t come back to us.

We in MA HOLD THE LINE and we do it in droves.

 So do others.

Toto – Hold The Line – YouTube

We train early to hold the line in my family and know to hold the line

and learn before age five — all of us.

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Hold the line!

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in Life/Philosophy — by Sally Dugman — October 15, 2017 … world at large, regardless of whether these affect offspring or create change on some larger scale, …

MA Sen. ELIZABETH WARREN puts this sort of matter in her own way:

Just before the vote, I thanked, hugged, and consoled the hundreds of people who were still outside the Capitol and Supreme Court. Women (and friends of women) who have relived the worst moments of their life these past few weeks and fought with courage for the millions of people who could not be here.

Today’s vote hurts people. It hurts every victim of sexual assault who’s been ignored, every woman who’s been told to be quiet, every person who’ll be on the losing end when Brett Kavanaugh casts a gut-punching deciding vote – in favor of states that keep American citizens from voting, in favor of corporations that cheat people, in favor of gun traffickers who put our kids at risk.

We lost this one. I don’t like to lose – and this one really hurts – but I’m not sorry I got in this fight.

Because here’s the deal: When we fight, we get stronger. It doesn’t drain our batteries. It builds up our muscles. And this was a righteous fight. We called out entitled, powerful men who use their privilege to protect each other. We lifted the voices of millions of survivors of sexual assault. We refused to be women who sit down and shut up.

And we strengthened our bonds for the next fight that lies ahead. Because there will be a next fight, and another fight after that, and another fight after that. We won’t always win when we fight. But if we don’t put up a fight, we’ll always lose.

So today, take some deep breaths – and get ready to fight back. Take your anger with you to the voting booth. Take it with you to knock on doors, make phone calls, and be a part of this grassroots army. Turn your pain into power.

November 6th is just 31 days away. Here we come.

Thanks for being a part of this,



My daughter grew up in MA and she knows the way to hold the line just as my sister and I learned before her. We will continue to do so with others like Elizabeth Warren. Come join us regardless of the issue and wherever you live in the world. Come join us and hold the line!

Sally Dugman writes from MA, USA.


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