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Our three large food banks in MA are now going full force in in my state, I have never seen anything like it. We have one in the west, one east and one middle.

The same event is happening across the USA, Our food banks across the nation are full throttle at present. They are cranking out food as fast as can be done.

We have 800,000 people in the USA suffering from lack of government paychecks. It is Coast Guard, TSA, air traffic controllers, FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and more.

Individual accounts regarding circumstances are coming forth. The narratives vary: I can’t afford my insulin medicine for diabetes. My family and I am going to be evicted from our home. I can’t afford food and utilities now — only one or the other. … and the list goes onward of the the assorted serious woes.

Mr, Wah-wah Trump is now costing the US economy big-time and ruining the vestiges of the American middle class that is continually with his shut-down.

Of course, not many people ARE saving for the future. Indeed I read that personal USA debt is equal per year to US military expenditure, which is huge. … Personally I know one woman who maxed three costly credit cards and who put her house in reverse mortgage and rented out two bedrooms in her home to others. (I don’t even have one — a credit card — so that I can buy junk or something that I imagine can improve my life.)

I also do not know about the length of time that our country’s food banks can handle the increased load of people in need. I only hope that it is not long since who knows about how long Trump will act poorly to get his own way on a wall.

Well, our food banks, including the volunteers in them, are strong. too. We, of course, will see the outcome in this standoff and if he makes it long, he will be hated and we in MA will find other ways to feed our people.

Let me explain about MA. We are largely a socialist democratic state. We will feed our neighbors, house them and clothe them. We will give them N/C medical care. HOW ELSE ARE PEOPLE SUPPOSE TO TREAT OTHER HUMANS IN DIRE STRAIGHTS?

Sally Dugman is a writer in MA, USA

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