My tentative thoughts on the likely political scenario unravelling itself.

Today is the BLACK DAY when the saffron forces consisting of RSS/BJP/Shiv Sena/ VHP /Bajrang Dal etc. demolished the Babri Masjid in December 1992 with the complicity of the State. It is clear as daylight what the saffron forces are conspiring to accomplish now and in future.

They are hysterically campaigning for construction of a Ram temple even while the matter is sub-judice in Supreme Court and will not be heard before February. So an Ordinance to build a Ram temple at the disputed site is likely to be passed after December 11, when the results of five States will be out. The mob will deal with the Court if it tries to interfere. ( An inspection in the darkness of night has already been completed ). Thereafter, a frenzy is likely to be built before the 2019 elections. If required, all civil rights, including the freedom of expression, may be abrogated, the present Constitution taken down only to usher in a Hindu RASHTRA.

However, that will not be the end. Because the combined strength of an united, conscious, peaceful people will definitely not take it lying down and will resist the clampdown of saffron communal – corporate Fascism at each and every step. The future will only show what will actually happen.

 Aurobindo Ghose
General Secretary
Peoples’Rights Organisation
( A Human Rights Body )
Email :

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