Saudi Arabia: A Dark Stain on Islam


Many people around the world wrongly believe that Saudi Arabia “represents” Islam. Nothing could be further from the truth. Islam is not represented by any nation, at least not Saudi Arabia. Like all enemies of Islam, Saudi Arabia has blackened the name of Islam.

Since its creation by the Anglo-American imperialism in the early 1930s, Saudi Arabia has served AngloZionism interests with distinction at the expense of Islam, the region, and the people of the region, including the people of Saudi Arabia. As AngloZionism most obedient regime, the Saudi regime – the House of Al-Saud, a Mafia-like tyranny – has plotted (with U.S.-Israel and Britain complicity) against Muslim-majority nations from Palestine to Egypt and from Afghanistan to Iraq and Iran, and from Libya to Syria and Yemen, creating one humanitarian catastrophe after another. The Saudi-sponsored terror in Syria, Iraq and in Yemen, and its ongoing animosity and threats (colluding with the fascist regime of Benyamin Netanyahu) towards Iran are for everyone to see. In fact, overwhelming evidence shows that the Saudi regime has a record of active complicity in every U.S. war against Muslim-majority nations. The Saudi regime collusion with the Israeli fascist regime poses the biggest threat to the entire region. The two religio-extremist regimes have much in common and their alliance is not different from that of Hitler-Mussolini alliance. Together, they have been and remain the greatest destabiliser of peace and prosperity in the region.

The Saudi regime services to AngloZionism go way beyond merely propelling U.S. economy and supplying oil to the U.S., which has significantly declined in importance. It involves vital interests of: (1) maintaining the dollar as the global exchange currency for oil trade, (2) massive annual purchases (in hundreds of billions of dollars) of U.S., British, French, and Canadian weapons, (3) funding of many C.I.A. clandestine terror operations – including recruiting, financing and arming al-Qaeda and ISIS terrorists – around the world, and (4) the projection of Anglo-Zionist power across the Middle East and West Asia, including helping Israel in the dispossession of the Palestinians. As U.S. President Donald Trump acknowledged recently: Among many things, the Saudis have “been helping us a lot with respect to Israel. They’ve been funding a lot of things”, including mass atrocities and terror

The second most important service to AngloZionism is Saudi Arabia apparent version of “religious extremism” or Wahhabism. The Saudi regime uses Wahhabism as a political subterfuge to recruit terrorists, and to spread not only Saudi, but also U.S. influence throughout West Asia, Africa and beyond. International terrorism – masquerading as “Islamic terrorism” – has been a joint venture of the U.S., Britain, Israel, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) theocratic tyrannies. International terrorism is not only used by the U.S. and its allies to demonise Islam and Muslims but also as a proxy army to attack majority-Muslim nations.

The tyrannical Saudi regime has turned Saudi Arabia into an example of intolerance, extremism and the world’s most regressive regime. The Saudi regime regularly ranked as one of the “worst of the worst” by Freedom House annual survey of political and civil rights. The barbaric preaches and practices of the Saudi regime are antithetical to Islam and the teaching of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings be Upon Him). Apart from Mecca – Islam’s holiest city and Prophet Muhammad birthplace – and al-Madinah – Prophet Muhammad burial place –, Saudi Arabia has nothing to contribute to Islam. The Saudi regime lives by the sword and rules according to pre-Islamic (dark age) tribal vengeance law. This barbaric Saudi regime does not deserve to be the custodian of Islam’s most holy and sacred sites.

Saudi Arabia and its “Islamic” extremism are cleverly used by the U.S., Europe and Israel to justify demonising and attacking Muslims, particularly Arabs Islam. Islam is portrayed as violent, backward and misogynist religion. The same goes for Arabs and Muslims.  If Westerners want to criticise Arabs and Islam, Saudi Arabia provides (a distorted) image of Islam. In fact, Saudi Arabia distorts the true teaching and image of Islam as a way of life and has for decades been destroying Islamic heritage, including Islam’s holiest stone of the Ka’ba.

The Saudi regime relies on U.S.-British protection and promotion, including the elevation of Clown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS as he is known in the West) to the rank of “reformist”, a.k.a. Western-oriented.  The ill-informed garbage bag Clown Prince is directly responsible for the murder of Mr Khashoggi. The Saudi regime is always depicted by Western politicians and Western media as the region “leader”. However, very often U.S. leaders remind the Saudi stooges who is boss. Because without the U.S. and Britain, the Saudi regime wouldn’t have survived seven decades, not because of external threat, but because the oppressed Saudi people will revolt and take the regime down. As President Trump reminded the current Saudi ruler: “I love the king [of Saudi Arabia], King Salman, but I said: ‘King, we’re protecting you. You might not be there for two weeks without us. You have to pay for your military, you have to pay”. In his last speech in Minnesota, Trump said: “Excuse me, King Salman, he is my friend, ‘do you mind paying for the military? Do you mind? Pay!’… I said, ‘do you mind paying?’ ‘But nobody has asked me’, I said ‘but I’m asking you, King.” It was humiliating. Of course, the Saudi regime pays, not only to stay in power but also to destroy nations that challenge its extremist ideology as it did pay for the U.S.-Britain illegal aggression and wanton destruction of Iraq, Libya, Syria and Yemen.

For its services to Anglo-Zionism, the Saudi regime is allowed to get away with heinous war crimes and abhorrent human right abuses at home and abroad. The unprovoked violent aggression against the people of Yemen and the premediated murder and decapitation of the U.S.-based Washington Post journalist and former Saudi-C.I.A. asset Mr Jamal Khashoggi are current examples.

The murder of Mr Khashoggi in the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul by a 15-member Saudi death-squad was a criminal act perpetuated by a Mafia-like regime that have been beheading and even crucifying its critics and opponents for decades with Western blessing. President Trump called it, “the worst coverup in history” of criminal coverups, helped of course by no other than the U.S. It was “a total fiasco from day one”, Trump added. The Saudi regime was self-defeating, it has not thought about the consequences of its gruesome crime.

First, we were told Mr Khashoggi supposedly left the Consulate from a “backdoor” and there was blanket denial of any Saudi regime involvement. Then, a “fistfight” broke out and Khashoggi was killed inside the Consulate. And now it was an “aberration” or “huge and grave mistake” that he died in the Saudi Consulate. It was a preposterous explanation to coverup Khashoggi’s murder. It was obvious that Khashoggi was tortured to death and decapitated Saudi-style. It was a premediated murder, according to Saudi Attorney-General Saud al-Mojeb confirming Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan who – while holding back vital and damning evidence – revealed that, it was a “pre-planned” gangsters’ operation rather than a spontaneous incident. “No sooner had the Saudis issued their latest lie to coverup previous lies, U.S. President Trump was lending White House prestige to travesty”, writes columnist Finian Cunningham. Like all his predecessors, Trump is cosying up to the Saudi tyrants. British media that Khashoggi was about to disclose details of the Saudi regime’s use of chemical weapons in its war on Yemen when he was killed.

Lets’ also bear in mind that, the Saudi rulers wouldn’t have acted so recklessly unless they were certain of U.S. green light and complicity. The U.S. is complicit in their long list of crimes, and for decades the U.S. has been providing political-diplomatic cover for Saudi criminal policies that have caused disastrous consequences for the region. According to a Bloomberg report, the U.S. knew the Saudis planned to seize Mr Khashoggi because the C.I.A. had intercepted communications between Saudi officials discussing the plan. Furthermore, the Saudi regime did inform British intelligence (MI6) of its intention to abduct and kill Khashoggi three weeks before he was murdered.

Of course, it was not the first time. The Saudi regime have for years been abducting dissidents abroad and returning them to the Kingdom to be secretly murdered. “There is a long and shameful history of Saudi Arabia abducting dissidents and bringing them back to the kingdom and they never appear again,” says Bruce Riedel, a former C.I.A. agent and now a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution. There are thousands of male and female scholars, clerics, intellectuals, economists, university professors, and political activists languishing in Saudi jails, ignored by Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch. (For more see:

Now, imagine an Iranian journalist residing in the U.S. or Europe had walked into the Iranian Consulate in Istanbul and never came out alive. It transpired that he was murdered inside the Iranian Consulate by an Iranian death-squad sent to Turkey from Tehran. You can be sure that the U.S. and its allies will demand the UN Security Council urgently convene to condemn the Iranian regime. The U.S. and it allies will impose harsh sanctions on Iran and would call for airstrikes on targets in Iran. Western-based “human rights” organisations will demand severe actions against Iran.  When it comes to double standards and hypocrisy, the U.S. and its allies are the world’s champions of double standards and hypocrisy. The deafening silence of the British government and the British media is outrageous, considering their ongoing attacks on Russia regarding the Skripal scandal.

Since March 2015, a Saudi-led “Coalition” of tyrants – including Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, Sudan and Senegal – bribed a coerced by the Saudi regime have waged a criminal war on Yemen and terrorised the Yemeni people. Actively armed and supported by Western regimes and Israel, the tyrants have killed tens of thousands of defenceless Yemeni civilians – according to UNHRC 50,00 children were killed by daily Saudi air raids using British-made bombs and U.S.-supplied war planes –, destroying Yemen’s civilian infrastructures and causing a deadly cholera epidemic  and famine for more than 10 million people. Saudi-led air strikes – guided by U.S. and British Special Forces – have systematically bombed Yemen’s civilian infrastructure destroying Yemen’s public water and sewage systems.

The Saudi regime war crimes in Yemen is modelled on its Anglo-Zionist masters, the U.S., Britain and Israel war crimes in Syria, Iraq and Libya. The Saudi-led Coalition’s blockade of food and medicine into Yemen has also brought the country to the brink of famine. Some 18 million Yemenis now at risk of starving to death — including over 5 million children, while thousands more are dying from preventable diseases in a country which is under indiscriminate daily bombardment by the Saudi regime. According to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs: “An alarming 22.2 million people in Yemen need some kind of humanitarian or protection assistance, an estimated 17.8 million are food insecure — 8.4 million people are severely food insecure and at risk of starvation — 16 million lack access to safe water and sanitation, and 16.4 million lack access to adequate healthcare. Needs across the country have increased steadily, with 11.3 million who are in acute need — an increase of more than one million people in acute need of humanitarian assistance to survive”. Furthermore, at least 14 million Yemenis are facing “pre-famine conditions,” relying on food aid for their very survival. The U.S. and European regimes are complicit and shared responsibility for the deaths and atrocities caused by Saudi barbarism, because without their weapons, many Yemini women and children would be alive today.

A study for the World Peace Foundation by Professor Martha Mundy of London School of Economics writes: “While the US and UK back their Coalition allies unfailingly in their wider political and strategic objectives, the two major Arab actors in the Coalition, Saudi Arabia and the [UA] Emirates, have different economic priorities in the war. That of Saudi Arabia is oil wealth, including preventing a united Yemen’s use of its own oil revenues, and developing a new pipeline through Yemen to the Indian Ocean; that of the Emirates is [colonisation and] control over seaports, for trade, tourism and fish wealth. The attack on al-Hudayda [a major port] explicitly aims to complete the economic war militarily. That the immense suffering of Yemen’s people has still not brought surrender by those in Sanʾa [the Yemeni capital] does not give credibility to the tactic of further hunger and disease. Yet for the Coalition, as a senior Saudi diplomat responded (off the record) to a question about threatened starvation: ‘Once we control them, we will feed them,’” according to Saudi barbaric agenda. What the Saudi regime is doing in Yemen is not different from what the U.S., British and Israeli regimes have been doing in the region for decades. The media play an important role in diverting public attention away by turning blind eye to Western atrocities. One hardly hears about Saudi atrocities in Yemen and Israel’s terror in Palestine. While the outrage over Khashoggi’s murder is justified, one wonders why is the death of one privilege “journalist” receives global coverage by Western media while the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Yemenis by ongoing Saudi aggression are ignored?

Finally, it is worth noting that, while Saudi Arabia is among the wealthiest regimes in the world, the country remains backward, completely dependent on the sale of oil and foreign imports. Youth unemployment is very high. Most of Saudi Arabia’s wealth is wasted by the regime on purchasing weapons and indulging in decadence “entertainments”. The U.S. primary goal has been to keep Saudi Arabia (and all the fiefdoms of the Gulf) backward, feudal and unindustrialised to benefit U.S.-Western industries. In fact, the U.S. has an agenda to keep countries under its tump, dependent, backward and in constant conflict. It is not Saudi Arabia that is known for its advanced public health care and education system. Iraq and Syria were the region’s envy, with very advanced free public health care and free public education. Libya had the region’s highest Human Development Index (HDI) under the leadership of Muammar al-Qadhafi. Iraq and Libya have been terrorised and destroyed violently. Their massive reserves of gold and oil reserves (assets) were stolen by the U.S. and its vassal states allies, including Saudi Arabia and other Gulf fiefdom regimes.

The Saudi regime and its barbaric practices and politics have no place in Islam. The murder of the Jamal Khashoggi, one of countless murders by the Saudi regime, is an opportunity for civilised nations to distance themselves from and pressure the Saudi regime to change its barbaric behaviour, stop arming and financing international terrorists and end its aggression against the people of Yemen. It is the duty of the people of Saudi Arabia to remove the dark stain that has blackened the images of Islam for decades.

Ghali Hassan is an independent political analyst living in Australia.


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