The paradoxical anomaly – DEATH 


The death of morality….

the death of reasoning ….

The death of rationality ….

I am bizzare I am death !


The death of a nation so great

The destruction of its pillars of faith !

The death of governance

The death of far sightedness that oversees nations being created with ease and grace …..

I am bizzare I am death !


Forests uprooted its children shot dead …

Why ? Because  avni didnt have a voice – she bled !

The tribals displaced with no home and bread !

The pollution in its majestic splendour

Spewing venom for all I care !

Trees will be cut and buildings constructed …

Why should the outcome bother…

I am bizzare I am death !


My heritage in question  my lineage in doubt !

I falsely belived I was but just a human being ….

Not a hindu not a muslim

Am I a hindu or am I a muslim

The definitions  sure have me confused …..

The death of logic leaves me

Depressed n shocked and has rocked ground I tread !

I am bizzare I am death !


Governments come and governments go

leaving behind debris that clogs and chokes !

The taxes the laws the rulings

Nothing  for the comman man they are only interested in  fooling !

The death of life of living and its pride

The death of my dignity I thought as a citizen was my birthright !


I could go on and on and on ..

However I may phrase the synopsis remains the same …..

I am bizzare I am death !


Shalini gupta is an interdisciplinary artist



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