Discriminatory Reservation of Savarnas!


“Caste is not a physical object like a wall of bricks or a line of barbed wire which prevents the Hindus from co-mingling and which has, therefore, to be pulled down. Caste is a notion; it is a state of the mind.”

When Ambedkar inscribed this line for millions of Dalits of India, he rejected the dictatorial theology and power of the Savarnas, who have imposed their own evil policies over the Dalits. Ambedkar kept the work of the Dalits as the main notion for issuing caste based reservation. Caste is the creation of the privileged class which has always suppressed the weaker section of the society. Even in the present society, India has got more than 50% population who are suppressed by the privileged.

After the release of 10% reservation for the people who earn below Rs. 8 lakh per annum, Narendra Modi government initiated another quota based politics. The debate on reservation has been one of the most vital debates for many years over which we have been talking about and Modi government just took another evil step to discriminate between many people who are originally deprived and those who can just plead for the opportunity even after they do not fall under the economically weaker section.

There are some points that should be kept in mind before believing and enjoying the reservation policy. The points are:

● India’s per capita income is Rs. 1,16,553 per annum. So, according to Modi Government, an economically weaker person is the one who earns Rs. 8 lakh per annum (or/and has less than 5 acres of land). So, basically 90% of the upper caste citizens fall under this category which occupies almost whole lot of Savarnas who do not/cannot call under economically weaker section.

● Secondly, in India who earns Rs. 66,000 per month or Rs. 8 lakh per annum? Teachers belonging to government schools like Kendriya Vidyalaya, DPS, TET teachers of India, doctors, engineers, college professors, bank officers, officers of PWD, agriculture, and many other government offices, sound businessmen etc. So, if we see from this perspective, how can these officers and businessmen demand for 10% reservation even after they are economically sound? This reservation discriminates between the people who are actually deprived and those who are not economically deprived.

● Imagine a situation, where in a job one who applies from the position of a doctor could enjoy the same pleasure as that of a genuine poor citizen of India. Why should everyone enjoy the same pleasure in equal amount when the equality itself is a way of discriminating from the state of economy?

● According to the Constitution, only 50% reservation is allowed for the nation. After the release of the policy, the government crossed the bar of 50% and then making it an unconstitutional move which the present government is famous for. Constitution, for the present party, today is a tool which can be broken easily.

● Now let’s come to the topic of income tax. After 10% reservation, more than enough people of India would show less than Rs. 8 lakh per annum as their taxable income. What the government has failed to take out is the amount of non taxable money. If the 10% reservation comes into action, then a person who earns more than Rs. 8 lakh per annum would show less than Rs. 8 lakh as his/her taxable income while the non taxable money would be enjoyed by him/her with the help of 10% reservation making it an evil and discriminatory move.

● Modi government promised to give more than 10 crore jobs and it failed to give. In the present system, less than half jobs have been given by the government. Reservation, based on this criteria, would lead to more denomination of jobs since the poor earning less than Rs. 500 would be deprived of his needs in the form of a “so called equality” of 10% reservation, as on the very same stage, a person enjoys the same reservation of 10% with the help of Rs. 66,000 salary/income along with an ample amount of non taxable money.

● In India, the Dalits and Tribal citizens (SC and ST) enjoy 7.5% and 15% reservation respectively. 80% of the Dalits and tribes of India fall under economically weaker section as their yearly income is less than Rs. 1 lakh per annum. On the same stage, how is it justified that the Savarnas or upper caste of India get the opportunity to enjoy 10% reservation which is much higher than 7% reservation of Dalits? The reservation policy is sharply against the Dalits of India. So, it can be said that the Modi government is clearly against the Dalits of India.

● The party which created division between religions of India (especially between Hindus and Muslims) today played another move to create division among the Hindus of India. If we see from this angle, it can be said that the divisive politics is an evil move to take the vote banks as India has its 80% population who earn more than Rs. 40,000 and less than Rs. 66,000. How good it would be to enjoy such a divisive move of Modi government?

● Savarnas, the group which still suppresses the economically and socially deprived citizens of India, would now enjoy the same reservation and that too in higher amount. People are supporting the move without even thinking that there would be denomination of job rate, more corruption would take place over non taxable economy, and above all, the nation would be refilled with more economically deprived citizens in circle.

India is a country which keeps on enjoying any kind of shortcut without even thinking that the shortcut would slice off the genuine citizens of their rights making: 1) an easy road for sharp increase in the divisionalism; 2) unequal utilisation of power and; 3) high rate of increase in non taxable money.

Kabir Deb is a published writer and poet. Born in Haflong and completed his Masters on Life Sciences from Assam University. His work has been published from different national and international magazine like Different Truths, Counter Currents, Reviews, Cafe Dissensus, Spillwords magazine and his works rely on political activism.

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