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A: The United States has dropped bombs on innocent people including children in Iraq. We should do something.
B: Yes, you are right. We must pray.
A: Over one hundred people died waiting in queues during the implementation of demonitisation.
B: Yes. We must pray.
A: Thousands of farmers are committing suicide in India.
B: How sad ! We must pray for them.
A: GST has affected a large section of people in India. Many small timers have already closed down their work.
B: It is really alarming. We should pray for them.
A: Those who have been responsible for Gujarat genocide are walking freely.
B: What nonsense! We must pray for the victims and survivors.
A: Abdul Nasar Maudany has been in jail for no reason for two decades. Thousands of innocent Muslims, Dalits and Adivasis are languishing in our jails for no reason.
B: Oh My God ! We must really pray for them,
A: Even after one decade of Kandhamal genocide on the Christians in Odisha, not a single person is in jail today and 7 innocent Christians have been in jail all this time. Compensation has been meagre and even that has not reached everyone. Justice is not provided.
B: I told you ! WE MUST PRAY !
A: Unemployment is rising. Prices are rising. Rupee has no value. Women, Dalits, Adivasis, religious minorities, sexual minorities and marginalised nationalities are attacked consistently.
B: We must pray for all these people. Let peace reign this world.
A: Those who dissent are also being persecuted.
B: Oh my God ! It is a real tragedy. We must continue praying for their souls
A: But there is no peace without justice.
B: Then we should pray for justice.
A: But we are a prey for them. If you pray it does not stop them from preying on us.
B: We must pray for that also.
A: But we must do something.
B: We will pray for that also. Don’t worry.

K.P. Sasi is a film maker, writer and a cartoonist

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  1. Dr. P. S. Sahni says:

    Liberation theology or Marxist revolution
    May be a chosen option
    Continuous struggle is a must
    To provide impetus and thrust.

  2. Mary Metzger says:

    yep—-so much for prayer. Glad you wrote this