Angela Ferrao is a cartoonist.



  1. Avatar David Kennedy says:

    Did Theresa want to leave the European Union? Why not believe that this has all been carefully contrived to create such confusion that people plead to ‘remain’?
    The art of politics – it is NOT a science – is based on lies and deceit. Barristers are trained in rhetoric, to make the best case they can, whether true or false. Isn’t that how salesmen work? Is politics not a form of salesmanship?
    Yes, Theresa has made a door for herself, a door to the European Union where she has wanted to be from the start. Something similar happened in the Republic of Ireland, then in Greece, and also in the Netherlands. It is extremely difficult to escape the clutches of the unelected European Commission and its Central Bank, which form a glorious gravy train for failed politicians and a vassal body for American hegemony.