Solidarity with Venezuela: Oppose imperialist intervention

People in countries are expressing solidarity with the people in Venezuela in their fight against imperialist intervention.

Following are a few reports:

Sao Paulo Forum condemns U.S. plan to intervene in Venezuela

venezuela brazil

The Sao Paulo Forum on Friday condemned U.S. plans to intervene in Venezuela under the banner of so-called humanitarian aid, and called on the international community to defend peace.

A release from the Executive Secretariat of that organization repudiates Washington’s double standards that are using the pretext of human rights while imposing a blockade against Venezuela, which generates economic damage and aggravates the crisis.

The same excuse was used by the United States and its allies for the wars against Syria, Iraq, Libya and many others in Latin America and Caribbean that paid a high price in human lives, the text recalled.

The forum of Latin American parties and left-wing groups defended the right to self-determination of the Venezuelan people, who democratically elected their government in serious and transparent elections.

It also expressed its support for the Montevideo Mechanism, an initiative of Mexico, Uruguay, Bolivia and the Caribbean Community, which seeks a way out of the situation in Venezuela based on the principles of non-intervention in internal affairs and the peaceful settlement of disputes.

Over 300 Chilean personalities sign up For Peace in Venezuela

venezuela chile

More than 300 Chilean academics, artists, politicians and other personalities have so far signed a declaration in which they expressed their rejection of foreign interference in Venezuelan affairs.

The document calls on the government of Sebastian Piñera to assume a position favorable to political dialogue that will lead to a peaceful solution without interference among Venezuelans themselves.

The text circulated widely since the beginning of February on digital platforms and in social, political, trade union and student organizations throughout the country, and was even delivered at the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in this capital, by a representation of politicians and intellectuals.

The manifesto calls on the creative and conscious voices of our country to express themselves around actions for immediate peace, as well as a democratic and dialoguing solution to resolve the current crisis of the brotherly people of Venezuela.

According to the initiators of the declaration, the objective is to add until next March the greatest number of signatures of personalities of the most diverse areas,

The text has been signed by the national prizes Raúl Zurita, of Literature; Faride Zeran, of Journalism; Gonzalo Diaz, of Arts; Fernando García, of Music; Carmen Berenguer, Ibero-American Prize of Poetry Pablo Neruda, and the filmmaker Miguel Littin, among other renowned artists and intellectuals.

Solidarity Movement in D.R. Criticizes U.S. Interference in Venezuela

In Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, the Dominican Movimiento Izquierda Unida (MIU) organized an assembly in solidarity with Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba.

Ali Uzcategui, the ambassador of Venezuela in Dominicana, described the attempt to erase the process of U.S. interference in Venezuela through the so-called humanitarian aid they tried to introduce in his country through is borders.

The diplomat spoke at the assembly of MIU explaining that the process of interference of the U.S. government with Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba attempts to erase the revolutionary forces and deny the Venezuelan Constitution.

The so-called humanitarian aid, he said, is the prelude of an intervention that will bring misery to the people; there are examples like Libya, Syria and Iraq.
Miguel Mejia, the Secretary General of MIU, expressed hope that imperial pretensions would fail. He said the provocation as a media circus of bad taste.

He also said it is an imperial maneuver to keep the world confused and keep terrorizing a people, whose only “crime” has been to make its own road of independence and justice.

The assembly approved a declaration of MIU, which, among other aspects, rejects the blockade on Cuba, renders tribute to the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, and hails the referendum being voted in Cuba on the new Constitution of the Republic.

The document also expressed solidarity with Nicaragua, its government and people and greeted the call for a dialogue for peace they try to accomplish.

It finally reiterated total support to Venezuela, to Nicolas Maduro as only and legitimate president, recalled the figure of Hugo Chavez, and called on all the political and social forces of the region to unite in order to stop the interventionist offensive of the United States.

Together with Mejia and Uzcategui, were the ambassadors of Cuba and Nicaragua, Milagros Carina Soto and Betina Rodriguez, Dominican officials, as well as leaders and members of MIU.

‘Hands off’: Canadians protest developments in Venezuela

Canadians from Calgary to Halifax took part in solidarity protests on Saturday over the crisis in Venezuela, as a U.S.-backed initiative to deliver so-called foreign aid to the country turned deadly.

The Canadian protesters told about attack on Venezuela’s sovereignty.

“What is brewing, what is being organized is an actual military intervention of Venezuela,” said Margaret Villamizar, who attended a protest in Windsor, Ont. “If it doesn’t turn out to be full-scale military, what’s being called diplomacy is really an attack on Venezuela’s sovereignty.”

In Winnipeg, a group of protesters held signs reading “No coup! Canada and U.S., hands off Venezuela.”

Ajit Singh, who attended a protest there organized by the Venezuela Peace Committee, expressed his support for Maduro.

“We are standing in solidarity with Venezuela’s right to deliver its own political and economic affairs and we are supporting its sovereign and democratically-elected government,” he said.




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