When Push Comes To Shove


I have an extraordinary sister. She is relentless in her push to serve others. Here are two examples in the following account.


The Good Sister, A Model For US All! in Life/Philosophy — by Sally Dugman — March 3, 2017. snow. Fourteen months older than am I, my sister was a terror as …

Now, we had a little chat today. I started it.

I said something like this: There are two kinds of speech in the USA according to laws. Let’s be clear.

There is hate speech and threat speech. The first is allowed and the second isn’t.

This weekend two telephone calls were made to two gay bars in Boston. … 911 calls were made from the bars to police and the response was immediate.

Our police will NOT put up with this : No Pulse Nightclub shooting and none like the one recently in California…. The person who called the two bars said that he would shoot them up. … I hope that he called from his house or cell phone to catch him. I hope that he wasn’t clever enough to use a public phone (if they still exist).

This guy is allowed to say whatever he likes as long as he doesn’t VIOLATE THE LAWS. First Amendment does TRUMP other considerations! ,,,

My daughter is a school guidance counselor for around 350 children and is well known for her anti-bullying curriculum, which she has shared online with any school counselors, teachers and others. She is on the executive board for her state’s guidance counseling association and is in line to become the association’s director.

In addition, she is well known for filing legal injunctions against others for certain acts related to identity politics — including against parents — since her aim is to protect children, including ones that are LBGTQ.

I can guarantee that anyone who wants to tangle with her, our Afro-American Boston police commissioner and his police force, others of us and me personally had better straighten out. The alternative is not very pleasant.

My sister in turn told me about a first grader under her care as a teacher. The kid was six years old and he was humping a rug. So she filed school and legal reports. He had watched porn movies in his home.

Then she was on the playground overseeing 50 children and the mother of the boy showed up. Since the mother didn’t speak English, my sister called a boy over to translate.

Afterward, the son came up and punched his mother hard in the face. My sister put him in time-out in the benches meaning no more play. Time out.

His mother complained to her and said that it was all right that she was punched,

My sister replied that it was not acceptable to punch any one. She was the ruler of the school playground and the mother can’t stop her, my sister in jurisdiction there — on school property. So my sister explained.

Now some JV Varsity team high schoolers just raped some new members of the team up the ass with broomsticks as part of a hazing process. And her neighborhood is affluent, my sister’s where this event took place.

I knew the writer of this story when I was a teenager. So I agree with my sister that we have to catch the wrongful behavior young. Otherwise we end up with murders in nightclubs, bars and other spots like the Boston Marathon and schools.

The classic 1963 British film adaptation of the 1954 novel by William Golding and directed by Peter Brook My state of MA is allocating around 500 million dollars to school mental health and security, Mental health dysfunctions are obviously rampant in the USA … and maybe elsewhere across the world. How obvious is that?

My sister never knew William Golding — the author, but has her own sources to come to the same conclusions as mine,

My brother-in-law is now trying to legally stop a guy with a huge gunnery arsenal in PA, a fellow who wants to shoot up lots of people that he perceives as not like himself. I hope that it works out so we do not have another massive murder at his hands.

When push comes to shove, we will shove. It is carved in slate that we will come for the wrongful ones and stop them, as well as try to fix them if even possible..

Sally Dugman is a writer from MA, USA


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