A-Z Reasons – Why No to Vote for Modi in 2019


A-Z Reasons – Why No to Vote for Modi in 2019
Letter Reasons
A Anti-Minority-Dalit-Women-Working Class – The BJP / RSS displays a clear Anti-Dalit-Minority-Working Class attitude as reflected in its policies and ideological leanings.
B Big Brother – This is a government run by Mota Bhai (Big Brother), an unconstitutional figure who in connivance with another Big Brother (Prime Minister) concentrate powers to run the Nation.


Blind Bhakti cult – Bhakts were created, cultivated and developed to maintain loyalty towards the Government in power. Bhakts do not question, retrospect but just blindly follow to propagate those in power and defame those in opposition. This goes against the concept of vigilant citizenry necessary for functioning of a healthy democracy.

C Communal Harmony – Attempts at establishing majoritarian supremacy and minority submission and creating hatred towards minorities are a clear attempt at disturbing Communal Harmony. Instigative attempts at creating communal disturbances were witnessed during Ram Navami. Communal events took place in Bihar.


Constitution receives threat – Modi / Shah combine with their Nagpur mentors pose a clear threat to the Constitutional values

D Demonetization – Demonetization played a havoc and affected the livelihoods of a large number in the informal economy. It took away lives during its implementation. The sufferings continued during and after Demonetization.
E Education – Education is irrationalised during the period. Fake science runs supreme. History is modified to accommodate wild imaginative history of RSS.


Environmental violations– Environmental laws are violated to dole out benefits to the corporate giants

F Father of the Nation – The Nation gets a new Father of the Nation in the current Prime Minister. He gets described as Father of the Nation by a spokesperson of the BJP. The Prime Minister replaces Gandhi in a Khadi Calendar.
G GST – Haphazard implementation GST has its disastrous impact on informal economy and small enterprises which provides livelihoods for a large number of people
H Hatred – The hatred is spread in all its forms – majority against minority and marginal groups, RSS BJP supporters against its ideological opponents, Hindutva and Manusmriti believers against believers in liberal and egalitarian values, those in support of that in power with those in opposition, those who question that in power
I Inequality – Inequality only grew during this period. Today 1% of Indians have 73% of total wealth
J Jobless Growth – The country witnessed jobless growth. The unpublished NSSO report shows that Jobs actually declined and unemployment increased. For the first time even the male working force declined.
K Killing spree – The killing spree increases in the name of restoring law and order. UN rights body expresses extreme concern about fake encounters in Adityanath’s UP.
L Lynching Incidents – The lynching incidents increased during this period in the name of cow. Dalits and Minorities were attacked in the name of consuming beef.
M Manuwadi – There was a clear attempt in bringing back ManuwadiSamskruti with attempts at establishing supremacy of Brahminism, Patriarchy in place of the Constitutional values.
N Nationalism – The meaning of Nationalism changed from love for the nation to that of love for Modi / RSS. Anything against Modi / BJP / RSS became an anti-national act. A group of RSS mentored DeshBhakts became the certifying agency for declaring Nationalists.
O Othering – The process of othering increases to depict those who are ‘nationalist’ and ‘anti-national’. JNU is villainised for its intellectual and ideological dissent and so with many universities. Rationalist and Writers are defamed for their opposition to superstition promoted by RSS.  Journalists coming with critical stories are villainised.
P Pakistan – Talks of ‘Go to Pakistan’ witnesses an increase. Any anti-Modi / BJP act or statement is considered to be pro-Pakistan and anti-India. Such loose talks witness an increase during the period.
Q Quick Fix – The government makes one believe that they have quick fix solutions for everything – whether it is Demonetisation for eradicating corruption, or damaging institutions to create RSS modified India
R Rich – This is a government of the rich. The corporate giants particularly Reliance groups receives undue favours. Even the free market principles are violated to handover undue favours to the group.
S Security of the Country– The country witnesses incidents like Pathankot and Phulwana attacks


Scientific Temper – Scientific temper is under threat through promotion of fake science. Unproductive research on benefits of cow urine and dung takes place.

T Trolling – Trollers become the opinion shapers and silencers through the fake media. The influence of fake media increases, which keeps creating and spreading fake news. The dissent is sought to be silenced through abusive language.
U Ultra-Radicalisation – Radicalisation of religion only increases in the name of Hindutva. Growing Hindutva increases the divide among Hindus and the Muslims. It only sows seeds of radicalisation of both Hindu and Muslim youth.
V Voyage – Voyage of the country takes a direction towards something called ‘New India’. The ‘New India’ is nothing but built on foundations of ‘Old’ and driven by the concept of ‘Hindutva’. This voyage only takes one towards destruction.
W Women – Despite the talk of BetiBachao – BetiPadao – the reality is that safety of women becomes a challenge. India gets recognition of being among the unsafe places for women. Incidents such as Kathua are justified by those in power.
Y Yardsticks – The yardsticks of defining the good of the nation changes. Now it is no longer beliefs in values of non-alignment and an independent path of development but growing closer to nations which display Islamophobia.
Z Z security receivers as Chowkidaars – The recipients of Z + security such as the Prime Minister declare themselves as the Chowkidaars.


By an Indian Citizen

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