They are demanding better wages, better employment opportunities, better social security and democratic rights for the workers while opposing price-rise. They have also declared that they are opposing the “pro-corporate, anti-national and anti-people policies” of the BJP Government by Mr. Modi, which have spelled misery for the workers. These demands are just and we support the same along with their struggle against the BJP’s anti-people policies.

The BJP Government led by Mr. Modi has been serving the big business, foreign capital and landlords of our country at the cost of the people. The latest controversy about the Rafale deal shows that the BJP Government is serving foreign imperialist powers and big business houses under the name of national security. The details about the huge NPAs of public sector banks, running into more than 10 lakh crores of rupees, shows the scale of the loot of these institutions to serve the big business of our country. The BJP Government has brought in legislation (The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code) whose aim is to provide an easy and safe passage to the big business houses which have appropriated the capital of these banks to amass capital for themselves. Not satisfied with this, the Government is also trying to place the huge social security funds (PF, Pension, and Insurance funds) of workers at the service of the big business houses.

Public sector units (PSUs) in our country have been and still are a means to serve big business, foreign capital and the landlords. Privatization of these PSUs is another way of serving the very same classes. The BJP Government of Mr. Modi is continuing both these policies in the footsteps of its predecessors.

The BJP Government has been hobnobbing with the US superpower and other imperialist powers while claiming to have good relations with all major powers. It is arming itself to the teeth with the help of these powers and is pursuing a policy of hegemonism and expansionism towards our neighbouring countries. It is whipping up war hysteria against them instead of pursuing peace with them. The BJP Government is defending all this under the name of national security. Huge resources of our country are being spent for this purpose. These policies are making the life of all sections of people miserable. It is necessary to oppose these war preparations, national chauvinism, expansionism and hegemonic attitude towards India’s neighbours. All this shows the need for a struggle for a foreign policy which is independent of the US super power and other imperialist powers and for a policy of peace and friendship with India’s neighbours.

There is severe agrarian crisis in the country. The tragedy of suicides by thousands of peasants all over the country is a stark manifestation of this crisis. The steps taken by the BJP Government at the Centre and the various regimes in States are meant to exploit this distress of the peasantry to garner votes by extending petty concessions. The root of this agrarian crisis in our country is the perpetuation of landlordism in India’s countryside. It can only be resolved by abolishing landlordism and distributing land to the tiller and taking all measures to help the peasantry on the basis of this agrarian revolution. The BJP Government is pursuing a policy of suppression of the various nationalities in Jammu and Kashmir and India’s north-east. It has clamped a rule of the army and the paramilitary forces there. It is curbing the rights of its opponents by using Centre’s autocratic powers. This is in addition to its suppression of the democratic rights of workers, rural poor and the middle classes. It is necessary to oppose this autocracy and to fight for democracy for all.

The immediate task before the people is to fight for land, democracy and independence. As a part of this struggle, they should support the call for an All-India General Strike on January 8, 9, 2019. We call upon the working class to make this strike a success.

We call upon all sections of the people to extend their support to this All-India General Strike of the workers.


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