Trump And His Trail of Lies


What is poison? Anything which is more than our needs- be it power, wealth, hunger, ego, greed, ambition, hate or anything Jalal Rumī (a 13th-century Persian poet, jurist, Islamic scholar and theologian.)

I lived and studied in the USA in the 60s and 70s and witnessed its greatness. People were honest, hard working, generous, sincere and they frowned upon racism or any alt-right policies. They sincerely believed and witnessed that like themselves the US was built upon a foundation of immigration and an enshrined Constitution that provided the newcomers with freedom and opportunity. But its lamentable that the number of those Americans is dwindling under Emperor Trump’s alt-right policies (trade, economy, environment, defense, climate and international) and his lies. I think those numbers of supporters are a minority. Trump is arrogant and has a massive ego which just becomes more great with every lie as his feedstock. He thrives upon his lies and the liars he surrounds himself with.

To support my viewpoint and that of a majority of Americans, here is something from the Washington Post (WP) about the caliber of the US President Donald Trump who believes that he wants to make America Great and First with lies? And surrounded by liars?

President Trump has made more than 5,000 false or misleading claims

WP has tracked that Trump has said 5,000 things in his first 601 days in office that were either totally false or misleading.

So by any standard anyone who supports Trump policies are themselves liars? One would obviously think so. And right now his alt-right supporters are either deranged about America and its Constitution, Trump policies or they’re just downright ignorant racists pulling the US into a quagmire where all other empires have gone…. that is into history books.

Trump has made not only America dangerous but the world also with his policies.  And last but not least a new lie emerging regarding a global disorder from Trump’s Secretary of State who said that his boss wants ‘noble nations’ to build ‘new liberal order,’ in which “Washington will strengthen or jettison international agreements as it sees fit to stop “bad actors” such as Russia, China and Iran from gaining In a twist on Trump’s “America First” policy.”

America and the world’s last hope is with the Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller and his team who are fast closing in on his Russia meddling investigation. As per CNN report dated December 4, 2018 “Mueller may be poised to lift the lid of his investigation. America may get its most intimate look yet inside Robert Mueller’s secretive Russia investigation, with a series of disclosures that have the potential to be greatly damaging for President Donald Trump.” ( )

If that happens, Putin may be the first leader who’ll be laughing his guts out with “I got him” and all other world leaders will be sighing relief, including me and the majority of the great citizens of the United States of America.

G. Asgar Mitha recently retired from working with a large oil company in Canada as a Technical Safety Engineer


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