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Being from the male gender gathering information and taking a surveillance from the social networks on the obscene attacks over the female gender is easy but at the same time it is quite sadist for the mind and body. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter etc., though have been made to initiate connection but at the same time it has facilitated the spread of obscenity to a much easier extent. The social network is the most naked revelation of how cursed and evil our society is even in the presence of faith, reformers, monetary expansion. Whenever I surf through the social network, it’s not tough to find the presence of horrifying sexual attacks over women in abundance.

Today it’s easier to harass a woman over social network just because it has got full safety. A person can make several accounts to harass a woman and no one will come to know who that person really is because the first thing a woman does to stop the harassment is by ignoring the messages or comments and secondly the woman tries to block the person or to report the account. But it never safeguards a woman from the evil attempt of men over women because it is the true picture of society. Just like the real society, the virtual society too has everything to harass a woman but little to stop or curb the harassment. Even the cyber bureau too, reports 1 out of 10 accounts from Facebook and Twitter. Social embarrassment is one of the ways to reveal the true identity of a molester but it never stops molestation.

After a survey, I found the following kinds of harassment happening abundantly over social network:

● CROTCH PICTURE: Women of social network has got more number of obscene texts and pictures than any other texts.Today when a woman opens an account a woman doesn’t have to stay for a long time to find a dick picture in her inbox because it is the extent of obscenity happening in the platform. She receives an array of messages just to create a foundation for the rise of sexual harassment which is the end note of every man. A man can reach to a severe extent to attempt any kind of harassment just on the basis of his imagination which he inputs in the messages. And here men cannot say, “not all men” because as a man I am quite aware of how obscene our mind is and how attacking our testosterone can be.

● INPUT OF PORN OVER MESSAGES: The ban of the GOI over porn has been one of the most ridiculous thing because where a man lives, porn cannot entice harassment because it is already present in our mind from history itself. In social network, men just creates a new virtual world of women over the ways porn is made. Women today on social networks are treated a toy just because the mind of a man indulges porn to harass a woman. But, on a brief note, porn cannot lead a man to harassment because porn is for both the gender but it never encourages to drag a conversation towards the ways porn is made. For a man, it doesn’t take a long time to induce porn in the form of BDSM, Anal or any other kind because the conversation of a man always runs in that direction. Porn wasn’t made to find a society to find new ways to ruin it, the mind of a man has got the intention to incite brutality on women for their crotch finds relief in the process.

● FACE SWAP: Social network has got the process to scandalise a woman by face swapping a woman with a porn star. If you don’t believe me, then just take one hour to find the number of accounts having the face swap trend. For a man, it’s pleasing to see women of his choice having intercourse with him or any other him. Social networking has taken love to run extinct because even one who loves a woman but never gets her, he finds the face swap method as a way to create pleasure for him. Mark my word, being a man it is embarrassing but it is realistic that we are brutal and we are molesters in mask.

● PHOTO STEALING: The obscene culture of stealing of photos of women to create accounts was started to initiate sexual harassment over those women. It makes easy for a man to masturbate by seeing other men attacking a woman of his choice. More than million accounts of women exist which are being operated by men just because they send messages to men with sexual harassment in it while men harass the woman which gives him the pleasure. According to social survey, one out of five accounts exist which are having another account with the same picture. Thus, it is quite disturbing to see that how men create obscenity in every platform just because the testosterone finds pleasure in it.

● INTERFAITH SEXUAL PLEASURE: Today social networks have got more than one lakh accounts which are being operated with women and men from a particular religion in profile picture just because a man from one particular religion finds interfaith sexual intercourse as a masturbating material. Interfaith sexual intercourse has been termed from social sites and it is defined as men from different religion finds it pleasing to attack or harass women of a different religion. Yes, that’s the reality fellas, it’s the obscene reality of the social network. Even the men don’t leave pictures of Allah and devotees to create it as a tattoo on a woman having intercourse to attack both the gender and religion creating a disturbing picture. In my survey, I have found numerous such accounts which I could have provided here, but it may create tension. Sadly, the cyber crime is aware of this but does nothing because after all they enjoy it too.

● RISE OF INCEST SEXUAL REMARKS: Son’s dick penetrating mother’s clit! Brother obsessed with sister’s body! Father watches daughter naked! How do you feel after watching these voyeuristic obscenity? Weird, shocking, embarrassed? You don’t have to be because it’s happening right in front of you in words in the form of stories written as incest sex stories, account sharing in Facebook, sexual harassment by uttering Mother fucker, Sister fucker and irritating a woman with these relationship destroying remarks. In the century where we are protesting against marital rapes, incest rapes and rapes in overall, simultaneously, a group exists in social media which is obsessed with making this as a trend to create pleasure just for the male gender since it is completely female oriented and produced both by the male and female gender. Incest, today has become a symbol or a world to provide pleasure to the crotch to maintain the testosterone.

● GENDER HARASSING COMMENTS: Today one out of five comments exist beneath every picture just to sexually harass a woman based based on her body parts, clothes, style on the basis of words like hot, Maal, sexy, Pataka, etc., for the woman who wears short clothe as if she is a commodity. Harassing happens even when the topic is political or religious because when a man starts to lose in an argument with a woman, he proceeds to harass her on the basis of his obscene remarks on her body parts and that’s the social molestation world. Ever heard the term “son of a prostitute”, “cunt fucker”! Obviously you all have. Just see, how patriarchal the reality is when it comes to bashing the female gender only with proper care and piercing the rod of obscenity.

● USING SEXIST REMARKS TO BE DOMINANT: Accept a particular reality, men fail to find logical conclusions when they find extremism as the only way to be dominant to a woman which often happens. No matter whether it happens with Faye D’Souza, Radhika Apte, Swara Bhaskar, Sheila Rashid or any other political activist of social network or in reality, men who fail to argue turn to find obscenity in her breasts, way of free speech, how easy her pen talks, to make her feel that it is the body that is the main target of masculinity and patriarchy. Dominance of men always finds existence when they can easily embarrass women by hook or crook.

Take a survey. Form a group to find every molester to create a virtual world having peace which can be attained. Virtual world needs our activism to the ultimate extent. Believe the reality and accept it to finally kill it.

Kabir Deb is a published writer and poet. Born in Haflong and completed his Masters on Life Sciences from Assam University. His work has been published from different national and international magazine like Different Truths, Counter Currents, Reviews, Cafe Dissensus, Spillwords magazine and his works rely on political activism.

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