Voting Regardless Of Where You Live In the World

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Get Smart if you vote. Read Between the lines, I recommend.

Let’s be very clear here. I do not vote anymore. It is because the political system is too broken and we need a third political party in the USA to break the impasse wherein I will not choose a lesser of two evils strategy.

My Catholic Worker friends also shun the process. They also shun food from a food bank that accepts excess meals from US government WHICH TAX PAYERS BOUGHT and were donated to a food bank started by a Catholic Worker.

All the same. I do have views and if you have these initiatives in your places wherein you do vote, you may find this all of interest.

Article One of MA ballot is about expanding nursing care by hiring more nurses. Doing so may raise medical premiums — insurance costs. Yet I know about what the cost is when nurses are given a too high work load.

My brother was killed by a nurse who cared for him. He died at two weeks old with his lungs filling with blood. My brother was conceived after eight years of my parents trying to have him. They had to talk the nurse out of committing suicide. They didn’t dream of suing her or the hospital. There was a nursing hospital shortage after WWII and private hospitals were strapped since most nurses in USA were tending soldiers at the time in VA settings. My parents almost divorced due to the tragedy as my mother couldn’t snap out of her depressed obsession about the death, It actually was caused by the first oxygen machine being used to give my dead brother a few puffs of air, but the nurse ran away due to an emergency while working 16 or more hours a day, So his lungs flooded with blood. He was considered a premature baby at 5 lbs and 2 oz. Now adays it is not considered preemie status and hospital staff are not so enamoured over the new oxygen treatment method.

Consider if you have a question one vote in your state. Where do you stand?

Question Two concerns Citizen’s United. I read that the ruling arose from a tired railroad functionary writing his ruling in opposition to what he really thought and it stuck. … Corporations are businesses AND CITIZENS — yeah right.

Vote yes in MA against it. It will take until 2026 to supposedly turn the rule around, especially as MA has to get other states on board. Yet we can do it … just as we got rules of the law changed that Blacks have only a two-third vote and women aren’t allowed in the USA to vote at all.


Big Oil is sloshing a crude tsunami across the country
By Bill McKibben
The Colorado initiative is modest to a fault: It wouldn’t ban fracking, like New York, but instead merely restrict it to more than 2,500 feet from people’s homes and schools. And yet the oil industry has pumped in $38 million so far — the same amount of money that drew gasps when Beto O’Rourke announced he’d raised it in the last stage of his Senate bid.


Question Three is about LBGT people. What do I care if a T, especially a sensitive child, comes into a gal;s bathroom to use a locked hidden stall? I am someone who drew with chalk and pencil the statue of David while scrutinizing it when I was a child. Nudity doesn’t bother me, but DISCRIMINATION DOES.

It also bothers my daughter, a guidance counselor,. She joined the gay-straight alliance at her high school as the only straight willing to join and there was speculation that she was a lesbian. Who cares? She didn’t and all of her closest friends, including a gay boy, knew that she wasn’t … not that it would have mattered to her since you take a stand based on morals and principles rather than others’ perceptions.

If you are one of the voters this month or any other month of a year and regardless of wherever you live, be careful. Consider carefully the issues. Whenever and whenever you vote if you do so, tend your issues with maximum concern.

Sally Dugman is a writer from MA, USA



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