The European Strategic Dilemma – Nato-in or Nato-out


A most vital issue far exceeding Brexit in importance – the rumbustious bear NATO, has surfaced. It is world’s most unwanted powder keg. No enlightened EU intellectual, if genuinely honest, would want to dispute its irrelevance. The last best indication was when French President Macron’ in Paris in the face of Pres. Trump, pleaded for a European Army without U.S. help. However, there are supportive arguments in favour of both options, U.S. Global power waning notwithstanding.

NATO should have been disbanded soon after Cold War end. It was kept alive by old-fashioned EU Generals, European monarchies and primarily by the U.S. following old-Nixon’s unilateral world power dominance doctrine with nuclear button solely under U.S. control to bully and subjugate its EU vassals economically & politically to keep the revenue of America’s and Europe’s  Super-Rich billionaires grow exponentially the Globe over. Having succeeded in this enslavement the U.S. wants to push more EU NATO members to invest, so that U.S. still dominates the Europeans at Europe’s expense and blood. ‘Super-Ego’ French Pres. Macron discerning this, partnering a financially strong Germany in Chancellor Merkel, will now want their own Army set under their control, but an Army lot cheaper, deploying EU-made weapons creating more jobs in Europe. In short Merkel & Macron were nicely asking Bully-Master U.S. to get out of Europe.

Macron and Merkel seem right on U.S. motives. America was, is and will continue to be unreliable, esp. under current Trump administration. Historical proof is not lacking. When Reagan & Gorbachev met in Reykjavík (Oct.11– 12 1986), both after intense discussions agreed to get rid of all nuclear weapons and Reagan was prepared to sign treaty. But an evil clique of Edward Teller (Father of U.S. H-Bomb and architect of Star Wars) supported by Henry Kissinger and George Schultz (US Secy. of State) killed it because the U.S. wanted to launch ‘Star Wars’  with U.S. alone be privileged to place nukes in Space, but not Russia, a condition unacceptable for Russia. Even today Russia has not placed one nuke in Space to this writer’s knowledge. This historic peace deceit on the part of the U.S. is sufficient reminder of the moral poverty and unreliability of the U.S. in defence and peace matters around Globe. Further, the U.S. NSA, under the guise of Global anti-Terror fight, illegally lifted via Brussels’-based SWIFT all types of industrial transactions’ data, personal data of big German companies to aid American commercial dominance blemishing U.S. truthfulness image, as confirmed to this writer by a conservative member of EU Parliament.

A European Army could be a defensive European Security Army without nukes,less costly than NATO. To achieve that, a foremost first step will be to talk to Putin and negotiate a Pan-European No-War Peace Treaty with Russia to avoid a Russian nuclear attack, even if there were one forced on Russia by the U.S. bilaterally. This way Europe can survive, unlike if it was under U,S. nuclear umbrella tutelage. EU could have a conventionally strong non-nuclear Army, Navy and Air Force to block enemy infringement on its territory. Europe could thus dispense with NATO & Uncle Sam and live in peace, doubtlessly more meaningful, engendering peace and not war incited by U.S.

Why did Henry Kissinger once utter – “U.S. has no friends, only interests” and who created one such America against American people’s will, if this German-born migrant with Zionist billionaire coterie could explain?  Europe seemingly wants to slip away from this evil grip of enlightened interests of a fractional U.S. multi billionaire war-club. In a recent interview, rebellious conservative Robert David Steele reveals that Pres. Trump is caged in at Oval Office by a strangling FBI, CIA & possibly NSA allowing him only a mere 4 percent chance to change anything he originally intended to carry out, as these organs feed him daily a benumbing data porridge of lies and fake data as truth. Now with House Majority with Democrats guided by Deep State all Trump orders can be blocked in the House of Representatives. Even a narrow Republican Senate majority is dancing on thin ice,with swing voters who could join the opposition. That’s America’s‘Deep-State& its Zionist-underbelly-controlled’ U.S.governance, we are told by an outspoken ‘maverick’ Steele, CEO – EIN.

Till today after Cold War end Europe got nothing tangible from this feigned protector clique, being robbed and emasculated only. Only cash roll-out for American weapons and systems worth billions by a U.S. created propped up fear via Zionist media of an imagined Russian invasion, political U.S. dictates, ‘mirage’ security via NATO bond, strategic, info-theft via SWIFT, NSA & CIA of trade and tech secrets. Evidently, a Europe walled-up intends to axe this Dracula strangle and look to new paths of peace and prosperity sans U.S. & U.K.  Macron and Merkel have rung the bell; the rest EU members need to follow in unity. Message – America Beware! This is what majority of sensible Europeans think that you deliberately got brainwashed want to oversee.

Needless to add two impediments supportive of a NATO stay-in, formidable and foreseeable:

  1. a) The U.S., esp. the Big C (Capital) through their European network system will try to sabotage such an independent course. Can a strong-willed Franco-German leadership, speak Macron-Merkel alliance steer-clear of such intervention, no matter how subtle and potent U.S. influence may shape out? Or is it just a ploy to let Europeans earn an easy hand from Oval Office?
  2. b) Given European history down the centuries, will Europe muster ability defusing petty nationalistic bickering to flare out into a war ultimately sucking in external non-European help like in WW I / II?

On this latter point Europe may want to remain hopeful, a new mature Europe with modern communication-tech and hitherto cultivated mature political alliance buttered by a 73 yr. peace experience would eventually work, provided a united iron will prevails stoically supportive.


George Chakko is former U.N. correspondent, now retiree in Vienna. Currently contributes critical comments to international media on multilateral issues, including science & technology and climate change. 


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