Will Venezuela be The Straw That Breaks Imperialism’s Back?


I open Countercurrents (No easy task here in Russia where it is blocked) and I am filled with joy at the number of articles that appear day after day on the situation in Venezuela. They show just how important the situation there is to people on the left; how important it is to those who cry out against injustice, against America bullying, AGAINST THE VERY FACT THAT ONE NATION IN THIS WORLD IS SO ARROGANT THAT IT HAS NO REGARD FOR EITHER THE RIGHTS OF A PEOPLE NOR THE OPINIONS OF OTHER NATIONS REGARDING THEIR ACTIONS. Of course, America is following an old, familiar path to gaining control over a country by changing the regime of that country. And it is this very fact, that what the United States is doing it is just so familiar, that it has happened so many times in the past in countries on nearly every densely populated continent, that makes this instance in Venezuela so significant. The pattern is quite apparent: confront a socialist country or a country whose policies are undesirable in terms of U.S. interests; Use either NGOs or agent provocateurs to create chaos. Then select opposition leaders, support these leaders with money, arms and propaganda. Create a situation in which they acquire power in the country, and then use them to implement American policies which are subsumed under the phrases “democracy” and “free markets.”

The plan is so familiar, so obvious that it is there to be seen by everyone. The people of the world have witnessed it in action for so many decades, that it just doesn’t work anymore. And now, as the United States is seeking its second coup in Venezuela (they attempted one against Chavez when he was in office. It failed because he was much loved by his people, and in turn, loved the downtrodden of his own nation and of the world enough to always speak and act in their interests.). And because it is so obvious so boldly indifferent to the opinions of the world; because it is such a reiteration of inhumanity, organizations, individuals, and sovereign nations feel compelled to speak out, to support Venezuela in its struggle to remain a sovereign socialist state.

And so it is, that as I have said before, Venezuela is the attractor point around which socialist peoples, but all people, nations and organization of good conscience wind themselves. Every day more articles are written, more protests registered, more nations and organizations sign on to become the opposition to America’s imperialist intentions in the land of Bolivar, in the land of Chavez, in the land Maduro…….and more journalists write pieces about what is happening in Venezuela.

Good, good….very good.

Mary Metzger is a 72 year old retired teacher who has lived in Moscow for the past ten years. She studied Women’s Studies under Barbara Eherenreich and Deidre English at S.U.N.Y. Old Westerbury. She did her graduate work at New York University under Bertell Ollman where she studied Marx, Hegel and the Dialectic. She went on to teach at Kean University, Rutgers University, N.Y.U., and most recenly, at The Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology where she taught the Philosophy of Science. Her particular area of interest is the dialectic of nature, and she is currently working on a history of the dialectic. She is the mother of three, the gradmother of five, and the great grandmother of 2.


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