When communal frenzy
Was at its peak
And hatred led to
Massacres of Innocents
While India celebrated
It’s ‘ freedom at Midnight’,
You slept with
Strife – torn victims

When communal frenzy
Is at its peak ,
Caste conflicts, lynchings,
Communal violence
Continue unabated,
While those who supported
Your murderers
Are ‘ celebrating ‘ your birth anniversary
Where will you
Go to sleep?

Sheshu Babu is a writer

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  1. Dear Sheshu Babu,

    The India you want to see will cease to exist as long as the mental thinking of the youth of this country changes and the youth of this country are like misguided missiles we need another Mahatma to turn them all into guided missiles but the politicians of today want to keep them intoxicated through alcohol and substance abuse because if they are awake their jobs will be in jeopardy in Parliament. Just like the saying goes the Humane Side of Humanity has died out that why you see people like Salman Khan selling T-Shirts saying Being Human but instead it should read Being Humane and what can one do when he himself has not respected wildlife or humans and his humane side is as dead if you ever meet Salman please do explain to him the importance of that E in Humane and yes you can take credit for the Idea as long as you keep it alive in you dear Sheshu Babu.

  2. Tahiri Rang says:

    My hat’s off to individuals of the caliber major General Hussayan and his humane thoughts. India needs Military and Polutical leaders with similar trend of mind