Additional Reservation Quota for Uppercastes Is A Political Gimmick

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10% reservation quota for Upper castes people in the government jobs is ever biggest gimmick of the Modi government after Rs.1.5 million to very citizen of India and 2 crore new jobs per year.

Today’s Union Cabinet decision of 10% reservation to Upper castes people and tomorrow a bill-proposal will put up by the Minister in Parliament for bringing constitutional amendment in article 15 and 16 to make provision of economic backwardness for reservation. Foremost, it is an unconstitutional step of the government, second it is not so easy to bring constitutional amendment (to pass this bill there will be required of 2/3rd majority of both houses along with approval of 50% states’ assemblies) the fundamental rights. Third, tomorrow is the last working day of the current winter session of Parliament. However the late night decision of extending one more day of winter session of Parliament to make way to pass this special reservation related Bill. Fourth, this is a biggest jumala (gimmick) of Prime Minister Modi Ji before General Elections of 2019.

RSS has been demanding since long time either to abolish reservation or bring fundamental change in it as adding economic base or criteria in reservation as amendment in Article 15&16 of Indian constitution. But earlier NDA government led by BJP could not done due to lack majority in Parliament. The current NDA government led by BJP has majority in Parliament, so that RSS can do it now inthe current BJP lead majority government in the Centre. Opposition is not so strong and united. Even many small and regional political parties are also in favour of giving reservation to Upper castes to make happy and to gain votes of later in General Elections of 2019.

Reservation is not a program of poverty abolition but it is an instrument of giving more space and opportunity of participation and sharing to socially and educational backward castes in national mainstream. Its base is social or caste’s social and educational backwardness not economic or criteria of urban amenities. Land holding, minimum income and living condition are not social criteria of reservation. But level, quantity and quality of participation and sharing of the social and educational backward castes in national mainstream.

First we demand of disclosing the socio-economic data of India Census of 2011. First time these data were collected on the basis of caste. Second we demand to fulfill 50 reservation quota in the existing public sectors. Third, we demand to full the backlog quota and seats in public sectors.Fourth, we demand to give reservation in corporate and private sector.And fifth, If so called Upper castes people are really poor and economically backward, there are many alternatives to reduce their poverty as giving financial incentives or economic relaxation.

What will be the Upper limit or cap of 50%, this 10% economic reservation will break to this cap.Why did this Cabinet decision come so late just 80 days before General Elections and in the last working day of Parliament? Even the Union government could not collect the official data of economic backwardness of upper castes. On one hand the government is cutting or closing jobs or employment in the public sector, other hand the government is trying to create 10% reservation to Upper castes people in the government jobs. it is not a rational and politically right step of the government to increase reservation in favour of Upper castes and reducing government jobs against the existing 50% reservation of OBC SC and ST.

Dr. SuwaLal Jang: Assistant Professor of Political Science, Mizoram University, Aizawl, India

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