Can there be more shame that the apex court’s order is being openly violated. The mob which has gathered denying women’s entry to Sabarimala temple is just following the ‘historical’ truth that ‘religion’ can’t change. Despite court order, the devotees wont allow as it is the only thing where they dictate things.

There is a campaign in the country. Women are seeking equal rights. Constitution has guaranteed them but traditions are not ready. There are two sides of the story.

One, that government have no right to interfere in religious affairs and it will boomerang. It also exposes things that all religions are not ready to accept modernity.

I have no such issues with those who are violating the law as they actually know that religion and modern values can not exist together. My problem is with those who are pretending that religion is an equaliser. And here whether at Sabarimala or elsewhere, we pretend that women have got equal rights. No, religious virtues will always be male dominated and if you have to break it, you have to come out of these values.

Women and all the marginalised people got their rights not because of any religion but because of huge battle for social justice which was fought politically over a period of time. Religion justified all the evils and all the evil deeds in the name of traditions.

Watching the bhaktas disallowing people to enter is a shameful spectacle. Frankly, Gods can’t save people and look how these people are asking God to protect them when he is unable to do so for himself.

In the current age, Gods will be used for politics. Gods remain helpless. They can’t protect us as they are helpless creatures created by power elites to protect their interests. We must not waste our time in these fictitious fight. You will never get equality in these temples of injustice. It shows, how Indian society will never accept anything as equal. It won’t allow people right to even worship. God or no God, question is of equal rights and we are not prepared for that.

India can only be protected by fair implementation of our constitution. Let the spirit of the constitution be our morality and way of life.

Vidya Bhushan Rawat is a social and human rights activist. He blogs at twitter @freetohumanity Email:

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