I am not trying to be a conspiracy theorist, but certain intriguing things are happening which need to be questioned big time as there was another IED blast which took place in the Pulwama district yesterday night. Interestingly, it took place in a village which is at a distance of 15kms from the site of February 14 blast, and in the din of all the things happening around, seems to have been largely missed by the media. Locals have revealed that it was an intense blast intended to cause major damage as the sound was heard in places which are 6 to 8 kms away.

Thank Heavens that it exploded on an empty road in the dead of the night without causing any damage. But it should draw us to certain questions which beg to be asked at such a crucial time:

  1. What if the blast had hit a military vehicle and caused a number of casualties??

  2. Would we have then seen another wave of “Hindutva consolidation”, attacks on Kashmiris, and also indeed the escalation and building of war clouds in the subcontinent??

  3. With all the security grid and intelligence networks at their disposal, (and that too was unprecedentedly enhanced with more intelligence, vigil and troop enhancement after the 14 February attack), why are the government forces missing leads on these IEDs??

  4. A few days ago, the Chinar Corps General of Indian army told journalists that Jaish and its IED Network has been finished in Kashmir “within 100 hours of the Pulwama attack”? Now, can the General explain this IED attack to us.

  5. We have been repeatedly told by the Army, Police and CRPF top brass that the ” back-bone of militancy has been broken” and they have been often bragging about the death count of the militants. It is also a fact that the recruitment has considerably gone down. Now if that is so, who is carrying out these attacks?

  6. As per the Indian govt, the airstrikes in Balakote had purportedly destroyed “Jaish, its command centre, handlers and IED attacks”, so who could have guided this IED blast??

  7. It is a fact that militants are short of weapons which is why they resort to weapon snatching against Police, and the government forces also corroborate this. So all of a sudden where is this IED coming from??

  8. It is interesting that while India claims to have got all the intelligence and information from a place called Balakote in Pakistan, but it is not getting any intelligence from South Kashmir where it controls everything.

  9. Is Modi-Doval duo in know-how of all this? What are they up to? They have put every kind of military control into Kashmir, but why are they not able to prevent IED attacks?

  10. Are we going to see more such attacks in the future, and if so, who will benefit and who will lose?

What can be inferred from these questions is that India’s security grid in Kashmir (half a million regular Army, along with huge number of Paramilitary forces and Police personnel, and Intelligence agencies) is either lying or is deliberately complacent. Our doubts are rising.

These questions need to be asked by everyone in Kashmir and also in the mainland India. Something malignant is indeed being prepared. We don’t know what is store for us in the coming days as the elections draw nearer!!

Basharat Shameem, Blogger, Writer Kulgam, Kashmir


  1. Yet another instance of how the Jaish (supposedly destroyed) can cock a snook at Modi’s militarist braggadocio. Or, is there a secret pact between Jaish and India’s intelligence agencies ? Did
    our security agencies deliberately loosen their surveillance (euphemistically described as `intelligence failure ‘) to allow the Jaish terrorists to carry out attacks on CRPF jawans on Indian soil on the eve of crucial elections, so that it could provide India with a reason to retaliate with air-strikes ? Both the Jaish action and the Indian response have coalesced in boosting Modi’s image. Or, am I indulging in a conspiracy theory, and may be accused of being anti-national , and face charges of sedition ?


      Something malignant is being prepared. We also must not miss the hanky panky of the intelligence agencies of the big weapon selling nations.