Bernie Sanders Loud and Clear 1200

I went to Oakwood Friends School since I came from a Quaker family. … I have been on several clearness committees. It is about helping people achieve mission, as well as follow their leading (what Catholics name calling).

We sit in silent prayer or meditation. Then we speak.

Now there were clearness committees about Quaker Oats and Poughkeepsie, NY. The reasons are as follow.

Quakers are known for integrity, goodness and quality, Why else did the German word for Quake become the slang word for milk, and AFSC and British counterpart get Nobel Peace award after WWII?

Yet back to the oats thingy from a company that has nothing to do with Quakers. If we have to put up with it, I want:

Lutheran Potatoes,
Islamic Rice,
Buddhist Millet,
Presbyterian Hot dogs,
Hidu Lentils
and so on.

Quaker Oats — my arse. They have nothing to do with Quakers.

Poughkeepsie government seized a large portion of my school’s land under the pretext that a highway system was being put in place. Eminent domain.

Yeah, the city put in a highway and sold most of the rest of the land at a high price to IBM. … Now Quakers don’t like to sue, but I should have been on the Quaker Oats and Poughkeepsie clearness committees. … I fly riding on the wings of those before me like Howard Zinn and so many others. I fly on the wings of love and I would have used that money gained from lawsuits in charity contributions. All the same, the Quakers are meek and don’t like lawsuits.

Now concerning NAFTA, my best friend at Oakwood had a father who had worked at Rand Institute after which he worked at Hudson Institute under Herman Kahn, who worked indirectly for Henry Kissinger. Now he told me in advance that Bill Clinton was putting NAFTA and CAFTA into place and my friend’s dad was alarmed.

Indeed he quit Hudson when it dawned on him that he was used to write liberal reports so that his line of thinking could be refuted. His family got near-poverty as a result, and he was Harvard trained. (You do that which you have to do to keep yourself whole and steeped in morality.)

I’ll be quite clear. I do not want another term of Trump. I do not like the corrupt Democrats of which there are some, nor the corrupt Republicans of which there are some. So if people like Warren, Booker, Sanders or others of their ilk have to go rouge independent — let them. Let them since we need better than that which we have. Raise the bar!

It’s time for real change – including fixing big trade deals like NAFTA, which has already cost us nearly a million good American jobs.

Donald Trump broke his promise to fix NAFTA. He’s negotiated a new version of it, but it’s just NAFTA 2.0 – a fresh coat of paint on rotting wood. It won’t stop outsourcing, raise wages, or create jobs. – Elizabeth Warren, MA Senator

Sally Dugman is a writer from MA, USA

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