#GoBackModi is trending once again in twitter. This time it’s happening in a crucial time when Modi is coming to Madurai to lay the foundation for the AIMMS hospital and also to kick start the 2019 Lok Sabha election Campaign. In April 2018, when the Modi government did not follow the Supreme courts orders to form the Cauvery Management Board #GoBackModi was trending worldwide during and even after his visit to Chennai to attend the Defence expo. Black balloons were all over the skies on the day of his visit.

TamilNadu has felt betrayed under the Modi government. Be it the Jallikattu issue, when the central government refused to make amendments to let the sport happen, or in case of NEET where even after several protests, stiff opposition from political parties and suicide of Anita (a +2 student who scored 98% in the state board exams, who was denied medical seat based on the new NEET exams) the central government refused to change it stand, or in case of Oki Storm where the affected fishermen community were not provided any relief and Nirmala Sitaraman who visited the hamlets did what she does best: arrogant replies to relevant questions, or in case of Anti-Fracking struggles, when even when the protests were at peak, the local BJP leaders gave false promises and the central government went ahead and signed memorandums of understandings with fracking companies,  or in case of the Cauvery water sharing issue, when even after the supreme court ordering the formation of Cauvery Water Management Board the government refused to, or in case of imposing GST,to which TamilNadu has consistently opposed, or Modi’s refusal to meet the farmers who were protesting in Delhi for relief funds for their losses due to the worst drought that TamilNadu faced in the last 140 years,or whole sale branding of all the critics as “Anti-Indians” by local BJP leaders and harassment of rights activists, or in case of Gaja Storms, where the Modi did not even bother to visit the affected villages, Modi government has made one thing clear: Tamilnadu’s voice doesn’t matter. Not just TamilNadu, the south itself has felt agitated by the policies and comments of the BJP Government. In 2016, when Modi compared Kerala to Somalia in an election rally, #PoMoneModi was trending in twitter.

It’s an open secret that the post-Jayalalithaa AIADMK government and various push and pulls within AIADMK are orchestrated by the BJP government.BJP relies on wooing the various middle-ranking castes and pitting them against Dalits and religious minorities. But its efforts haven’t gone unchallenged. In December 2018, all the Periyar movements came together and conducted a black shirt rally in which nearly 20,000 Periyarists and youth came together against the communal politics of the central government.

BJP’s attempts to create new political allies from actors such as RajiniKanth have also not gained much success till now. The values imbibed by the Dravidian movement have always been the main ideological challenge for RSS and cohorts. When the statue of Lenin was pulled down in Manipur after BJP won in the state, the H.Raja the TamilNadu BJP leader immediately made a comment that a similar fate awaits for the statues of Periyar E.V.R. The outcome of the 2019 election results in Tamilnadu will mean more than just who wins.

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