orwell truth

Last night my mother came in my dreams
She asked me, why do you do what you do?
And I said
Mother, I don't do what I should do
And I do what I shouldn't do'
She just smiled and said
Do what you ought to do
and don’t do what you shouldn’t do’

And another night my father came in my dreams
He asked me, why do you think what you think'
And I said
Father, I don’t think what I should think
And I think what I shouldn’t think’
He just smiled and said to me
`Think what you ought to think
and don’t think what you shouldn’t think’

And when I was thinking about
What I should or shouldn’t do
And what I should and shouldn’t think
A knock came at my door
A leader entered and asked me
Why the hell are you thinking against me
And why the hell are you doing against me
I said `sir, my parents told me this
To do and think in a right way
for the good of all
And if you do this job for the good of all
I wouldn’t think and do against you.
Your threats do not upset me
Because I am online with my mom and dad’.

K.P. Sasi is a writer

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  1. Beautiful Sasi.. Loved it

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