The International Rogue Nation: America

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In 2003, America (and its lap-dog UK) invaded and destroyed Iraq on the basis of lies to the effect that the U.S. (and UK) regime were certain that Saddam Hussein had and was developing weapons of mass destruction. These U.S. allegations were based on provable falsehoods when they were stated and published, but the regime’s ‘news’-media refused to publish and demonstrate (or “expose”) any of these lies. That’s how bad the regime was (and its media’s ‘news’ were) — this was virtually a total lock-down against truth, and for international conquest (in that case, of Iraq): it was mass-murder and destruction on the basis of sheer lies, by the regime and its stenographers.

That’s today’s U.S. Government — that’s its reality, not  its ‘pro-democracy’ and ‘human rights’ myth. (After all: its main ally is the Saud regime, which the U.S. regime is now helping to starve and kill by cholera perhaps millions of Houthis to death.)

In 2011, the U.S. regime, then under a different nominal leader than in the Iraq invasion, invaded and destroyed Libya — also on the basis of lies that its press (which is controlled by the same billionaires who control the nation’s two political Parties) stenographically published from the Government and refused ever to expose as being lies.

In 2011-2019 (but actually starting undercover in 2009), the U.S. regime (and its then allies King Saud and Tayyip Erdogan, and the Thanis who own Qatar) hired tens of thousands of jihadis from around the world to serve as foot-soldiers (the U.S. regime calls them ‘rebels’), in order to bring down Syria’s secular, non-sectarian, Government, and thereby, via these jihadist proxy-forces, they invaded and destroyed Syria — likewise on the basis of lies that the ‘news’-media hid, secreting from the public such facts as that “The US Government’s Interpretation of the Technical Intelligence It Gathered Prior to and After the August 21 Attack CANNOT POSSIBLY BE CORRECT.” But the lies are never publicly acknowledged by any of the participating regimes and their press.This is an international empire of death and destruction based upon lies.

In 2011-2014, the U.S. regime perpetrated a bloody coup that ousted Ukraine’s democratically elected Government and replaced it by a fascist rabidly anti-Russian regime that destroyed Ukraine and perpetrated ethnic cleansing. How much of this reality was being reported in the U.S. regime’s press, at the time, or even afterward? It was hidden news at the time, and so those realities have since become buried, to become now only hidden history; and the U.S. regime and its ‘news’-media continue to hide all of this ugly reality. It remains hidden, and isn’t mentioned by either the regime or its press.

Right now, the U.S. regime (along with its other lap-dog Canada) is perpetrating, or at least attempting to perpetrate, a coup to take over Venezuela.

On February 8th, the Latin American Geopolitical Strategic Center (CELAG) issued their study, “The Economic Consequences of the Boycott of Venezuela”, and reported that throughout the five-year period of 2013-2017, Venezuela’s “economy and society suffered a suffocation [of] $ 22.5 billion in annual revenues, as a result of a deliberate international strategy of financial isolation [of Venezuela]. Evidently, this financial pressure intensified since 2015 with the fall in the price of crude oil.” So: that’s a total loss of over $112 billion from Venezuela during the entire 5-year period, and the result has become (especially after 2014) the impoverishment of the country. The U.S. regime and its allies and their propaganda-media blame, for that, not themselves, but the very same Government they’re trying to take down. The U.S. regime and its allies have contempt for the public everywhere. The more that Venezuelans blame their own Government for this impoverishment, instead of blame America’s Government for it, the more that their exploiters will have contempt for them, but also the more that their exploiters will benefit from them, because the exploiters’ taking control of the Government will then be much easier to do.

The U.S-and-allied exploiters are attempting to install in Venezuela a man who has absolutely no justification under the Venezuelan Constitution to be claiming to be the country’s ‘interim President’. For some mysterious reason, Venezuela’s President isn’t calling for that traitor to be brought up on charges of treachery — attempting a coup — and facing Venezuela’s Supreme Judicial Tribunal on such a charge, which Tribunal is the Constitutionally authorized body to adjudicate that matter. So, Venezuela’s Government is incompetent — but so too have been all of its predecessors since at least 1980, and incompetence alone is not Constitutional grounds for replacing Venezuela’s President by a foreign-imposed coup. At least Venezuela’s actual President is no traitor, such as his would-be successor, Juan Guaido, definitely is.

Did Venezuela invade America so as for America’s economic war against it to be justified? Did Iraq invade America so as for America’s destruction of it to be justified? Did Libya invade America so as for America’s destruction of it to be justified? Did Syria invade America so as for America’s destruction of it to be justified? Did Ukraine invade America so as for America’s destruction of it to be justified? None of them did, at all. In each and every case, it was pure aggression, by America, the international rogue nation.

Back in 1986, regarding America’s international relations including its coups and invasions, the U.S. quit the International Court of Justice (ICJ), when that Court ruled against the U.S. in the Iran-Contra case, Nicaragua v. United States, which concerned America’s attempted coup in that country. But though the U.S. propaganda-media reported the Government’s rejection of that verdict in favor of Nicaragua, they hid the more momentous fact: the U.S. Government stated that it would not henceforth recognize any authority in the ICJ concerning America’s international actions. The public didn’t get to know about that. Ever since 1986, the U.S. Government has been a rogue regime, simply ignoring the ICJ except when the ICJ could be cited against a country that the U.S. regime is trying to destroy (‘democratize’). And then, when the ICJ ruled on 9 March 2005 against the U.S. regime in a U.S. domestic matter where the regime refused to adhere to the U.S. Constitution’s due-process clause regarding the prosecutions and death-sentences against 51 death-row inmates, and the Court demanded retrials of those convicts, the U.S. regime, in 2005, simply withdrew completely from the jurisdiction of the ICJ. Ever since 9 March 2005, the U.S. regime places itself above, and immune to, international law, regarding everything. George W. Bush completed what Ronald Reagan had started.

This rogue regime has no real legitimacy even as a representative of the American people. It doesn’t really represent the American public at all. It is destroying the world and lying through its teeth all the while. Its puppet-rulers on behalf of America’s currently 585 billionaires are not in prison from convictions by the International Court of Justice in the Hague. They’re not even being investigated by the International Court of Justice in the Hague. That’s a U.N. agency. Does the U.N. have any real legitimacy, under such circumstances as this? Can an international scofflaw simply refuse to recognize the authority of the international court? This mocks the U.N. itself. The U.S. places itself above the U.N.’s laws and jurisdiction and yet still occupies one of the five permanent seats on the U.N’s Security Council and still is allowed to vote in the U.N.’s General Assembly. Why doesn’t the U.N. simply expel America? It can’t be done? Then why isn’t a new international legal body being established to replace  the U.N. — and being granted legal authority everywhere regardless  of whether a given national regime acknowledges its legal authority over matters of international law? Why is Venezuela being internationally isolated and sanctioned, instead of the U.S. being internationally isolated and sanctioned?

On top of all that, this is the same U.S. regime that has blocked the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, and that has broken one international agreement after another — not only NAFTA, and not only the nuclear agreement on Iran, and not only many nuclear agreements with first the Soviet Union and then Russia, but lots more — and all with total impunity.

And it’s not only the countries that the U.S. invades or otherwise destroys, which are being vastly harmed by this international monster-regime. How many millions of the flood of asylum-seekers who are pouring into Europe have done that in order to reach safety from America’s bombs and proxy-troops — jihadists and fascist terrorists — which have ravaged their own homelands? What is that flood of refugees doing to Europe, and to European politics — forcing it ever-farther to the right and so tearing the EU apart? Why are not Europeans therefore flooding their own streets with anti-American marches and movements for their own Governments to impose economic sanctions against all major American brands, and demanding prosecution of all recent American Presidents, starting at least with G.W. Bush — or else to vote out of office any national politicians who refuse to stand up against the American bully-regime?

It isn’t only weak nations such as Nigeria that are corrupt and rotten to the core. The entire U.S. empire, and especially its U.S. masters, are.

How much more will the peoples of the world remain suckers to the vast corporate propaganda-operation by that out-of-control beast of a rapacious regime, which displays the Orwellian nerve to label as being a ‘regime’ each and every Government that it seeks to overthrow and to call itself  a ‘democracy’? The U.S. regime is, itself, actually allied the most closely with the world’s most barbaric rulers, the Saud family, that own Saudi Arabia. The U.S. regime is also allied with the apartheid and internationally aggressive regime in Israel. Is such an international gang, as this is, going to get off scot-free, as if there were no international law — or at least none that applies to itself?

And, if the U.S. regime is so concerned to ‘protect democracy’ and ‘protect human rights’ all over the world (as that perennially lying bunch always claim to be the ‘justification’ for their invasions and coups), then why isn’t it starting first by prosecuting itself? (Or, maybe, by prosecuting Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman al-Saud, for his many crimes — and prosecuting his predecessors for financing the 9/11 attacks against Americans?) Well, of course, Hitler didn’t do anything of the sort. (Nor did he prosecute his allies.) He set the standard. Maybe, ideologically, Hitler and Mussolini and Hirohito actually won the war, though this has happened after they first physically lost what everyone had thought was the end of WW II. After all, nobody is prosecuting the U.S. regime today. Isn’t that somewhat like a global victory for fascism — the Axis powers — after the fact? Maybe “we” won the war, only to lose it later. Doesn’t that appear to be the case? Mussolini sometimes called fascism “corporationism”, and this is how it always functions, and functions today by agreement amongst the controlling owners of international corporations that are headquartered in the U.S. and in its vassal-nations abroad.

Is this to go on interminably? When will this international reign of fascism end?

What would happen if all the rest of the world instituted an international legal and enforcement system (under a replacement U.N.) in which all commitments and contractual proceeds to benefit American-based international corporations and the U.S. Government were declared to be immediately null and void — worthless except as regards the claims against  the U.S. entities? (The owners of those entities have been the beneficiaries of America’s international crimes.) Contracts can be unilaterally nullified. The U.S. Government does it all the time, with no justification except lies. Here, it would be done as authentically justifiable penalties, against actually massive global crimes.

The U.S. militarily occupies the world; this is a global empire; it has over a thousand military bases worldwide. Why aren’t the people in all of those occupied countries demanding their own governments simply to throw them out — to end the military occupation of their land?

You can’t have a world at peace, and anything like international justice, without enforcing international law. This is what doing that would look like.

What we know right now is actually a lawless world. That’s what every international gangster wants.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.


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