The shattered pieces of a mirror
Lay at the feet of Sabari.
She looked at the pieces
And wept with her heart.

`I can’t even see myself
In these pieces of mirror.’
Some women who heard her cry
Came running to her door,
Where men with all their might
Were waiting to beat them.

Why do you beat us?'
Cried a woman in pain,
Your blood and my blood
Are just all the same’.

The men with all their might
Laughed in anger:
`We will shatter you to pieces
Like those pieces of broken mirror
If you dare to come near Sabari.
Your blood and Sabari’s blood
May be just the same
But our blood
That flows in our veins
Is of a superior race
Your blood is impure
While ours is rose fluid.
Life is a creation
Of what we think and say.
Dare to cross our will now
Your blood will flow
Under the feet of Sabari
Making Pampa red.
Our God is a celibate
Not meant for you.
Try if you have the guts
We are here to hit you.’

A laughter came from somewhere
From the heaven or sky:
`If the Lord is omnipotent
And good for all lives
He is meant for all men
Or women who need.
No God existed
For half those you breed
Man, woman or anyone
Can take what they need
I can smell your blood
And their blood as well.
I can’t take your stink
Or the filth you create.
Stay back you idiots
And Let me sit in peace.
Your water and forests
Are shattered mirror at my feet.’

The laughter from the heaven
Made peace with the breeze:
`Go back you loonies
Make peace with the breeze!’
The laughter went on and on
Till the men closed their ears.
Make peace with the breeze now
Flowing in your own veins.

K.P. Sasi is a film maker, cartoonist and writer

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  1. Farooque Chowdhury says:

    Thanks, K P Sasi, for the nice exposition.

  2. Felt like the last drops applied on lips just before your last breath, dear Malayalam.