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National Executive Committee Meeting, Nasik (Maharashtra),6 January 2019

Political Resolution

The SPI would like to remind the citizens of India that the Indian Constitution is passing through the crisis of a serious threat from the ruling establishment of the country. The present government is not only destroying the basic values of socialism, secularism and democracy embedded in the Constitution, but its leaders are also openly declaring that they are working in the government to make changes in the Constitution. They are openly advocating for a pro-corporate, theocratic and dictatorial India which is against the very nature of the Constitution that ensures a socialist, secular and democratic India. It is not only the Muslim minority but the right to life and dignity of other minorities and vulnerable sections of the society such as dalits, adivasis and women too are under threat. Those who oppose this anti-constitutional design of the government are killed in broad day light and no action is taken against killers.

Secondly, the Modi government is promoting the private sector at the cost of public sector and diluting the labour laws in favour of industrialists. The Government is determined to dismantle public sector, the basic anchor to a socialist society. The centralization of power in the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) is another example of crushing the constitutional spirit of democracy and decentralization. Now this government is promoting the ‘one nation one election’ campaign. This idea is against the federal and democratic spirit of the Constitution.

In such a challenging situation every Indian citizen who believes in the propriety of the Constitution must give a serious thought to the dangerous developments taking place in the country. The Socialist Party condemns this unconstitutional, inhuman and undemocratic attitude of the government in strongest terms.

The SPI in its National Executive Committee meeting held at Nasik on 6 January 2019 adopted the following resolution :

1. Stop killing citizens in Kashmir; engage them into meaningful political dialogue.

It was a shocking incident at Pulwama in J & K on 16the December 2018. At the site of encounter, security forces opened fire on the on looking crowd killing seven innocent citizens. Everybody knows that there is a great unrest in South Kashmir since the killing of Burhan Wani. Many teenagers give vent to their anger by pelting stones on the security forces. In the vengeful response, the forces showered pellets on the youths that have blinded more than 100 boys and girls. Such retaliatory actions on the part of the security forces against protesting citizens must not take place in a democratic system. The SPI believes in the peaceful mode of protest and advises the protesters in J & K to be adhered to the peaceful means of protest to impress upon their demands. At the same time the party makes a strong demand that the security forces and political leadership at the helms should behave in a democratic and civilized manner and should give up such autocratic actions against its own citizens. The party further suggests that the security forces should focus their attention on guarding the boarders of the country effectively so that the penetration of batches of terrorists into interior places becomes impossible. Instead of making unwarranted political statements, our army Chief should concentrate on sealing the boarders so that no terrorist reaches any place inside.

The newly appointed Governor, Shri Satya Pal Malik, by arbitrarily dissolving the State Assembly, has further aggravated the political crisis. The three political parties in the state had forged an agreement to form a government. But the Governor blocked that democratic political process. This is deplorable. The SPI demands that the ruling BJP should make sincere efforts to resolve the J & K problem. For this it should desist from making false narratives of nationalism. This government is not even ready to follow the Vajpayee formula of Kashmiriat, Jamuriat and Insaniyat. The Socialist Party suggests that a sizable dose of autonomy is the key to a final solution of the problem. The SPI also calls upon all the countrymen to extend brotherly treatment to the people of Kashmir valley and not nurture hatred and hegemonic tendencies.

2. BJP should give up despotic mentality and honour dignity and validity of the democratic institutions like Supreme Court, CBI, and RBI.

Bypassing the three member committee consisting of the Prime Minister, Chief Justice of India, and leader of Opposition, the PMO has made Nageshwar Rao the Additional Director of the CBI. Resignation of Urjit Patel, former Governor of the RBI has exposed the harmful tactics of Narendra Modi with a view to grab substantial surplus amount of the RBI for luring the voters on the eve of ensuing Lok Sabha elections. The whole world had appreciated the steadfast action of RBI in handling country’s monetary system in the face of 2008 economic depression.

Modi government has put even the Supreme Court in an embarrassing situation in the sensitive Rafale case. In the affidavit submitted to the Supreme Court the government had mentioned that the pricing matter of Rafale aircrafts had been examined by the CAG and its report was placed on the table of the Parliament. When Mallikarjun Kharge, Chairman of the PAC, asked for the date on which that was done, the government said that there was some typographical mistake and further that CAG report was not placed on the table of the House. Actually, the Supreme Court had given ‘clean chit’ to the government by relying on that very affidavit. Now the government has requested to modify that order. All this is appalling. Even an average clerk in any government or corporate office takes extra precaution while drafting an affidavit. One wonders whether that was a genuine, unintended mistake or something more? In any case the government stands exposed and condemned on this account.

Overconcentration of power leads to total collapse of national constitutional system. In such a serious crisis posed by the BJP and its allies in the power, the countrymen should teach a lesson to the present power-hungry government in the coming general elections so that no party/government/leader in future should dare to assault the strong pillars of country’s polity and economy.

3. Adopt policies that would ameliorate agricultural distress and generate employment.

Farmers all over the country are agitating and demanding debt relief and proper arrangements in the mandis so that they get remunerative prices for their produce. Policy makers at both at the center and State levels should give up jobless growth development model that imitates rich countries. Instead, we should accord top priority to agriculture and forestry and enhance investment in those sectors which can generate employment in a big way. All political parties and voluntary organizations should prod the elected representatives to switch over to this new development model.

4. Stop pursuing anti-labour policies.

The workers all over the country will observe strike on 8-9 January 2019 under the auspices of all major trade unions except BMS, the RSS/BJP outfit. The workers will express their strong opposition to the anti-labour policies of the BJP government namely amendment to the Trade Union Act nullifying workers’ right to go on strike, Industrial Disputes Act allowing employees to engage labour on fixed period basis instead of permanent, and inserting stringent conditions in registration of trade unions, policy of disinvestment of public sector undertakings, allowing FDI in defence, railways, banking, insurance etc.

5. The SPI reiterates its demand of reservation for women in the Parliament and State Legislative Assemblies.

The Socialist Party calls upon the BJP-led NDA government at the center to give up its anti-labour policies and should talk to the representatives of the trade unions on the issues raised by them. Simultaneously the government should concentrate on controlling prices of diesel, petrol, gas etc. and prevent corporatization of education.

The SPI again appeals to the opposition parties of the country that they should emphasize the policies, and not the leaders in the 2019 elections. The nature of opposition unity should be such that there is no division of votes against the ruling NDA. The SPI is committed to play a constructive role in this direction.

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