We just had another mass murder in the USA. A military connected person carried it out.

I know two Marines. Both have shell shock permanent brain damage AND PTSD. One shot a rifle at a medical helicopter going to a hospital across the lake where he lived when back in the USA. The other raped his own daughter, realized his action, jumped out of a second story window, got in his car and rammed it into a tree. He survived. His car was totaled.

The first one didn’t get medical help. The second one did,

The first started a shelter for homeless veterans, He now lives in bed most of the time at 300 pounds,

The second goes to group therapy classes and a private psychotherapist. He’s healing, but lots don’t like the troops that come home and kill their own children or the fifth grade teacher who came home to the USA and ordered children under their desk whenever he heard a loud sound.

It is time to stop war mongering. This is clear to me. Is it clear to others when the vets suffer horribly when they are abroad killing and maiming’?

Sally Dugman is a writer from MA, USA


  1. Avatar K SHESHU BABU says:

    It is not people but governments are at fault ….the rulers impose their mindset of warmongering on subjects…. Whether trump in america or modi in india or the israeli natanyahu, all thrive on war politics. The ordinary people do not like war in any country – india or pakistan or israel or palestine ….
    The need of the hour is to replace these war dictators and establish governments that work for peace and welfare of mankind ….