Minds of dalits captivated by the hypnotism of Hinduism

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I have been impelled to elucidate some inevitable, unarguable, factual events of our Indian society. It’s well known & believed that the another name of ‘Bharat’ is Hindustan. However, the term ‘ Hindu’ is not used in any scripture of Hindu mythologies. Indian history proves that Aryans migrated to India from from middle east thousand of years ago. Today ,they have their dominion on all spheres of Indian society. Let’s talk about the various government departments, social hierarchy, status, business and so on. Brahmins have hegemony on all aspects of social, educational, economical, religious & educational spheres in this country whereas the constitution of India declares equality, fraternity among all the people of India.

But the most tyrannical rule of brahmins on the innocent, sincere, sober qualities born by so called scheduled caste & scheduled tribes (mulnivasi) , the indigenous mass of this country is explicitly inhuman & heinous. The automatic ideology, superiority, hegemony on feeble psychological mass, despotism of brahmin segmented Indians or society into numerous castes and the castes were given different occupations as per their castes and identity.

This division in the society led to discrimination, untouchability, cruelty, heinous rule, inequality, autocracy of single group of people on all other communities in India. As a result, brahmins regarded themselves as the top most ranking in social hierarchy. Even they propagated evil notion in the minds of other castes that that they are born superior or high caste .

Indeed, I aim at citing a few instances regarding how the minds of dalits are hypnotized by the brahminical theory and beliefs. This priestly community intentionally prevailed such a misconception in the minds of people that there can be no auspicious day or work unless a God of their origin is worshipped . It’s found that there are 33 crore gods in India.We see this dramatic, mythological, fictitious fable that is nothing but generates mental slavery. It hypnotizes the minds to surrender to brahmins in all.

People are misguided & misled in a way that they’ll go to the Ganga( holy river as per Hindu belief ) to left ash of relative from funeral ground to this river as a belief of sacramental deed. It’s not believed as sacrament but a superstition that the spirit of dead person dwells in peace in Ganga which is an unscientific hallucination. Numerous rituals, idolatry, religious festivals, day wise worship only found in Indian mythologies. In some states of India, mainly young generation go on a religious rally called as Bolbum or Kawaria which directs the devotees to go vegetarian for a month, walk on barefoot, avoiding sleeping on cot etc.

They(brahmins) have created & appointed different gods of their origin and choice . So, I name departmental gods as each God bears of a particular department & receive particular offering. Brahma , the creator of the universe , a nominal god but treated as the originator. Secondly, Vishnu takes care of all people . Shiva , destroyer of evils. Likewise, there are many other gods to be named their departments.

Ganesh & Saraswati , gods of education. Biswakarma , god of architecture & Kali, goddess of energy etc. Laxmi, goddess of wealth & treasury.Let’s ponder over the serious matter for a moment to find out its reality. Let’s raise a question in our minds to get the concrete & valid answer. As it is believed as per the Hindu mythology that there are 33 crore gods .We the people are trapped, captivated, enslaved by the magical mythologies of brahmins.

If Vishnu is the rearer of mankind, why the majority of people is living a destitute , suffering, scattered life. He should give the same privilege to all the people so that all can avail the same opportunity to lead a happy & prosperous life. Now, it’s turn of Shiva- the protector of mankind. There are rapes, riots, burglary, murders, communal clashes all around the world. He should come forward to defend, suppress so that billion of lives can be saved from such heinous activities. Now, Laxmi god of wealth & treasury. She possesses all the wealth. Why can’t she see the poverty of billion of people who are naked, residents of platform, bus stops, footpaths. Why can’t she distribute at least a home to homeless, a pair of dress to a naked , handful rice to a hungry man.

If Ganesh & Saraswati – the mutual gods bear the departments of knowledge & education. Many poor dalits worship them with pious heart & devotion to receive knowledge. Why can’t they bestow the marginalized students knowledge, understanding, logical ability. They are merely handmade idols who are seasonal meant for the business of potters & priests. Eventually, Kali considered as the goddess of energy & power. She should protect the females from rapes, atrocities, discrimination, domestic violence, molestation so on. Being a goddess of energy should defend the female community from such inhuman activities. Why can’t Shiva protect the country from terrorism , explosions.

Mainly it’s observed that people of scheduled caste are highly indulged in all sorts of idolatry, festivals, rituals, superstition created by brahmins. They themselves don’t do idolatry rather enjoy the offerings from the devotees. It proves that idolatry & rituals are vain , futile.

Ultimately, I urge all my people of my community to unlock their brain to sensitize the fact. It’s doom & miserable that our highly qualified mass are not at all deprived of it. If we can get knowledge, energy, wealth, employment , bungalows in worshipping gods , we could have achieved our above mentioned needs yet as our forefathers have been doing the same rituals years before that we still continue today. If so, China & Japan being the topmost countries in technology & science don’t have such mental slavery rather utilize their brain power to innovate , create, manufacture, build the nation. And today, they are regarded as the best in these fields in the world.

Buddha said, Whatever we are today it’s because of our past ideologies ” . Japan , being the victim of nuclear bombs who saw its two cities destroyed namely Hiroshima & Nagasaki . India also became an independent nation contemporarily. However, there’s a vast gap of development in between the two countries . Japanese used their brain for research, innovation, technology, industries, architecture. As a result they have developed in all spheres. But India home of 33 crore gods lags behind Japan . Let’s cultivate our minds for a change which must be sustainable, durable , beneficial for humanity.

Manoj Suna MSW( Utkal university)


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